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Once, while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding world, the girl noticed a majestic flower - a vertebra. After a little thought, she wrote a short poem about this plant. In it, the girl compared the flower with the royal symbol of power - the scepter and called it the ruler of the power of flowers. This is exactly what this subtle flower appears before us.

Verbeynik refers to the genus of perennial plants belonging to the Primrose family. Some of its representatives live one or two seasons. The plant received its name because of the shape of the leaves, which are very similar to the leaves of the pussy-willow (the so-called ancient times all kinds of willow trees). According to another version, the vertebel got its name in memory of the outstanding commander of Alexander the Great - Lysimachus. For a long time it was believed that it was he who discovered this majestic plant. So this is in fact or not, but the verbain really does resemble a colorful royal scepter.

Exterior description of a stately flower

In the natural environment, there are more than a hundred different species of this plant. Most of them grow in the Northern Hemisphere, although some species have been found in the southern American continent and in Africa. More than 70 varieties of majestic flowers grow in China. Many species of vertebra can be found in Russia, the Caucasus and even in Siberia. Apparently the flower has subdued many expanses of the inhabited earth. After reviewing the short description of the Werewolf, one can get to know him better. And someday this flower will become a king in your favorite summer residence.

The plant has erect shoots, on which green leaves are arranged in the next order. The shape of the plate is lanceolate or oval. Charming buds are located along the green shoot, and there are such shades:

  • white;
  • bright yellow;
  • tender pink;
  • lemon.

They are collected in inflorescences, resembling an ear or flower brushes. On some specimens there are solitary buds or several pieces in deciduous sinuses.Verbeynik refers to creeping herbaceous plants with erect shoots. From the side it looks like a miniature flowering shrub.

Planting and proper care

Plant and propagate in the country site majestic flower can be by sowing seeds and vegetatively. The planting of a vertebra shown on the photo and caring for it require the implementation of simple rules. First of all, it is important to choose the right place. Virtually all varieties of plants like half-shaded or shaded areas of the garden.

Verbainik magenta flourishes well in open areas, so when planting a flower, you should consider this fact.

The next stage is a fertile soil of loose nature. It can be fertilized with compost or humus. It is desirable that it was sufficiently saturated with moisture. A suitable option, if there are groundwater nearby. Some species of the werewolf are planted directly in the water, where they flourish luxuriantly.

The care and planting of the vertebrae in the open ground is carried out in the usual way. First dig a small hole. Then, carefully place the roots of the plant in it and cover it with earth. The top layer of soil is compacted and abundantly watered.

To ensure that plants receive enough light, air and nutrients from the soil, the distance between them should be at least 50 cm.

When the plant is well established in the front garden, it starts a large number of shoots.After some time, the verbain grows and occupies almost the entire area of ​​the site. Therefore, it must be transplanted in time. Although it can freely grow in one place for a whole decade, the flower should be planted in the second year. The appropriate time for this is early spring or late autumn.

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You can plant a vervain with seeds. If sowing is carried out in the warm season, they must be held for 2 months in the cold. The collected seeds are put in the refrigerator, where vegetables are stored for the specified period. After that, they sow. During the autumn planting, the seeds do not need a preliminary cold aging. Winter frosts will make it a natural way. And in the spring, friendly young shoots will appear from the soil.

Planting a pomelnik by sowing seeds can also be done indoors. On the moistened surface of the soil, consisting of peat and sand, the planting material is sown. Cover the boxes with glass or film, and then put in a bright room. The optimum temperature should be at least 15 degrees. After 2 weeks, green shoots appear on the surface of the soil. After another week or two, they are dived into separate pots, where they are gaining strength. After that, the flowers are planted in the front garden.

To gradually grow used to outdoor temperatures, the room must be regularly ventilated. Thanks to this, young shoots become hardened and feel great after landing in the open ground.

You can also propagate a vertebra using the method of dividing a bush. The plant extracted from the soil is divided into several parts. The main thing is that in each of them there are developed roots. Such plants will blossom in the next season.

Photo of a coin collector whose nursing and planting is performed by dividing the cuttings, causes an unprecedented enthusiasm. The process begins with the placement of cuttings in vessels with water. Being in the liquid, they release the roots. After that, they are planted on the shady site of the country site in wet soil. Over time, the bushes will bloom for the joy of the household.

Often to decorate the landscape design, a vertebra is an indispensable plant. It is used in the formation of flower front gardens, as a background plant. Applied to decorate coastal areas of domestic ponds and curbs. Verbainik fits perfectly into the alpine hill, making it the original creation of the hands of man. Sometimes a plant is simply planted as a stand-alone flower to draw attention to the basic design of the landscape. The weeding varieties are used for suspended flowerpots and high flower beds.

High flowerbeds

Making a home pond using a pirate

Verbeynik coin on the raised flowerbed

Composition: verbain at the curb

Verbeynik coin on the shore of a home pond

Among the lush kingdom of flowers

Popular types of proud flower

For some summer residents, the proud "master of the floral power" - a vertebra, is one of the favorites of landscape design. Especially the plant is valued for the abundance of various varieties that grow freely in the territory of Russia. Carefully looking at the majestic flower, you can notice a variety of shapes and colors that are inherent in different varieties.


Verbainik common

This cute plant has a high straight stalk. It is not covered with bark and has no branches. From the horizontal curling rhizome upright shoots rise in huge quantities. Most flowers reach 50 cm, and some giants grow to a meter high. Throughout the stalk of a common vertebra, the whorled foliage grows from the bottom to the top. It is of a narrow shape with pointed tips. The lower leaves are colored light green, the upper leaves are more saturated with greenery. Some specimens are distinguished by a scarlet shade of leaves.

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At the very tip of the erect stem are paniculate inflorescences. Each of them is decorated with cute flowers, located close to each other. Buds consist of five separate delicate petals, which surround the corolla with the ovary and stamens. As a rule, the inflorescences are colored yellow, although orange, burgundy and snow-white variants are found. The plant blossoms in the summer, after which instead of buds there are balls with a lot of seeds.

Verbainik ordinary has medicinal properties. Tinctures or decoctions of it are used as a tonic and anti-inflammatory agent. Often it is used as an astringent and cholagogue natural substance.

Verbeynik (coin)

The plant belongs to the family of perennial grasses. It has creeping horizontal stems about 80 cm long. The shoots of the coin trebler are erect, little branched. On them appear knots on which grow small roots. Thanks to them, the plant successfully grows on the territory. Very fond of fertile soil and shady places. In nature it occurs in the shade of low shrubs, on wet meadows or on the outskirts of swampy areas.

The leaves of the coin are opposite, slightly rounded. Their edges are solid, green in color. Buds grow in the axils of the leaf plate. Usually they are large and single. Color - golden yellow, the cup - funnel-shaped, the petals do not connect with each other. The flowering period is mid-summer.

Verbeynik the coinage loves shady areas of the garden and fertile soil. Having fulfilled only these two requirements, one can already succeed in growing this plant.

Verbainik dot

The flower of this variety is distinguished by a brown rhizome, which has several branches. From them under the ground escape. Thanks to this, the plant grows miraculously across the front garden.

The straight stalk of the pinworm has a delicate edge. Unlike other species, there are several branches on the shoots. Along each of them are wide lanceolate leaves, lemon or yellow buds are placed in large quantities along a dense stem.

Verdie with lily of the valley

The name of the plant suggests that it looks like lily of the valley. And indeed it is. Vertebral lily of the valley has a stable dense stem, on which the next leaves are located from the top to the top. From below they are slightly bluish, and are dotted with small dots. During flowering the plant is dressed in spiked buds, consisting of many small flowers. They are painted white and sit on the very tip of the stem. The flower grows up to 45 cm and fits nicely in any landscape design.

Verbaenic Cellular

This sort of verbeynik is often called lily-of-the-valley, for the similarity of its underground rhizome with it. It has the same pinkish white color, but is slightly thicker than that of the lily of the valley. The vertebral cedar-shaped erect stalk (about 20 cm in height), covered on all sides with foliage. The inflorescence is collected in a dense ear, filled with a lot of white buds. Blooms in the middle of summer and pleases the eye for 3 weeks.

Verbeinik cageoides

This type of plant is also referred to as lily-of-the-valley varieties of vertebra. The flower grows to a height of 80 cm. On its high, dense shoots grow round-shaped opposite leaves. Blossom verbeynik keroroides snow-white spiked buds. From a distance reminds the original green bushes in the white dress of the bride. They are used to decorate the infield: planted as living curbs on lawns, in alpine hills and off the coast of artificial basins.

Verbeynik purple (ciliated)

This perennial plant forms miniature bushes with erect stems. All of them are covered with smooth lanceolate leaves of wine-red color. Verbainik purple is famous for its original inflorescences, which are located on the tops of slender shoots. Buds are collected in small bouquets that shine lemon color on the sun's rays. The flower likes open light areas with moist fertile soil.

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Often, the ciliate cilium grows to 45 cm in height, which gives it a majestic appearance. The plant begins to bloom in late August and can last until mid-September. It is not afraid of severe winters, since it is considered a frost-resistant variety. In the natural environment occurs on wet meadows near water bodies.

Especially it would be desirable to allocate an original grade of the ciliated species - verbainik firecracker. It is able to grow up to a meter height, which looks pretty nice against the background of other greenery. The straight shoots alternately are covered with lanceolate pointed leaves. Inflorescences appear in the sinuses of leaf blades on the top of the shoot.The bell-shaped buds are painted bright yellow and blossom in early autumn. Bloom before the October. Frost-resistant. Comfortable feel on the open areas of the garden area.

Verbaine Beaujolais

This delightful perennial grows to a meter tall and is distinguished by unusual inflorescences. They are painted in dark red color and collected in dense ears. The Beaujolais Verdeanus has slightly silver-green lanceolate leaves slightly corrugated at the edges. They are wonderfully combined with dark buds that appear during flowering. The plant prefers fertile soils, on which moisture persists for a long time. They are widely used for decoration of country sites. Planted to mark the territory instead of curbs.

Verbainik Alexander

Magnificent herbaceous perennial grows from 40 to 50 cm in height. Sedent broadly lanceolate leaves are located on its erect stems. On the whole of the shoot, in the middle of summer, there are many delicate florets. They are collected in small bouquets and brightly shine with a lemon color on a background of dense greenery of a plant. Verbainik Alexander feels luxuriously on a fertile land where there is a lot of air and light. Especially it is comfortable in the combined plantings of flowers near the reservoirs.Often a vertebra is used to create mixborders, which continuously blossom until late autumn. Just in this environment, he looks like the ruler of the kingdom of flowers.

Before designing a flower garden, one should take into account the property of this variety to grow rapidly. Otherwise, the werewolf will supplant the weaker plants than violate the overall harmony of the flowerbed.

No chance for pests

Verbainnik is not in vain called the ruler of the floral power, because the plant is almost never sick. It is given only before live pests: aphids and weevils. Cope with the invasion of such detractors as aphids can, using special drugs.Weevils betray themselves with struck leaves. If you find a collection of pieces, it is advisable to immediately start collecting them. Lost time will lead to the appearance of larvae of beetles, which imperceptibly undermine a healthy plant.

Collect bugs are recommended after dusk comes. At this time they actively gather on leaf plates to refresh themselves with juicy greens.

Given an objective assessment of the majestic flower, it can be noted that it does not require special care. Easily get accustomed to the new territory. It looks pretty in landscape design. It has many useful properties that strengthen our health. Among them, astringent, tonic and choleretic effect can be noted. To grow such a flower on a country plot brings only positive emotions. Perhaps, it is worth trying and enjoying its floral grandeur.

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