Preparation of soil for seedlings


Unfair producers can sell pure peat under the guise of a soil mixture. Such a soil does not allow air to pass through and poorly gives moisture, so in the peat soil the immunity of the plant decreases, and its roots rot.

In order to grow a strong seedling, make a soil mixture yourself. The neutral acid-base balance of the soil and its loose structure will allow the shoots to form a powerful root system.

Soil for seedlings can be mixed from various components. As basis for the soil mixture, for example, a sheet or peat soil is used. The soil mixture should be light and fertile, so disintegrating components are added to the base, such as:

  • garden perlite;
  • vermiculite;
  • river sand.
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The proportions of the components differ depending on which plant will be planted in the soil. Consider the composition of the soil for flowers and cultivated plants.

Primer mixture for flowers

The primer for flowers consists of leaf soil, washed river sand and vermiculite, mixed in equal proportions. Leafy soil is rotted foliage. For flowers, the soil from any leaves, except oak, walnut and willow. In the leaves of these trees there are too many tannins, and the soil will turn out to be heavy.

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Such a soil is not suitable for growing seedlings, because the roots of plants will be difficult to develop. For the same reason, clay should not be added to the soil mixture.

Soil mixture for cultivated plants

For cultivated plants, the basis of the soil mixture must be peat soil - the remains of marsh plants, rich in nitrogen.

Nitrogenous fertilizers, especially fresh manure in the soil mixture is not recommended. Expanding, manure will produce heat. If the temperature of the soil rises to + 28 ° C or higher, the roots of the plants will burn. The greatest amount of heat emits chicken droppings.

Dolomite flour is also added to the soil mixture to normalize the acid-base balance of the soil. The role of the baking powder is performed by river sand or garden perlite.


Perlite has a good absorbency. It can collect water up to 450% of its volume, which makes it an excellent tool to protect against decay of the root system. Perlite gradually gives moisture to plants, so watering can be reduced.

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Having formed a quality soil mixture, you will grow seedlings with a powerful root system, which is guaranteed to survive in the open ground.

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