When and how to plant parsley seedlings?

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For a long time I grow parsley, but it turns out fine and dense. I heard that you can grow parsley seedlings. Tell me, when you need to plant parsley seedlings, to get a good harvest?

Get a chic parsley bush is not always possible. To collect a good harvest, you can grow parsley seedlings.

The advantages of growing parsley seedlings

Growing parsley seedlings can be done in two ways:

  • sow seeds in a container and subsequently transfer them along with the soil, that is, without disturbing the root system;
  • grow the seedlings immediately in a pot and transplant then into the ground (with an open root system).
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When transplanting seedlings grown in the first way, parsley continues its growth without change, but the second way planted undergoes some adaptation period of depression.

But in general, planting parsley seedlings allows you to get more lush bushes of greens in the early period - a month and a half or two before the seeds sown in the ground.

To accelerate the germination of seeds, they need to germinate. For this, pour the seeds with warm water and leave for three days. Water to change every day. After three days, drain the water, dry the seeds and put it in the refrigerator for a week. Or evenly distribute them on a soft cloth and leave until fully germinated. Tissue periodically moisturize.

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To obtain an early harvest, parsley should be sown in prepared containers with nutrient soil into grooves 1 cm deep.


To seedlings were not thick, seeds should be planted individually at a distance of 2 cm from each other or mix them with sand.

Seeds are sprinkled with earth, poured, covered with film or glass and put on a sunny windowsill. They will rise faster if the temperature does not drop below 25 ° C. When the first leaves of the film will be removed.

Young sprouts are sprinkled or sprinkled with a solution of mineral fertilizer (, g per 1 liter of water), avoiding the drying of the soil and direct sunlight.

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When planting parsley seedlings in the open ground

When a second pair of leaves appear, the seedlings should be dived into separate cups so that it develops better and is stronger.

In early May, strengthened sprouts of parsley planted on an open bed. At the same time you need to water the soil.

Planting should be done at intervals of 5-8 cm between the bush and 25 cm between the rows. In the future, parsley care consists in watering in the early morning or evening and weeding. It is also necessary to introduce fertilizers. In order to harvest several times during the season, the green must be cut off at the root, which will provoke its repeated growth.

Video about the correct planting of parsley seedlings

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