Sprinkler from China


We all look forward to sunny summer days to enjoy the long-awaited trips outside the city. Perhaps the main daily "ritual" in the country is watering plants. However, after productive work on six hundred parts we do not always have the strength to struggle with a heavy and eternally tangled hose.

For all who want to save their nerves and energy, experts have long created a lot of useful accessories. If you are not ready to dig up half of the country plot for installing the sprinkler system, we advise you to opt for ordinary sprinklers.

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In Russian online stores are presented sprinklers on any wallet. Often buyers make a choice in favor of the Gardena brand. For example, the Aquazoom model is perfectly suited for irrigation of garden beds, lawns and lawns. The maximum range of spraying is 21 meters, the irrigation area is from 28 to 350 square meters. meters.

To connect the sprinkler requires only the hose and connector. According to the manufacturer, all components of the product are made of high-quality materials. For irrigation of tall plants, the apparatus is mounted on a special tripod.

Model Aquazoom from the German brand costs at least 2500 rubles without additional accessories. Similar products are presented in the line of the well-known company Karcher and many other garden equipment manufacturers, but prices below 2000 rubles in domestic online stores are not omitted.

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A budget option for watering a suburban site can be found on the AliExpress website. The product of plastic and aluminum works in four modes, the maximum range of spraying is 15 meters. For uniform irrigation, the manufacturer installed 15 injectors. The product is compatible with any garden hose.

In general, the reviews indicate a good quality sprinkler from the Middle Kingdom. Some buyers complain of water leakage at the junction of parts and lack of the promised 180 degree watering angle. The cost of the device from China - from 800 to 1500 rubles. In the measurement of the life of the sprinkler, care plays an important role: at the end of the summer season, the irrigation system must be dismantled and the tips properly dried.

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Which of the sellers will send you a better quality product can not be understood - this is a real puzzle for future customers. For this reason, we advise you to purchase a product from one of the well-known brands, which, in addition to its excellent quality, offers warranty and service.

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