Regular supply of moisture to plants with the help of. plastic pipes

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I like to mess around with the land, growing everything myself: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, eggplant. But in the summer it does not work every day to dash off to the dacha and back to the city - at best on the weekends. In hot weather, one watering is not enough - the plants will die. My wife spends all summer at the cottage, but, having been engaged with children, she does not have time (and desire) for leaving. Therefore, the idea came to arrange drip irrigation of the garden with the help of plastic pipes. Tell us about the main advantages of this solution and how to install it.

In the described case, drip irrigation of the garden with the help of plastic pipes can really be the best solution. All that is required from the site owner is to ensure that there is water in the irrigation system and regularly open the shut-off valve for the time of irrigation. The use of plastic pipes makes it possible to simplify the installation process and reduce the financial costs when purchasing material.

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Advantages of the drip irrigation system

The main advantage of this solution is economy. Water does not spray over the site, partially evaporating, partially falling between beds, where it leaves into the ground, not bringing the slightest benefit. Instead, it is fed precisely to the roots of plants, soaking almost completely.

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Another important advantage is the possibility of watering at any time of the day - in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. Do not be afraid that the water will fall on a hot day on the foliage of plants and damage them due to the bright sun.

Installation of the system

All that is required for mounting the drip irrigation system is several pipes of different diameters (depending on dimensions of the garden), the appropriate amount of stop valves, a fine filter and a container for collecting water.

Before starting work, you need to draw up a detailed plan, in advance deciding where and what beds will be located. Having counted the necessary amount of materials, purchase it.

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The barrel should be placed on the platform - its height should be at least 1-1.5 meters to ensure a suitable head.

From the barrel there is a large diameter pipe that runs along all the beds to the end of the garden. The end of the pipe should be muffled.

With the start-connector from the side, hoses or small diameter pipes with pre-made holes are connected to the main pipe. The end of pipes or hoses is also securely plugged or brewed to avoid water loss.

That's all. Now it is enough to open the tap for water supply, so that all your beds get enough moisture.


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