How to water begonia during flowering?

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I was given a young begonia with buds. This is its first flowering, and it's my first: in my small flower collection begonia was not yet. Therefore, I'm still not too well versed in care, I only know that begonia loves moisture. Tell me, how to water begonia during flowering?

Begonia occupies an honorable place on the sills of flower growers. Everything in it is good - both fleshy bright leaves, and magnificent inflorescences, diverse in form and color. Like all plants, including flowers, begonia likes attention. It is not necessary to stand over it day and night with a watering can, it is enough to provide comfortable conditions for the flower from the very beginning. And begonia for it will thank the long and plentiful flowering.

As you know, this flower is very fond of light and water. In this case, irrigation has its own characteristics, depending on the season and the development phase of begonia, including during the flowering period. Before talking about how to water begonia during flowering, it is worth remembering the basic rules of watering.

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Quality of water used for irrigation

You can not water begonia with plain tap water. This water contains an increased amount of chlorine, and it is also tough. Water for irrigation must first be prepared:

  1. Collect it in an open dish and leave it for a day to settle.
  2. To soften the water, it must be boiled or passed through a water filter.

Time and quantity of watering

It is always desirable to irrigate begonia always at the same time of day. It is better to do this in the morning.

In the summer, the flower needs more watering (at least once every two days), if you skip the next "session begonia will very quickly react to this by withering the foliage. After the water has absorbed and the soil dries slightly, the earth should be loosened carefully.

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To maintain the humidity, use a humidifier or put a pot of begonia on wet gravel in a pallet.

With the advent of winter, the amount of watering should be reduced to once a week (as the upper layer of the earth dries). If the room where the plant lives is not too warm, then there should be warm water for sprinkling begonia.


Sprinkle begonia is necessary only under the root, it is impossible to spray the leaves, as they will be covered with stains and begin to decay.

Watering begonia by way of immersion

Begonia responds very well to the way the pot is immersed in water. To do this, flower pot should be put in a container with a large diameter, in which water is poured. In this position, the plant is left for 20 minutes. During this time, begonia will absorb the amount of water it needs through the drainage holes in the pot. After the specified time, remove the vase and put it on a pallet. If the time to pick up the plant from the water did not work, there is nothing to worry about - excess water will flow through the same drainage holes into the pan, and it will be necessary to drain it from there.

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This method is also good because it eliminates the possibility of water stagnation. And begonia, although it is a moisture-loving plant, but does not tolerate stagnation of moisture, as this causes decay of the root system.

Watering begonia during flowering

In the period of budding and active flowering, begonia directs its strength in the inflorescence. Therefore, at this phase of the life cycle, the flower needs additional moisture supply.

After the end of flowering, when the inflorescence falls, the increased need for moisture will decrease, and watering should be restored to the previous regime.

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