When to plant a currant on the backyard?

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Many beginning gardeners wonder when to plant currants? Experts say that this berry crop can be planted, both in spring and in autumn. At the same time, young seedlings develop equally well, and actively begin to bear fruit after 2-3 years.

When is it better to plant currant bushes?

Any species and varieties of currant can be planted in autumn. Over the winter, the land around the young bush will settle and become well-compacted. Such bushes in the spring early go to growth and perfectly develop in a new place.

In the autumn planting, the soil around the young plant should be covered with fallen leaves, peat, compost or reparted manure. Mulch will keep moisture in the ground and protect the young currant from freezing the root system during frosty days.

More often young seedlings of this berry culture are planted in September. In this case, young plants can quickly take root.

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When to plant a currant in the suburbs? The best time to plant this crop is the end of September - the first half of October. At this time, the kidneys are already in a resting phase.

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How to plant in the fall?

One year before planting currants in the soil, compost or overgrazed manure is added. Before planting, the seedlings are subjected to special treatment. They remove damaged and dry branches and roots. After this, the root system is dipped into a "chatterbox" from the clay dissolved in water. It will prevent it from drying out.

The density of planting a given culture depends on the species and variety. When it is placed also take into account the fertility of the soil, the shape of the crown of bushes. The most spreading and tall varieties are planted less often than currants of a more compact form. The interval between the bush should be 1 m.

One of the main features of planting young currant is the penetration of the root collar of the seedling by 6-9 cm below the ground level. In this case, the planting material is positioned in an inclined position.

Thanks to this method of planting, a sprawling bush with a wide base is formed more quickly. Also, the slanting position of the seedlings contributes to the formation of additional roots and shoots. If the grower wants to get a bush of a currant, then the seedling is planted without burial in an upright position. In such plants, the resumption of shoots will be rather weak.

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Before planting the currant, it is necessary to prepare planting pits. Their size should be 40x40 cm or 40x50 cm. At the bottom of the pit, compost or overgrown with humus is poured. At the seedlings straighten all the roots. Then they are evenly sprinkled with soil, carefully sealing it. It is recommended to shake the seedlings periodically, so that it completely fills the voids around the root system of the plant.

After falling asleep on a 2/3 pit, they produce copious watering (, buckets on the pit). After the planting pit is fully fallen asleep and the soil is compacted, the seedling is once again watered (, buckets).


After the landing of all the bushes, the ground around the stem is mulched with overgrown foliage, humus, compost, peat. This procedure will prevent the formation of a crust and will retain the moisture necessary for fast rooting of currant.

How to plant black currant in spring

In those areas where there is little snow in winter, it is better to plant young shrubs in the early spring. Acquired in autumn planting material can be buried in the ground. Such seedlings in early spring pritenyayut or short cut in order to prevent the rapid dissolution of the kidneys. On a permanent place, the currant is planted after complete thawing of the soil. The best period for planting currants is the beginning of April-May. The plants planted later become worse and are much hampered in development.

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When spring planting the currant, the preparation of the pits and the whole process of planting the seedlings produce, as in the autumn planting. In the landing pit pour 2 tbsp. spoons of superphosphate and potassium salt (can be replaced by two glasses of chopped wood ash). Pouring compost or humus onto the bottom of the pit. Mix the earth with this mass with a shovel. After planting, all branches are cut short, making a cut above healthy kidneys. Currants are watered every 2-3 days. Begging growers need to know that the black currant spring planting is somewhat worse than the autumn.

How to plant red currants?

The process of planting red and other currant species is practically no different from the planting of black currant. Under these bushes choose well-lit areas with high soil moisture. Well-drained loams with a weakly acid reaction ideally fit the currant. The distance between the bushes of red and white currants should be about, m.

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