Actinidia: how to feed a vine in the spring

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I have actinidia Kolomikta in my cottage. In recent years, I noticed that there are fewer berries on the bush, and the liana itself is growing reluctantly. Tell me, what can you feed actinidia in the spring?

Actinidia is a perennial tree-like liana. On the backyard it is grown not only for decorative purposes, although the bush looks very beautiful and is simply a find for creating vertical decorative compositions due to the variegated color of the leaves and incredible beauty inflorescence. In addition, actinidia also produces fruits, the size and taste of which differ depending on the variety. In some species they are small and smell of pineapple, others are larger and slightly resemble ordinary gooseberry, and still others can hardly be distinguished from shaggy kiwi. However, in general, the berries are very tasty and sweet.

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To grow a strong healthy plant, and besides to receive from it a crop, it is necessary to spend in due time additional fertilizing of actinidia, it is especially important to do it in the spring. The culture responds well to the application of both organic and mineral fertilizers.

Organic fertilizing

In spring, actinidia needs organic in order to activate growth processes. The first top dressing should be done in early April, when the kidneys begin to actively expand. Around the bush it is necessary to decompose the rotted manure, the thickness of the layer should be at least 5 cm. The manure will provide the actinide with the necessary amount of nitrogen, in addition, it will serve as a mulch. The weeds under it do not grow very well, but the moisture in the soil lasts longer.

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The second time to bring the organic needs after the flowering. Actinidia responds well to feeding on the basis of waste products of birds and livestock. Under one adult bush you need to pour at least 2 buckets of working solution. Its concentration depends on what served as the basis of the present:

  • chicken manure - dilute in proportion: 0;
  • Mullein - 1 part infusion of 10 parts water.

For a season it is enough to feed actinidia two times. When growing vines on poor soils, in order to increase the yield, additional complex mineral preparations will be needed.

Mineral fertilizing

To stimulate the formation of young shoots, increase yields, and winter hardiness of actinidia, in the spring it is necessary to carry out two mineral top dressings. At the end of March - beginning of April, add 1 square. m. area, where the liana grows:

  • 35 g of nitrogen fertilizers;
  • on 20 g of preparations containing potassium and phosphorus.

Actinidium does not tolerate lime and fertilizers containing chlorine.

The second time such mineral fertilizer will need to be introduced at the phase of fruit setting, while the proportions of the preparations should be reduced by half.

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