The use of ammonium sulfate in the cultivation of strawberries

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This year a small plot of strawberries was planted in the country. Friends advised to make ammonium sulfate for planting. Tell me how to use ammonium sulfate for the successful cultivation of strawberries in the garden?

Gardeners growing strawberries understand that in order to gather a bountiful harvest of berries, you cannot get by with just weeding and watering. Like other crops, strawberries need timely application of supplements, especially if growing on poor soil. In the modern market of fertilizers, you can choose a wide variety of drug options that enrich the soil with useful elements. As a result, the yield increases, as well as the quality of the berries.

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One of these fertilizers is ammonium sulfate, which is widely used when growing strawberries in a vegetable garden.

Benefits of using the drug

Ammonium sulfate is a powder in the form of small white crystals with good solubility. Depending on the availability of additives, the crystals may also have a blue or pink tint. The main advantages of using this fertilizer include the fact that it:

  • has a low cost compared with other substances;
  • is absolutely harmless to the human body, as well as to plants;
  • improves the taste of berries as a result of an increased amount of sulfur;
  • dissolves quickly in soil and ensures even application;
  • is easily digested both by the root system and through the green mass;
  • stimulates the rapid growth of crops;
  • increases disease resistance;
  • is not washed out of the soil, thereby preventing nitrogen from leaching;
  • is used for making various feedings.
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When and how to fertilize strawberries?

For a strawberry fertilizer, the drug is used both in dry form and as a solution.

Soil with high acidity should be calcified before introducing ammonium sulfate.

If planting strawberries is only planned, in the fall the powder should be scattered over the area where the berry will be grown and dig it up. Spring digging between rows of growing strawberries with ammonium sulfate is also effective. The average application rate is 40 g of the drug per 1 square.m, and for poor soil is acceptable to increase the dosage.

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In the spring, to stimulate the growth of green mass, young plants can be watered with a solution that includes 1 bucket of water, 2 cups of mullein and 1 tbsp.ammonium sulfate.

The same composition is used for fertilizing adult plants. Before nourishing the soil around the pieces of strawberries, loosen and pour ash.

A solution of ammonium sulfate is poured on straw mulch. This speeds up the decomposition process.

Proper use of ammonium sulfate in the garden and in the garden - video

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