A chest of drawers made of cardboard with his own hands: step by step guide

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A chest of drawers made of cardboardChest can be not only wood, but even cardboard. But it is worth noting that the independent production of furniture made of this material should be in accordance with all regulations. This is due to the fact that the board is not as durable as wood.

How to make a chest of drawers

The content of the article

  • How to make a chest of drawers
  • What should be the board
    • Pros and cons of such material
  • What tools are needed
  • The process of creating the dresser

Embodiments are many. You can just take a cardboard paper, cut out of it walls and shelves, drawers, and do all the glue. And you can take a ready-made box (for example, from the refrigerator), and put it smaller boxes (such construction is sufficiently strong as cardboard wall thickness).

To give a beautiful appearance material, it can be pasted with colored paper, wallpaper or pictures. With a good external treatment of such furniture, guests can not believe that the chest is really made of paper.A chest of drawers made of cardboard

What should be the board

To create furniture there are a number of requirements to the material. They are as follows:

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  1. The material should not be wet. If it is exposed to water, it must be dried before use.
  2. It is necessary that the cardboard paper was environmentally friendly. If it appears a mold or fungus, the material may not be used, because it can be harmful to health. Besides such material is not durable, and after some time will break structure.

Important! If the cardboard quality and durable, but it has poor appearance, it can always be corrected with the help of paper.A chest of drawers made of cardboard

Pros and cons of such material

At the board has the following advantages:

  1. Strength. If the material is high quality, and the work was done at a high level, a chest of drawers can withstand heavy loads.
  2. Availability. This material is very cheap. But you can do everything without without spending any money, if the house has a large supply of unnecessary cardboard.
  3. Environmentally friendly. Cardboard - friendly material that does not pollute the environment and does not cause damage to health.
  4. The form. Due to the flexibility, you can make any kind of design.

This material is able to satisfy any fantasy, and can be experimented with.

Cons are:

  1. As the material, it can not last for too long. The service life of not more than 10 years.
  2. Deteriorate in contact with water. Therefore, out of it will not work to put in a room with high humidity (in the bathroom).A chest of drawers made of cardboard

What tools are needed

It all depends on what kind of needs a chest of drawers, you will need:

  1. Cardboard. There is a single-layer, dual-layer and three-layer. Last most durable, and suitable for storing heavy items. Typically, cardboard boxes of buying within which something is packed. It can be bought in the shop of home appliances, and other items for the home.
  2. Glue gun. It can replace conventional adhesive. Yet the gun is more convenient to use, especially if you are constantly making furniture out of cardboard. If you are staying on the gun, a few sticks of glue necessary to pre-buy to reload the gun.
  3. kraft paper. It helps to collect the details of cardboard and smooth the edges. Kraft also can be used for decoration.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Cutter. additional blades as they become dull quickly when in contact with the material you need to buy in advance.
  6. Rule. It is necessary to cut out parts of the lines.
  7. Plain paper. We need to remove the uneven surface.
  8. Sponge.
  9. Sandpaper. To smooth the corners of the material.
  10. Construction tape.
  11. Acrylic paint (to cover the cardboard). You can not use enamel, as it will spoil the material.
  12. Lacquer coating.
  13. Adhesive tape for sealing the edges.A chest of drawers made of cardboard

Attention! The list of materials listed above are not final. In the individual case, may require additional materials (carpenter's glue or board to work with cardboard). Also, to create a very simple dresser, not all the materials listed above, will be used.

The process of creating the dresser

If you have no experience in making furniture out of cardboard, it is recommended to make a simple model with his hands. It fits the classic model - a square with several drawers.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Create a sketch on paper. Size is set depending on the place where the design will be. It is necessary to determine in advance the size and number of workpieces.
  2. You need to cut the blank walls of the chest. They should be thick, because the foundation of the whole structure. Glue them. The surfaces are joined with glue currently. In order to design a well-mated, put it under the load a couple of hours.
  3. Attach details, leaving gaps where the shelves are installed. It is necessary that the size of the groove corresponds to the height of the shelf.
  4. Assemble the base and can be inserted into the shelf.
  5. It should be pasted edge tape to maintain structural strength.
  6. Now you can make the boxes, if the dimensions allow, you can use ready-made boxes out of household items or shoes. If there are no boxes, to do all the same as with the base - cut them out and glue according to the sketch.
  7. Before inserting the drawers, you need a good foundation to dry, and let it stand. Now you can insert boxes. To make beautiful chest of drawers, it can be covered with colored paper or different pictures.
  8. At the end of the work, a chest of drawers should be covered with a varnish to protect it from external damage.
  9. The design is ready. You can use it.A chest of drawers made of cardboard

Create a chest of drawers made of cardboard paper is quite simple. The most important thing to do the right layout and sketches, because most errors allowed on this step.

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