How to choose a good chest of drawers for any room: functionality, durability, practicality

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chest of drawers for homeThe chest of drawers is difficult to attribute to the essentials of the interior, but nevertheless it is truly universal. It is used as a TV stand, wardrobe, changing table or cabinet for storing children's things.

How to choose a good chest of drawers: selection criteria

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  • How to choose a good chest of drawers: selection criteria
    • Production material
    • Number of storage places
    • Build quality
    • Color and style
    • Dimensions

Today, a large number of models of this furniture are presented on the market. Before buying, the first step is to determine the most important selection criteria for yourself.

Production material

Dressers are made of various materials.

  • The most environmentally friendly and durable solid wood furniture, its only drawback is the high cost.
solid wood chest of drawers
  • The most widely used are currently models from MDF and particleboard. The last option is the most budgetary, but the least environmentally friendly, as it is used for the manufacture of toxic glue that releases formaldehyde.
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chest of drawers from MDF and particleboard
  • Meet dressers from plastic and glass.
plastic dresser

Despite its harmfulness, products made of chipboard are most widely used.

Number of storage places

chest of drawers with lots of storageTraditional chests of drawers with standard four drawers are being replaced by modern models, in which drawers are combined with swing doors, often made of glass. Manufacturers also replace ordinary long boxes with more compact ones for storing small items.

Build quality

chest of drawers of good build qualityLow build quality can spoil the entire appearance of the furniture. Before buying, pay attention to the following points:

  • lack of gaps and gaps between parts;
  • the use of high-quality fittings and guides, preferably equipped with closers;
  • lack of extraneous noise when pulling out drawers;
  • the thickness of the back wall is at least 5-6 mm;
  • absence of chips, cracks or other damage to the facade.

Inspect the product carefully before purchasing.

Color and style

chest of drawers in the interiorThe dresser, of course, should fit into the interior of the room in which it will be located. The easiest way to purchase it is complete with the main bedroom furniture, but if this is not possible, it is important to make the right choice in harmony with the rest of the furniture in the room.


Light-colored furniture will make the room visually lighter, dark, on the contrary, creates a heavier interior.

A set of dark furniture will be appropriate to "dilute" with a white chest of drawers. It also fits perfectly into a small room, such as a nursery.

Consider the features of the most popular styles:

  • to furniture in classic style choose a chest of drawers made of natural wood;
classic chest of drawers
  • baroque style requires the use of monograms of bizarre shapes, gilding and similar attributes;
baroque chest of drawers
  • modern and hi-tech Allows furniture made of plastic, soft curved lines and a minimum amount of hardware.
modern chest of drawers

It is important that the style of the chest of drawers matches the overall style of the room.


Before you buy a chest of drawers, you should decide on the place of its further location. Carefully measure the space so that the drawers freely extend without blocking the passage.


In rooms with low ceilings, it is more advisable to put squat dressers so as not to visually lower the ceiling.

optimal chest sizesOptimum height - 120 cm, depth 50 cm. The length may vary, depending on the configuration of the drawers. Long models are appropriate to install only in spacious rooms, in standard they will clutter up the room.

The number of furniture options presented in stores allows you to choose a chest of drawers for every taste and in any price category, taking into account the color scheme, the style of the room and the dimensions of the product. Or you can make it to order according to your size, taking into account all the wishes.

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