Repair of the dresser replacement guide: the necessary tools, the course of repair, operation rules.

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Chest of drawers.Over time, any furniture loses its consumer properties, but it often happens that a person is not willing to part with it. Indeed, we should not throw out old furniture, especially when its service life can be extended. Tools and materials are sold in the market, allow it to run without any problems. If there are certain skills such work can be done by hand. Repair of furniture, for example, the chest is performed in different ways. The choice of repair method depends on the degree of damage. Is generally carried out a partial or complete repair.

If the first type of repair - refurbish the surface of the chest. For this, use paints, stains, and so on. N. Complete renovation implies that the recovery will be carried out of all the components of the chest - the sidewalls and drawers, together with the guides. Before starting work, inspect the furniture as a whole and its parts. In the process, it becomes clear what is the scope of the upcoming repairs, and can determine the choice of the necessary tools and supplies.

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What tools are needed to repair chest

The content of the article

  • What tools are needed to repair chest
  • Replacing the guide in the chest with his hands
  • How to operate the locker, so there was no damage

To perform repair work - both in general, and components of furniture will need to have the following tools:

  1. Screwdriver with a set of drills and bits.
  2. Screwdrivers of different types.Repair Tools chest.
  3. Mallet.
  4. Measuring tools and a marker.
  5. Nails and screws.
  6. PVA glue.
  7. Abrasive cloth.
  8. Paints and varnishes.
  9. Set of spatulas.
  10. Set of hexagons.

Using the described tools enable to repair chest without too much difficulty.

Replacing the guide in the chest with his hands

The guide chest.When the inspection list of parts that must be replaced on a mandatory basis will be determined. As a rule, the number of such parts are included and the guide, on which there is movement of the drawer. The guide consists of two halves, which are mounted on rollers, made of polymer material.

One half is mounted on the inside of the chest wall, the other half is secured on the box. When choosing a new guide it makes sense to be guided by the geometrical parameters, such as length.

IMPORTANT! Installing the fixture on the old holes is undesirable, as it leads to the weakening of the walls of the box.

Before replacing the guide lines must be removed from the dresser drawers. Then, using the marker location noted shelves installation. Thereafter, using a screwdriver to remove the screws that fix the guides to the hull line.

In these parts of the chest often fail rollers. They just destroyed. The reason for failure may be overloaded boxes. Roller guides to withstand maximum load 25 and the ball 36 kg.

Those who decided to replace the old wooden rails made of wood should be taken into account that the width of the box should be less than 20-25 mm aperture. When installing new guide, you can use pre-inflicted marks, it will save time to complete the new layout. After installing the rails, it is necessary to check the quality of the course on the box it, it should move freely and be fixed in extreme positions.

How to operate the locker, so there was no damage

How to operate the locker, so there was no damage.Furniture, which is installed in our homes, can be made of solid wood, such as oak, beech, sheets made of chipboard, e.g., particleboard. Even after the furniture is assembled, the wood continues to live as a result of excessive moisture wall and countertop can crack, but in fact - it is not a marriage.

Furniture, such as dressers, coated with paint or varnish furniture produced at plant basis. If the water gets the surface of the chest or the side walls will form spots. To eliminate them, you can use a soft cloth dampened with a furniture wax.

To chest had a good appearance and served for a long time, the room air temperature should be maintained within the range of +15 to +25 degrees, with an average humidity of 45... 65%. At low humidity levels it makes sense to set the device in the room for humidification.

REFERENCE! Changes of this regime or the installation of heaters near furniture, sooner or later will lead to the fact that lower operational furniture, in particular chest. That is, the furniture will crack, crack. Aging will occur deformation of the coating surface and the body as a whole.

If the humidity is not enough, the furniture will be given its natural moisture. It also can cause similar defects. Consumers should understand that all of the above is not a marriage, and a violation of the rules of operation.

To remove dust from the surface should use a soft cloth, such as flannel, in the case of fluids designed for cleaning surfaces, it makes sense to read carefully the instructions on it use. Its composition must be materials comprising abrasive particles. When cleaning surfaces of various kinds of application unacceptably scrapers, sponge for washing dishes and the more metal sponges.

During operation of the chest, the owner should be aware that the maximum load that can withstand the bottom drawer of underwear does not exceed the level of 10-15 kg. For greater stability, heavy stuff makes sense to lay at the bottom of the chest. Reloading of the chest can cause deformation and breakage.

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