How to assemble a chest of drawers: general rules, what tools to cook

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A modern chest of drawers is an integral part of furniture sets. Moreover, at present, designers are actively using it as one of the elements of the interiors of residential premises. Although these furniture elements are relatively rarely included in sets, and are mostly bought separately, it is very important to buy such a thing whose style would coincide with the design style of the room. Among other things, chests of drawers are sold disassembled into parts and its owner will have to either assemble it on their own or order an additional furniture assembly service.

Of course, with such a service it’s much easier, I paid money, and wait until they collect it, but, on the one hand, this service is not cheap, and on the other hand, you need to spend a lot of time until you wait for the specialists, and then, until they collect furniture. Therefore, it is faster and cheaper to assemble this furniture yourself. In this article we will see how you can assemble a chest of drawers at home and what tools are needed for this.

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General rules for assembling a chest of drawers

The content of the article

  • General rules for assembling a chest of drawers
  • What tools will be needed
  • Assembly technology for drawers and drawers
  • Checking furniture for defects

dresser assembly rulesHow to assemble a chest of drawers? Important to remember! That before you start assembling the chest of drawers you first need:

  • Unpack the kit;
  • Find assembly instructions;
  • Check availability of all components;
  • Check these elements for integrity, absence of damage during transportation;
  • Carefully study the assembly instructions and especially the sequence of its assembly.

After this, it is necessary to prepare all the necessary tools, and only after that it is necessary to start work.

What tools will be needed

chest drawer toolsHow to assemble a chest of drawers with guides? The most necessary tools, without which it is impossible to assemble furniture, usually come with it. So self-respecting furniture companies supply a small set of tools necessary for this work.

If it is not there, you will need to pick up such a kit yourself. What do you need in order to assemble a chest of drawers? This kit includes:

  • Hammer;
  • Screwdrivers
  • Furniture stapler with a stock of staples. If not, you can replace it with small cloves;
  • Furniture key;
  • Roulette;
  • A screwdriver with a set of heads.

This kit will be enough to do the job.

Assembly technology for drawers and drawers

Dresser assembly technologyAfter everything is ready, proceed to the most important thing - assembling the chest of drawers. Assembly takes place in several stages. At the first stage, we collect all the boxes that are included in the chest of drawers.

Before starting the assembly of drawers, it is worth separating the details of the drawers separately, so as not to deal with unnecessary searches then.

  1. The first thing to do is assemble the frame of the box itself. For this, it is necessary to insert Euroscrews designed to connect parts into holes specially made in them at a furniture factory. Using a screwdriver or furniture key, twist them, but not completely.
  2.  Diagonals of the frame should be equal.
  3. After aligning the angles, the screws can be tightened.
  4. Fasten the bottom of the frame with a stapler or small studs.
  5. We install the accessories on the boxes.
  6. We install a retractable mechanism on each of the drawers. The places for its fastening are indicated by holes in the side wall of the boxes.

The assembly of the chest of drawers begins after all the drawers are made and set aside.

  1. Before starting this work, it is necessary to hang skids on the side walls of the dresser from the inside, along which the sliding mechanisms of each of the drawers will move. Attachment points for skids are also marked by the manufacturer.
  2. The furniture case is assembled according to the same principle as the frames of drawers. We connect the prepared sidewalls with the runners for the drawers with the help of connecting strips mounted on Euroscrews.
  3. Next, with the help of eccentric screws, we fix the cover to the sides and then the bottom of the chest of drawers.
  4. The cover is the front part of the chest of drawers, which is easy to scratch if you put an instrument, accessories on it.
  5. Then, in the same way as the bottom was attached to the drawers, in the same way we fix the back wall of the chest of drawers.
  6. After that, we close all the places where Euroscrews are fastened with plugs, the same color as the furniture.
  7. After that, the boxes must be installed in their seats.

On this work is completed. It remains only to check how correctly it functions.

Checking furniture for defects

check the chest for defectsIf all the assembly steps are carried out correctly and without errors, then the drawers should easily leave their places effortlessly. In addition, they must be fixed in the extreme position and not fall out. Visible slots between drawers should be the same size. And also on case details there should not be chips and scratches.

If the assembly was carried out correctly, then after a short inspection of the furniture, you can begin to use it.

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