What is a chest of drawers, photo: closet-locker, how to select a chest of drawers, dressers benefits

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Chest of drawers is a very common and functional furniture. It is thanks to its characteristics it deserved popularity. Manufacturers offer a very unusual design. In the market today dressers photo, we suggest that you view.

Chest in the interior

What is a commode?

The content of the article

  • What is a commode?
    • Functionality and design
  • Wardrobe dresser - design features
  • How to choose
  • Chests of drawers in different rooms
    • A chest of drawers in the bedroom
    • A chest of drawers in the living room
    • A chest of drawers in the hallway
  • advantages of drawers

In place of the chest, chest of drawers come down through the centuries. Chest of drawers - a compact piece of furniture that has drawers, which are located one above the other. The main difference of other furniture - it easy accessibility dostavaniya things from the boxes at any angle. Built-in, afford it can not, they are massive and quite high for a quick dostavaniya useful things.

Chest of drawers

Functionality and design

  • Chest in the interiorIt allows you to put a dresser in any part of the room decor.
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  • The presence of wheels or legs, which adds lightness and elegance.
  • Roomy boxes used by each member of the family.
  • Occupied space is used and fully functional. Empty seats there.
  • The presence of countertops can be very useful, it allows you to place the necessary additional items for decorating decor.
  • A wide choice of design aspect for taste.
  • The tone of the interior, there is the possibility of selecting colors.
  • Naturalness material.
  • Reasonable price, allows you to purchase a locker anyone.

With this masterpiece given the opportunity to create original and stylish interior composition that provides a wide choice for the imagination of designers and artists.

It is used instead of tables, replace the linen cupboards, sideboards, if the chest is built mirror, it can replace a whole and dressing. The children's room is used for the collection of toys.

Wardrobe dresser - design features

This kind of in the manufacture of furniture manufacturing, is considered to be a novelty, a novelty in the interior design of furniture. Current models are in great demand. Let us consider the features of the cabinet chest:

  1. Cabinet-chest of drawersFairly large in size and it is different from its predecessors.
  2. Harmonious boxes are located adjacent to the sliding, swing open the flaps.
  3. In times increases the capacity for different things.
  4. Height is used as a countertop or shelf.
  5. It is divided into 3 zones: the body portion, countertop, stable base.
  6. Low forms reach up to seventy centimeters and larger forms of meters to 1.2 meters.

ATTENTION. For smaller homes is an ideal option, which will replace the huge solid wall in any room. Especially in the living room and hallway and bedroom.

It is worth paying attention to the type of accessories:

  • Chest in the interiorThe ring looks beautiful and serves as an additional decoration.
  • Staples are horizontal and vertical handles are attached to the wings at a certain distance, that is convenience and comfort.
  • Figured protruding handle, easy to use, but often does not come loose property in time. This phenomenon occurs from frequent use.
  • Zaglublonnye with recessed fittings.
  • Welt, I have feature: suitable for children.
  • Side grip is fairly wide grip, differs only in strength.

How to choose

To make the right choice is recommended to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. To start with the manufacturing material. This may be particle board or MDF.
  2. Better MDF has no toxic substances. Adhesive used in itself harmless and does not cause allergies.
  3. Chest of drawersFor the price: expensive model that is carved, consisting of a natural material. On the doors and drawers there are pen made of natural stone and porcelain. In this type of hand-carved, and thus the product has a considerable strength and will last for a long time.
  4. Wicker furniture made of rattan. Common type of palm tree that is used for weaving of different drawers and furniture. This type is always quality and exclusive option.
  5. Decide on the types of structures that fit the style of your interior.
  6. Select the appropriate size.
  7. Check the functionality of the boxes. They have moved in and out easily without any difficulties.
  8. At the front part should not be a presence of cracks.
  9. Doors and drawers should tightly touch the body.
  10. Check for defects. Look carefully at all the details and elements.

ATTENTION. Do not buy a chest of drawers with too thin rear wall. over time it will begin to bulge.

Chests of drawers in different rooms

This furniture can be placed in different rooms, and have a functional piece of furniture. Consider the various options.

A chest of drawers in the bedroom

It allows you to not clutter the place of permanent rest and put the linens and bedding. Huge selection will allow to make the decor of any bedroom, thanks to comparable size.

Determine with the selection of furniture, originally at least visually look at the size of the bedroom.

REFERENCE. If the room is small, then the dresser does not seem great. For large bedrooms should not acquire gigantic proportions. It will spoil the interior and overall appearance. Usually place the dresser in front of the sleeping bed.

A chest of drawers in the bedroomLight colors will give a truly royal view of the bedroom. Tones of dark walnut, are not suitable for every interior, but if you give the brightness of the product, it is quite fit into the interior. Dark tone in the bedroom - it is not desirable. Depressing color, constantly reminds the gloomy days. Not recommended, because the bedroom - it is not just a place to sleep, but also a place where you can be alone and reflect on the important things.

CAUTION: When installing the furniture, take care of the choice of colors, which harmoniously fit into the interior design lounges.

A chest of drawers in the living room

One of the foremost is the chest of drawers in the living room. It must integrate harmoniously with the interior frequented by guests and the household of the room. And this has its advantages:

  • Chest of drawersthe top is used as a table or a conventional shelf;
  • top can set the TV or any of the equipment, technology;
  • due to the high percentage of internal capacity, some model types may be able to replace the overall cabinets with mezzanines;
  • acceptable purchase price;
  • It is going wild choice of form and style.

ATTENTION. Do not install the drawers of plastic. The material itself is fragile and often have mechanical damage.

If you want to liven up the situation in the living room, then decorate it a stylish dresser.

A chest of drawers in the hallway

Surpassing the threshold of the home, guests, friends and relatives, just pay attention to the general appearance of the hall. And from the first minutes of the visit is determined by a visual representation of your house or apartment.

IMPORTANT: The first impression remains unchanged for a long time in the memory of guests. So you need to create a harmony of comfort, the right attitude and its own stylish design.

Continuing in the hallway accumulate heaps of things that there is no place to place. Let's find a solution and use the setting stylish dresser. It plays an important role for furniture placement, which must be successful and the most convenient. Many owners acutely the question arises with the establishment of the chest and the color choice.

ATTENTION. Entrance hall, must be equipped as comfortably as possible in order to quickly pack up and go beyond housing.

Chest of drawersDefinitely, a chest of drawers can be no excess furniture in the hallway. roomy miniature chest of drawers, which easily fit into the interior suitable for oversized hallways. They can put the bags, shoes for the season, hats whole family and any other things that should be kept on hand. This furniture does not occupy much space. Decide on the style of choice and calculate the need to use the dresser.

IMPORTANT. For duffel trivia dressers are not suitable.

Modern and stylish design for choosing chest has miniature and compact shape and size, which save space in the hallway. It provides free cross-country in the hallway.

advantages of drawers

Among the main benefits is to provide the following:

  1. Chest in the interiorCapacity. Many modern types during the installation does not occupy much space in the rooms and at the same time contain sufficient the number of things that are not used for a long time, or vice versa, are part of the needs and should always be at hand.
  2. Drawers. This is a major advantage over any other furniture. Older types are put forward simply by the internal thread, which is often jammed and jumps. A modern species have hinged clips that allow you to quickly open and push crates.

ATTENTION. Do not overload the boxes things. Weight things shall not exceed the norm. The preponderance leads to breakage. This applies to modern species.

  1. A high percentage of strength. Unlike the cabinet, chest of drawers have such a strength that does not allow for frequent use to break. Breakage can occur only when the huge hit the water and not the fact or affected by improper handling.
  2. Environmentally friendly. Chests of drawers are made of quality wood of different types, which allows the material to breathe. That means things will not lose the appearance and long-term storage will remain the same with no changes. Even when temperature drops, things will not be Moldy spots and dampness soaked.
  3. It has an abundance of species in which its purpose.
  4. Style and selection. For any time and refined interior, you can choose the appropriate dresser style that perfectly complement any room and give flavor to the design.
  5. The diversity of shapes and sizes. Design fantasy surpasses any expectations.

By purchasing a chest of drawers, you can radically change and give zest to their homes.

IMPORTANT. If it is impossible to independently choose the right kind of product, then ask for help to a specialist, who will gladly help make the right choice.

Chest of drawers
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