What to put on the dresser: how to beautifully decorate the dresser in the bedroom.

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What to put on the dresser.Not so long ago, a chest of drawers was an outdated element of the interior. Today, this piece of furniture is back in fashion, and its design can be anything from a modern style to provence. For its manufacture, various materials are used. This piece of furniture is absolutely appropriate for any room in the house and can become its main decoration. To emphasize the stylistic orientation will help the parts that are correctly selected for its decoration and placed on top.

The role of a chest of drawers in a modern interior

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  • The role of a chest of drawers in a modern interior
  • What should be a chest of drawers
  • What to put on the dresser - decor options

Over time, the chest of drawers gained versatility, the introduction of new design ideas played an important role in this:

  • changes were introduced into the appearance of classical models, their functionality expanded;The role of the chest of drawers in the interior.
  • new decor elements were invented;
  • it has become fashionable to use it not only for the bedroom, but also for other rooms.
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Subject to the stylistic orientation, the chest of drawers can decorate any interior. Let's combine this piece of furniture with completely different design directions - from Biedermeier and constructivism to contemporary music and lounge style. With all its spaciousness, it takes up very little space, so it is suitable even for small apartments.

REFERENCE! It does not matter whether the chest of drawers will be the so-called brainchild of a modern designer or whether the owner of the apartment will inherit from his grandmother. The main thing is that it does not look like an alien object in the room, but harmoniously fits into its interior.

What should be a chest of drawers

Chests of different styles.Undoubtedly, this piece of furniture for a bedroom or other room should be made of safe materials. Particleboard is considered the most popular - the material is used for the body and MDF - it is used for finishing the facade. More expensive specimens use wood. There are options made of glass, plastic and metal, as well as combined. In addition, when choosing any piece of furniture you need:

  • so that it harmonizes with the orientation of the interior;
  • consistent with the purpose of the room.

Functionality of furniture is also important. If you take this principle as a basis, then a chest of drawers happens:

  • classic - only with drawers;
  • with niches - when there are shelves, both closed and open;
  • combined - instances where, along with drawers, the so-called swing facades are adjacent;
  • with add-ons.

REFERENCE! The chest of drawers is no less functional than its larger overall counterpart - the cabinet. However, he is not so cluttered with space. The presence of drawers allows you to fully use the internal space, and the countertop makes it possible to place a wide variety of accessories.

What to put on the dresser - decor options

What to put on the dresser - decor options.Whatever the style of the interior, if it contains only pieces of furniture, it looks unfinished and soulless. Additional decor is used for beauty and creates a special aura. A variety of accessories can be used to decorate the chest of drawers. Here are some decorating tips:

  • when decorating a chest of drawers, a mixture of shapes and textures looks good;
  • on the countertop, you can arrange colored boxes, boxes or stacks of books;
  • on any such piece of furniture flowers in vases or pots look great;
  • an exquisite element of tabletop decoration is considered to be a candlestick;
  • not only on, but also above the chest of drawers, you can place paintings or frames with photographs - do not leave the wall empty.

REFERENCE! A practical and successful idea in terms of aesthetics would be to hang a mirror over the chest of drawers. Moreover, this accessory should not be too large or too small.

In order not to choose a decor for this interior item - a vase, a candlestick or something else, their size should reach at least half of the mirror. Higher is better. The principle of a dynamic interior - high and low decor elements should vary greatly in height. Do not overload the countertop with accessories. One more piece of advice - do-it-yourself decor elements will add exclusivity to the interior.

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