Landless way of growing aster seedlings

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Start growing seedlings of garden flowers, including asters, in early spring. Typically, growers prepare for this purpose nutrient soil in the fall, or use the store substrate. But if suddenly, for any reason, it was not possible to pre-purchase or prepare the land, you can use a very interesting and practical way of landless cultivation with the help of a snail. This method is often called "for the lazy," but it is very convenient. Moreover, no soil is required at all, it is also easy to care for the seedlings, not to mention that the grown seedlings can be freely removed from the cochlea without damaging the rest.

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How to make a snail?

Instead of a container with the ground, the seeds of asters will be germinated in a special snail. You can make it this way:

  • spread a garbage bag on the table to make a long ribbon( no need to open);
  • put a toilet paper tape on top of the bag;
  • the next paper tape to be laid, aligning the bottom of the package( so that it reaches the water);
  • the last, third ribbon of toilet paper, again line up on top of the package tape.

Instead of garbage bags, you can cut long strips of film.

The blank for the snail is ready.

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seeds How to sow asters in a snail?

Now you need to spray toilet paper well with a spray bottle. Then retreat from the upper edge of the tape 0.5 cm and with the help of a wet toothpick lay out aster seeds, leaving a similar distance between them.

After the seeds are laid, gently twist the tape into a roll, that is, make the snail itself, and put it vertically in a glass, at the bottom of which there is some water. Water on toilet paper will go up to the seeds as it dries, creating the necessary moisture. A cellophane bag clad on a glass will preserve it and create a greenhouse microclimate.

When installing a snail in a container with water, it is important not to confuse where its upper part is with the seeds.

When to transplant seedlings?

Capacity with a snail must be put on the bright windowsill. About a week later, the aster will sprout, and the package will have to be removed. When the seedlings are stronger, deploy the snail and one by one get the seedlings. Depending on the time of sowing the seedlings seedlings dive in separate cups( with early sowing) and grow there. Or immediately planted in open ground, if the seeds were sown in May.

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Features of growing asters in a snail - video

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