Planting time for a tomato for a greenhouse

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In autumn he made a small greenhouse for vegetables. This is my first experience of early growing. Tell me, what is the best time to plant a tomato for a greenhouse, so that the seedlings are well established?

Tomatoes are grown by everyone who has at least a small piece of land. Some do it only for their own use, others - for sale. However, all truck farmers dream to harvest a good harvest, and as soon as possible. Therefore, if possible, tomatoes are grown in greenhouses. In greenhouse conditions, plants develop better and suffer less. In addition, the fruit ripens a few weeks earlier with a double yield, at least.

The process of growing tomatoes in a greenhouse can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Seeding on seedlings.
  2. Preparation of adult seedlings for transplantation in a greenhouse.
  3. Preparation of the greenhouse.
  4. Transplant the tomato seedlings into the greenhouse.
  5. Further care and harvest of tomatoes.
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One of their main points is the correct timing of planting a tomato seedlings in a greenhouse. Too early or, conversely, late planting may affect the further growth of tomatoes.

Preparation of seedlings tomato for growing in a greenhouse

To get tomato seedlings, seeds are sown in a greenhouse in February or early March. Sowing is done in moist and warmed earth. If this is not possible, you can grow seedlings directly in the apartment, putting the cups on a light window sill. When the seedlings are already sufficiently grown, you need to temper it to prepare for a change in the temperature regime (that is, to a transplant in the greenhouse).

The hardening process should begin no later than two weeks before landing in the greenhouse.

In the room open the windows, first for several hours, and gradually increasing the time. From the fourth day the seedlings can be carried to the balcony and, if the weather is fine, leave it there for the night. If seeds were sown in a greenhouse, they raise the frames for airing, and then completely remove them.

At the seedling, ready for transplantation, the leaves have a purple hue, and its height is not less than 25 cm.

Four days before the transplant, seedlings with buds are sprayed with a solution of boric acid at a rate of 1 g of the drug per liter of water (so that they do not fall off). And two days before the landing, two lower leaves are cut to make the seedlings easier to take root.


Preparing the greenhouse

The time for planting a tomato for a greenhouse depends on its type:

  • in glass greenhouses - April;
  • in film greenhouses - May.
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A common requirement for both types of greenhouses is the presence of a well-heated soil at a depth of 15 cm (not less than 13 degrees of heat). Check the readiness of the soil with a thermometer.

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The soil in the greenhouses is previously updated: remove the top layer, and the remaining land is treated with copper sulfate. A week before the planting of the seedlings, the beds are loosened and infused with humus.

Planting seedlings in a greenhouse

Seedlings are planted in the evening at a distance of 50 cm from each other in staggered order. Near each bush is installed a support, to which he will tie.

Early-ripening varieties have near the windows, and behind them - taller ones. The greenhouse is regularly ventilated. The seedlings are fertilized with superphosphate and pasynkuyut.

Planting a tomato in a greenhouse - video

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