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Today, the technology of radical drip irrigation has become very popular among truck farmers, private land plots, and large agro-technical farms. Drip irrigation Beetle is the simplest and most effective way to increase crop yields when growing crops, both in open ground and in greenhouse conditions. This device is especially good for irrigation of greenhouse plants with a rather weak root system. This device will economically water and competently feed almost any garden crops, saving time and money of the owner. In this article, we will consider the types, equipment, methods and advantages of the drip irrigation system, by using the Beetle kit.

What the manufacturer offers

Today, in the domestic market, there is a huge range of systems for root irrigation of plants, among which The most popular among our compatriots is the drip irrigation system Zhuk from the Russian manufacturer LLC "Cycle". The device received its name due to the location of the mechanisms of fluid supply to the cultures (droppers), which are located in pairs on the sides of the supply pipeline.

To date, the manufacturer produces two types of irrigation systems Beetle:

  • for greenhouses;
  • for greenhouses.

For those who want to increase the serviced irrigation area by the drip irrigation system of the Beetle, the manufacturer has provided an extended kit that allows increasing the watering area by 20 crops.

The extended hose does not have a main hose. It must be purchased separately.

Each type of device has its own peculiarities concerning the degree of automation, the number of droppers and the way water is delivered to the plants. Further, the design, configuration, the way of using each system will be considered in more detail.

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Design features and operating principle

The principle of the root irrigation system is the dosed supply of liquid to the root zone of plants. On the main hose, which is laid out in the aisle, water enters the supply tubes, and already from them is fed through the droppers directly to the roots of the crops.

The watering time is adjusted manually, the cranes supplied with the kit, or the timer.

Timer irrigation The beetle is an electromechanical device that is adjusted for irrigation time from 1 to 120 minutes, with a repetition interval of cycles from 1 to 168 hours. This device allows you to fully automate the process of irrigation of plants, making it effective even in the most arid season.

On the Russian market, the roots of the beetle are supplied in dense cardboard boxes with a list of elements and an assembly instruction.

In the basic configuration, the system of radical drip irrigation Beetle is a set that consists of the mandatory elements:

  • main and supply hoses;
  • Filter for fine water purification from mechanical impurities;
  • crane;
  • mechanisms of water supply to the ground.

In addition, the required amount of fittings (fittings, fittings, adapters, etc.) is necessary to create a circuit and connect it to a water supply system or a water tank. The number of items included in the kit depends on the purpose and method of connecting the system.

Drip irrigation for a greenhouse The beetle is designed to irrigate 60 plants in an open area of ​​18 m2 or a standard greenhouse, with dimensions of 6x3 meters when planted in 4 rows. The greenhouse kit includes the number of elements planted under the conditions necessary for irrigation of 30 crops open ground on an area of ​​6 m2 or a standard greenhouse, with dimensions of 6x1 meters when using a 2-row scheme landing.


Beetle for water connection

This kit is designed for connection to the water supply system. Maybe as a "greenhouse for 30 plants, and "greenhouse" for 60 bushes, bundling. Drip irrigation kit The water pipe beetle is equipped with a timer that controls the time and frequency of watering. This set is ideal for radical irrigation of crops that are not demanding for the temperature of irrigation water: radish, beans, etc. According to reviews, the water pipe kit Zhuk is the best solution for watering flowerbeds, "Alpine slides."

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Drip irrigation system Beetle for connection from the tank

This kit is designed for connection to an autonomous water supply system with low pressure. The peculiarity of this design is the availability of a special adapter, which allows connecting the main hose to a reservoir of water. The kit has no timer and can be equipped with 30 or 60 water feeders. Drip irrigation Beetle from the tank is suitable for irrigation of crops that require warm water for effective growth.

Today, another version of this system appeared on the market with automated supply of liquid from the water pipe to the tank. This novelty was highly appreciated by users who now can not control the process of filling the tank and watering the plants on their site. These kits are also offered by the manufacturer in different configurations; on 30 and 60 bushes.

Main advantages

Owners and specialists distinguish a lot of advantages of the Beetle in front of systems of other manufacturers, namely:

  1. The presence of a filter, due to which the water is cleared of mechanical impurities and does not clog the nozzles of the droppers.
  2. In the kit, for the correct installation of the delivery pipes in the main hose, the manufacturer supplied an awl equipped with a stopper.
  3. The innovative design of droppers makes watering as gentle and dosed as possible, which does not allow to compact the soil in the root zone.
  4. Thanks to the timer, the owner can easily adjust the frequency and intensity of the irrigation.
  5. The kit includes the presence of cranes, which allow you to water only those beds that are needed, which significantly reduces the consumption of liquid.
  6. The design of the wiring elements prevents the bends and kinks of the hoses.
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And the last, important factor is low cost, especially in comparison with systems of foreign manufacturers.

Root drip irrigation system Beetle: assembly instruction

Before assembling and connecting the root irrigation system, it is recommended that you carefully study the instructions that come with each kit, regardless of its type and connection option.

Further, we will consider how the system of drop irrigation of a beetle for 60 plants is assembled and put into operation. The figure shows a schematic diagram of the structure with the names of the elements:

  1. Open the kit and unroll the main hose. He needs time to lie down.
  2. Assemble the feed mechanism. In other words, insert the droppers into one end of the feed tubes. On the other side of the supply hoses, put on tees. For easier connection of droppers and feed hoses, heat their ends in hot water.
  3. To the tee of the already assembled feed mechanism, connect the second supply hose with a dropper to get the "beetle feet".
  4. Using the sewing thread that comes in the kit, make a hole in the main hose and insert into it the free end of the tee already assembled by the feeder.
  5. Install each dropper directly into the root zone of the crops being irrigated.
  6. After assembling the system, connect it to the filter and the source of water supply (water supply or capacity).

When assembling the drip irrigation system of the Beetle from the tank, do not forget to install a section of the transparent hose, like the water level sensor in the tank.

The process of assembling and connecting the Beetle - video system

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