How to care for the currant in the fall?

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Currant is one of the most common shrub species, which includes 150 species. Everyone is familiar with the fruits of black and red currants. But what problems arise when growing currants? Does the currant need care in the fall? How to properly care for the red currant in the fall? How to properly care for the black currant in the fall? These and other questions can be answered by reading the text below.

I delighted the currant in the summer with my harvest, I gave my tasty and useful fruits. Now it's time to take care of her. After all, with good care, the bush of the currant can grow in one place to twenty years, and this is a very valuable quality.

It is common knowledge that the currant is an unpretentious shrub that can adequately tolerate both frost and heat, but this does not mean that its attention can be circumvented. But how to ensure proper care for the currant bushes is known to few. Let us dwell on this in more detail.

The basic rules of care for the black currant in autumn

There are several necessary operations for caring for black currant bushes, which must be performed in the autumn and they consist in:

  • pruning;
  • treatment of the truncated circles;
  • top dressing;
  • pouring.
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Black currants can be cut in spring and autumn, but due to the fact that the currant buds in the spring very early swell, then pruning is best still in the fall. They prune all sick, old, damaged and weak shoots growing in the middle of the bush and located low above the ground. The branches cut off by a sharp pruner are removed from the site or burned, in order to avoid the spread of diseases and larvae of harmful insects.

Crop pruning is also designed to form a bush in the future. Cuttings are subject to all zero shoots, only 6-8 most powerful branches are left on the bush. If you do not do it in time, then the bush will thicken, it will not develop well, and eventually it will stop growing altogether. In addition to cutting shoots, there is a procedure for shortening the branches of an adult bush by 1/3 to awaken the underground kidneys.

There are different opinions about the treatment of the near-trunk circles. For example, the traditional school of cultivation of the earth proves that in the autumn the trunks of the currant It is necessary to dig on a bayonet of a shovel with a lapel of a layer, for the purpose of neutralization of harmful insects and their larvae.

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Proponents of organic farming, on the contrary, speak out against digging and offer trimming circles mulch with compost, straw, leaves to preserve air-capillary systems in the soil.

Top dressing of black currant bushes in autumn should not be made with nitrogen fertilizers. The use of nitrogen at this time of year will cause unnecessary growth of shoots and prevent qualitative maturation of the branches, which will negatively affect their winter hardiness. With autumn feeding under the bush, 30 g of potassium chloride and 100 g of superphosphate are added.

In addition to top dressing, it is very useful to pour the soil around the bush. For each bush of currant pour a bucket of dead sawdust, peat and a glass of wood ash.

The substrate must be a layer of at least 10 cm. Manure is not recommended to be poured, since in manure in excess nitrogen is contained. It can be used only at the onset of persistent colds. And there are also gardeners who, instead of podsypki stubbornly sowed pristvolny circle of the bush lawn or simply overlay the bushes with cardboard.


How to care for the red currant in the fall?

Red currant is more resistant to changes in climatic conditions than black currant. But this does not mean that she does not need a specific care. And in order to get a good harvest for the next year, you just need to perform a few simple, uncomplicated operations. The red currant is followed by the same rules as for the black currant, which are indicated above, however, the procedure for pruning the bush should be given much more time and skill.

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So, proceeding to the autumn pruning, you need to start it with the elimination of the thickening of the branches. A large number of shoots poorly affects in the future the quality and size of the fruit. When the rest period comes, it's time to start pruning.

Cut old ten-year branches, weak, damaged shoots, and branches growing in the ground. Sections of red currant for a very long time to heal, so the wound size of more than 8 mm is treated with garden sauce. In addition, red currant bushes are prone to fungal disease. On the green leaves appears a grayish coating, which later becomes brown.

It is very important to cut off all damaged parts of the bush on time. Still shoots are cut, affected by a caterpillar glass-litter, which laying eggs in the bark and core inhibit the growth of the bush.

Observing the autumn elementary rules for caring for the currant, the garden plot is decorated with full-bush shrubs and is provided with a rich harvest of delicious fruits.

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