It is necessary to know. useful properties of acid and contraindications to its use, to avoid trouble

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The name of the plant "kislitsa" fully reflects its sour taste. Useful properties of acid and contraindications to its use are determined by the presence in it of oxalic acid. Grass can be found in mixed forests and marshland in central Russia. here it is called forest sorrel or hare cabbage. The real home of the musk is Mexico. It grows in other tropical and subtropical countries - Turkey, Mongolia, Africa, Australia, China, America. Decorative varieties are grown in room conditions. The culture is unpretentious and photophilic, highly valued by florists.

Description and features of culture

The family "sour" is numerous, numbering 8 genera and more than 800 species, having the most diverse forms, sizes and colors. The plant spreads on the ground, creating a soft "carpet" to the touch. Most representatives have trilobate, thin leaves planted on long, pubescent cuttings. Outwardly they resemble clover leaves. There are specimens whose leaves are divided into 4, 5, 9 blades.

At night and in bad weather, the flowers of Queslai have the property of being closed, and the leaves are folded and lowered to the ground.

Shades of foliage are very diverse, in some varieties they are two or three-color. Flowers are single and small, light tones, at the base of the petals there is a darker spot. After flowering the capsule ripens, in some species - the bilberry sour. Usually the ants carry the seeds of the plant to distant enough distances, so the reproduction and propagation of the culture takes place.

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Useful properties of alder

The herb is from ancient times used in folk medicine. In its greenery contains a high concentration of acids - oxalic, succinic, malic, ascorbic and others, which provide it with a pleasant sour taste and great benefit. Flowers and terrestrial parts of the plant are used for food, they contain other useful compounds - rutin, calcium, carotene. When we are going to use acid for treatment and prevention, we should not forget about contraindications.

Useful properties of alder:

  • Used as a hemostatic and regenerative agent;
  • stimulates the release and outflow of bile, promotes digestion;
  • increases the production of urine, breaks and removes stones and sand from the body;
  • provides anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect;
  • contributes to the release of worms, treats helminthic invasions of various types;
  • increases the secretory function of the stomach, increases acidity;
  • It is used for poisoning, as it removes mercury and arsenic;
  • restores articular tissue, is the prevention of arthrosis;
  • has antipyretic effects for colds, flu;
  • relaxes the muscles of the internal organs, facilitating menstrual and neuralgic pain.

Kislitsa in folk medicine

A forest grassy plant often helps people on the nature or in a hike. Fresh leaves are applied to the wounds to stop bleeding and improve tissue regeneration. Use this plant if there was a suppuration, with long unhealed skin lesions. Ground parts are crushed into gruel, wrapped in cheesecloth, applied to the focus of inflammation. Change the bandage every 3-4 hours.

The leaves are dried completely, not crushing. Store in a glass or ceramic container under a closed lid to prevent moisture from entering the container. Shelf life is limited to 1 year.

How to use acid in treatment - recipes:

  1. Decoction. On a glass of water you need to take a teaspoon of dried and chopped herbs. The liquid is brought to a boil, boil for 10 minutes over low heat. Cooled decoction filter, apply inside and outwardly, rinse the mouth, treat the throat, impose on the wounds.
  2. Juice. A high antiseptic effect gives juice of acid in combination with honey. Recommended proportion:. Healing composition heals healing decubitus and trophic ulcers in adults, in children it is used for the treatment of diathesis or dermatitis, it helps with inflammation of the gums, stomatitis.
  3. Tincture. To prepare the tincture, you can use fresh or dry raw materials. If the grass is fresh, then take 100 g and pour vodka 500 ml. Dry grass will need less - 50 grams per half-liter of vodka. Withstand tincture for 10 days in a dark and cool place. Ready tincture is used for the preparation of compresses and medical solutions.
  4. Tea. Dried leaves can be brewed and drunk instead of tea. Pleasant sour taste tastes well, produces a tonic effect.
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Is it possible to eat sour cherry

For food and flavor characteristics, the acid is equated with sorrel. Herbaceous plant is often used in people's nutrition. Acidic leaves are added to okroshka, cabbage soup or borsch, seasoned with vegetable salads and stew, on their basis they make kvass, cold tea, fruit drinks. Prepare meals, taking into account the benefits and harm of acid for health.

In the process of preparation, sprinkle the leaves with sugar, so it gives juice better, the taste becomes softer.

How to use acid in the diet:

  • fresh grass is usually combined with vegetables, meat, cheeses, add to soups and drinks;
  • dried parts of the plant are used as a seasoning for meat and fish dishes;
  • from the leaves prepare a green sauce, which is served to the first and second dishes, spread on bread;
  • hunters, fishermen, travelers add freshly squeezed juice into the water, getting a tasty vitamin drink, excellent quenching thirst, refreshing in the heat.
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With a therapeutic purpose, the common sour is commonly used, there are useful properties in purple acid. In everyday life with its help restore the brightness of tissues, remove stains from clothing.

Contra-indications and limitations

Many are interested, poisonous sour or not. Culture is considered to be weakly poisonous plants. The use of medicinal plants in medicine and nutrition is associated with a number of limitations. In support of this, wild and domestic animals bypass the squat grass side. The temporary use of the plant has some positive effects. With prolonged use of acidity can harm the health and well-being of a person. It is undesirable to eat those who have abnormalities of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Excess oxalic acid adversely affects the mucous membrane of the digestive system, irritation can occur in the ducts of the bladder, kidneys.

Today, like many years ago, medicinal herbs help people cope with bad health, improve health, cure diseases. Kislitsa - one of the unique means of a green first-aid kit of nature. Use natural products you need, without violating the rules and dosages. The time of reception should also be strictly limited.

A video about the beneficial properties of an alder

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