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Burning on wood or pyrography, is one of the oldest arts. Some of the first items decorated with burning were found in Peru. They date back to VII in BC. Ancient craftsmen received images of red-hot rods. Nowadays, lovers of decorating their everyday life are becoming more and more, and special devices have been replaced by twigs, with the help of which lines of different thickness and color saturation are applied to the tree.

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How to choose the burner

You can even burn an uncomplicated picture with an ordinary soldering iron. But for permanent classes it is better to buy a wood burner. It lies comfortably in the hand, has an optimum heating temperature and replaceable nozzles, which greatly expand the artistic capabilities of the master.

There are two types of burners - with a wire or with a solid feather. Both types operate on a 220 V network, but samples with a solid pen do not have a heating adjustment. When choosing, pay attention to the power of the device.

If the burner has a power of less than 20 W, working with it will be quite slow. Such devices are designed for children, or only comprehending the elements of burning.

More powerful devices allow you to work faster, but are suitable for those who are already confident in their actions.

Advantages of burners with a solid pen

These models are easy to work with and low price. A burner of this type is easy to apply simple images with a minimum of details. They are most often bought for children or beginners. Among the shortcomings of the device are noted:

  • long warm-up and cooling times;
  • heating handle during operation;
  • large size of the handle and far away from her pen.
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The latter feature makes it difficult to apply thin long lines and requires breaks in work for rest. If the unit is used for a long time, it may overheat and malfunction. Therefore, to burn out a large complex pattern, it is better to choose a different type of apparatus.

Features of devices with a wire pen

Samples of devices with a wire pen have great advantages:

  • rapid heating and cooling;
  • comfortable handle;
  • trouble-free replacement of the wire in case of its burnout;
  • long pen service;
  • the possibility of applying lines of different thicknesses.

Such models are much more expensive, so they are usually chosen for professional work on wood.

For sample it is better to buy an inexpensive model with a solid pen. If the class takes a serious interest, there is a wide choice of instruments for burning wood with a wire pen.

How to choose a wooden substrate and pattern for burning out

For work choose wood of lime, poplar, ash, maple, aspen, pine. These breeds are soft and well amenable to processing.

The softer the wood, the easier and more comfortable to work with it.

Before work the board must be carefully processed. The smoother the surface, the more accurate the picture looks. The planed board is ground with fine sandpaper, passing along the fibers. This will eliminate small irregularities and chips. In conclusion, it is wiped with a damp cloth from chips and dust, so that it is easier to transfer the pattern.

Pictures for burning out wood for beginners should have clear contours and a small amount of details. Simple images are more difficult to spoil, there is always the possibility to play with a thick line or add an extra one in case of an error.

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Topics for burning out can be any:

  • congratulations on holidays - such crafts will be a good gift;
  • cartoon characters - simple and captivating pictures, children like to burn them;
  • funny images of animals will decorate and revitalize the interior of the kitchen, hallway or nursery;
  • landscapes look great in any setting;
  • ornaments are always appropriate, they are easy to make by stencil.

The most difficult drawing for burning out on a tree is a photo. This will require high skill of the performer and a set of baits for the transfer of all nuances.

Drawings for burning out can be downloaded from the network or done by yourself. To do this, a sheet of tracing paper is applied on the drawing and carefully traces all lines, trying to convey their thickness.

Children can draw the simplest pictures themselves. In this case, it becomes much more interesting to burn.

Transfer the image to the board through carbon paper. It is fixed on the tree with the ink side facing downwards, a tracing paper with a pattern is placed on top and all the lines are translated, trying not to move the sheets in the process.

Useful tips for beginners

To the first work was successful, observe the following subtleties:

  • use the burner thin strokes instead of thick lines, so it's easier to direct the pen in the right direction;
  • press the pen with equal force on the entire surface of the board;
  • The longer the pen is held in place, the darker and deeper the line becomes;
  • try to move the pen over the fiber of the tree, turning it with fibers in itself, when burning against or across the fibers of the effort, you need to apply more;
  • Before work, practice on an unnecessary board with different attachments to get a hand and have an idea of ​​when to use them;
  • start burning off the edge of the sketch - this is the most inconspicuous place in case of an error;
  • Conduct the same place several times with light fine strokes, achieving the optimum thickness;
  • Put a small board under your arm, so as not to lubricate the translated sketch and not to dirty the board;
  • First, burn the main lines of the image to see the base of the composition.
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Learning to lead accurate, straight lines, experiment with the shadows. Using this technique, you can achieve a three-dimensional image. To display the shadows use different attachments.

The picture on the tree does not have to remain monochrome. For coloring use watercolor paints (or pencils) and brushes.

The nozzles should be periodically cleaned of carbon deposits. To do this, use a special grinding shoe or belt and aluminum oxide.

The finished product is covered with varnish or PVA glue.

Observance of safety precautions

Teach children safety rules when dealing with a burner and always follow it yourself:

  • When changing attachments, use pliers to avoid burning your fingers;
  • take care when working with a heated burner;
  • always place the appliance on a special stand;
  • Do not leave the appliance switched on unattended;
  • when working indoors, use an exhaust fan, as some wood species are very fuming and can cause allergy and irritation of the respiratory tract.

Burning on wood is a fascinating and useful occupation. It will allow you to distract yourself after a hard day's work, teach your children assiduity and accuracy and decorate your house with unique works.

Video review of the burning station

Video about image translation and the process of wood burning

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