How often to water tomato seedlings on the windowsill at different stages of cultivation

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Tell me how often to water tomato seedlings on the windowsill? Sow seeds a few weeks apart. The first batch went well, but most of the seedlings perished in speed. It seems to me that I overdid it with watering. Several times she was away from home for a couple of days, so she decided to give them a drink with a margin. I want to save the second group of plants from this, they just climbed up.

Owners of private plots that have a greenhouse are happy people. They have the opportunity and all the conditions to grow seedlings of any garden crops, including tomatoes. However, there are among the truck farmers and urban dwellers who choose to dacha only for the season, and spend the winter in the apartment. They are left with only two ways: before planting, they can buy already prepared seedlings or in the spring they can grow them in an apartment. If you use the second option, you probably know how the seedling is sensitive to room conditions. She needs to provide good lighting, as well as pay attention to watering. Knowing how often to water the seedlings of tomatoes on the windowsill, you can get strong bushes. In addition, it will help to protect tomatoes from root rot, which often affects seedlings with excess moisture.

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How often to water tomato seedlings on a windowsill: we sow seeds

On the humidity of the soil should be taken care of even at the stage of seeding. Before laying seeds in the ground, it should be spilled abundantly. Here the moderation is of no use, since it is necessary to ensure a sufficient amount of moisture. She will feed the seeds until they start growing sprouts, and a couple more days after that.

Preparing containers with soil for sowing, for moistening it is better to use a spray gun instead of a conventional watering can. So practically there will be no risk of perezalit and arrange a swamp in a pot, which can not be said about the watering can.

Now it remains to arrange an impromptu greenhouse and cover the crops with film. It will not allow moisture to evaporate quickly, so for the first time about additional watering, you do not have to worry.

Determine if there is enough moisture in such a youngster is very easy, looking at the film. If there are droplets on it, everything is in order. If the film is dry, then you have not soaked the soil before sowing. Need to additionally spray it.

The frequency of watering after seedlings

When all the seeds germinate and the seedlings rise about 5 cm, you can translate the seedlings into a home climate, that is, remove the film. Naturally, now the moisture will evaporate faster. Accordingly, and watering tomatoes will need to be more often. How exactly depends on how warm the house is:

  • if the room is hot - at least every two days;
  • with a cool content - every four days.

Do not forget that water should be dormant or rain water. Also, it is not allowed to hit the bushes themselves, so it's better to use watering through the pallet. Roots will reach for water, so they will be more developed.

Watering and Picks

Some nuances of watering exist and when transplanting seedlings from the general to separate containers. Two days before the picking, the bushes in the general tray must be well drunk. After this time they are ready for a pick. Later, to start the transplant is not necessary - the earth then will dry up. Namely, at this time the soil will still be slightly moist and, if seized, will remain on the roots. Thus, it will be possible to minimize interference in the root system.

Since the substrate in the tank, where the tomatoes will be dived, is moistened beforehand, this moisture will last for four or five days. In the future, the planted plants should be watered once a week.

The last "home" watering will be before planting seedlings in the garden - it should be abundant.

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