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Tomatoes are heat-loving plants, so it's important to know the rules for planting them. Many do not know when to plant tomatoes in the open ground and make mistakes that could affect the crop. One of the most important and responsible moments is the planting of seedlings. However, before proceeding to this process, seedlings need to be properly prepared for such an important stage. After all, after the landing, tomatoes begin to actively grow and develop.

How to prepare seedlings correctly

Planting a tomato in the open ground begins with the preparatory stage of young plants to environmental conditions. In order for the number of plants to grow many times, the seedlings must undergo a hardening process. Therefore, two weeks before planting in an open ground conditions are created similar to those in which tomatoes will have to grow.

The best option is hardening in the open air, while the residence time should gradually increase. This adaptation can take up to two weeks. Over this period of time the plant gets used to the street temperature and sunlight. In the end, the seedlings can be left overnight, but only if there are no frosts expected.

In order to determine whether the seedlings are seasoned or not, one must look at its leaves. The greenhouse has a light green color of the leaves, after adaptation to the outdoor conditions they acquire a darker shade.

The violet shade of the stems and dark green leaves indicate that the seedlings have adapted to the sun's rays, so after landing in the open ground, they will not fade.

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In what time it is necessary to plant seedlings in the open ground

After the plant has undergone complete adaptation to external weather conditions, the question remains, when can you plant tomatoes in the open ground? Seedlings of tomatoes are planted only in the warm season, while the threat of freezing plants should be completely ruled out. If to speak for the southern region of the country, there the planting takes place in the middle of May. In the central part - in early June.

Planting tomatoes should occur only when the soil at a depth of 40 cm warms up to 15 degrees. Low soil temperature will inhibit the development of the root system.

Planted seedlings in the earlier season, when there are no suitable temperature conditions, will often be infected with fungal diseases (for example, late blight). Nutrients in the roots will flow slowly and as a result, either a reduced yield or a plant death is expected. Therefore it is important to know when tomatoes are planted in the open ground.

If you follow the popular signs, then you should pay attention to such a tree as birch. If the leaves have fully blossomed, this indicates that the soil has fully warmed up, and planted tomatoes came a term.

When deciding when to plant tomatoes in the open ground seedlings, it is recommended to always focus on weather conditions. It is also necessary to understand that in one locality the soil temperature can differ substantially.

We plant the seedlings correctly

The first step is to determine the area on which tomatoes will grow. The soil must be well warmed by the sun's rays, there should be no drafts and no wind. In the shaded area, the plant will not develop properly and you can forget about the crop.

Tomatoes do not land on the same site. The earth should change every year. Also, do not sit tomatoes after onions and garlic.

Recommendations for planting:

  1. To get a good harvest, you need to plant strong seedlings. First of all, it is recommended to pay attention to the stem - it should be thick and strong. In the second turn on the leaves - they should be from 6 to 8 pieces. After planting, after a month, the lower leaves break off, in order to reduce the defeat of phytophthora.
  2. From the evening before planting the seedlings are abundantly watered. So it will be easier to get it and do not damage the root system. If the plant grows in cups, then this should not be done, since it is much easier to get the dried ground out of the glass without damaging the root.
  3. Landing is best done in the afternoon or in cloudy weather. If the decision is made to plant in the morning, then the evening watering is canceled.
  4. Rows should be at a distance of 70 cm from each other, and plants should be planted with a distance of 40 cm.
  5. Pits are dug along the rows with a shovel. The depth will depend on the height of the seedling (long ones are planted deeper). During the planting, it is important to properly pour a hole, then fill the seedling with dry soil or with humus.
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After boarding, it is recommended to start leaving, so it is important to get acquainted with all the subtleties of this action. Tomatoes need not only watering and the right temperature conditions, but also in soil nutrition with nutrients. To do this, special complex fertilizers containing calcium, boron, nitrogen, iron, magnesium are purchased, and are used according to the instructions.

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Cultivation of tomatoes in the open ground also provides twice a week, hilling the land around the seedlings. Thus, a sufficient amount of oxygen will flow to the root system, which is so important for the development and growth of the plant.

How to tie tomatoes in the open ground

With proper care, tomatoes quickly stretch in growth. At this point, the question arises as to how to tie tomatoes in the open ground. It should be noted right away that not all types of tomatoes are tied up. Low-grown plants do well without support. Tall varieties are tied up so that the stems do not lie on the open ground, because the recumbent bushes quickly rot and often get sick.

The advantages of tying tomatoes:

  • easier watering and the process of fertilizing;
  • The tied plants are well dried and ventilated after heavy rains;
  • fruits on the tied bushes are warmed by the sun's rays evenly, so they will ripen faster.

In order to tie the seedlings you will need dressings (for example, stockings, tights, a kapron cord), metal rods, a thin plastic or metal pipe, or long ones wooden stakes. The length of the peg should be higher than the seedling.

The dressing material will be in contact with the plant, so do not use it last year, as it may contain pathogenic bacteria.

In order to tie tomatoes, the support is driven a few centimeters into the ground from the bush and to it the trunk of the plant is attached (the ends of the dressing material can be twisted or crossed eight).

Knowing when to plant tomatoes in the open ground and how to take care of them, you can safely proceed to planting vegetables.

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