Polaris robot vacuum cleaners: TOP-5 best models, reviews + how to choose

Household appliances, designed to help cope with household chores, becomes very complex and performs an increasing number of functions. Habitual vacuum cleaners have become smarter and have become almost completely independent.

Many people want to buy such an assistant for their home. A good choice can be robots Polaris vacuum cleaners, thanks to the wide range of options provided by the manufacturer.

The content of the article:

  • Polaris smart cleaning technology
  • Customer reviews about the manufacturer
  • Overview of the best models of the brand
    • Place number 1: Vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 0726W
    • Place number 2: Vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 0920WV Rufer
    • Place number 3: Vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 0826
    • Place number 4: Vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 1012U
    • Place number 5: Vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 0926W EVO
  • Basics of choosing a home assistant
  •  Useful video on the topic

Polaris smart cleaning technology

The first products of the company appeared in Russia more than 18 years ago. This is a wide range of household appliances. Under the brand "Polaris" produced climatic appliances, kitchen appliances, heating equipment and more.

The brand is an international holding, uniting several companies that produce household appliances. The equipment is produced in four countries: Russia, Israel, China and in Italy.

Benefits of the Polaris vacuum cleaner robots

The company's equipment is focused on the average price segment with the appropriate ratio of cost and quality. The brand pays special attention to the design of its devices, among which you can find models of the most unusual appearance.

At the same time, technical solutions are rarely distinguished by originality. The equipment is available to most buyers and is distributed through hypermarkets, specialty stores, etc.

The manufacturer gives an additional guarantee on their products, in total, it can be three years from the date of purchase. At the same time, the company has a whole network of service centers in most Russian cities. This makes it possible, if necessary, to use their services without any problems.

Robot vacuum cleaner Polaris

The Polaris brand is well known to consumers. Attractive ratio of budget cost and good quality make it very popular.

Customer reviews about the manufacturer

Users appreciate the Polaris brand vacuum cleaning robots quite highly. A high degree of device autonomy is noted. Most models are equipped with the ability to independently find the docking station. The rest must be set to recharge manually.

The manufacturer puts on its products navigation system touch type. It works based on the indications of infrared and ultrasonic detectors. This gives vacuum cleaners the opportunity to distinguish obstacles, not to collide with walls and large objects, to move away from the edge of the stairs.

Self-diagnostics of robots of vacuum cleaners Polaris

Polaris robots are compact, equipped with an effective filtration system and a fairly high suction power. The sensors of the device determine the type and degree of contamination of the coating, thanks to which the vacuum cleaner is reconfigured by itself

Users are satisfied with the ease of operation and unpretentiousness in the maintenance of these units. At the same time, their cost is quite acceptable, although the manufacturer does not offer any special “bells and whistles”.

Robot vacuum cleaner from Polaris

Polaris robots use a navigation system that works with detectors. It is imperfect, but allows devices to bypass obstacles and not fall from a height.

Of the significant shortcomings owners Polarisov stressed noise equipment. Despite the manufacturer’s low “sound” of the device, it is quite comparable in volume with the noise that ordinary vacuum cleaners produce.

Devices tend to get tangled in wires and get stuck near sills or similar obstacles. Another disadvantage is rather weak batteries, which are quickly discharged, after which they charge for a long time.

Overview of the best models of the brand

The company's products are very popular in the segment of relatively inexpensive robotic vacuum cleaners. Consider the most popular units.

Place number 1: Vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 0726W

The leader of recent sales. The equipment of the combined type is capable of producing dry and wet cleaning. Battery capacity allows it to continuously work for more than three hours. In the latter case, the dust accumulator is removed and a reservoir for detergent is attached in its place.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with two central brushes and a pair of side brushes. This gives him the opportunity to clean up large and small debris, as well as cope with dust and wool. For carrying out damp cleaning two different containers are established in the case of the vacuum cleaner: one for collecting dry dust, another for moistening a microfibre cloth, with which the device wipes the floor coating.

Effectively cleans almost any surface. Able to work in five modes of dry cleaning: local and ordinary cleaning, a program for a small room, moving along baseboards and walls, remote control.

For wet cleaning, a microfiber cloth is attached to the case, and it is automatically wetted during operation. The stylish vacuum cleaner has a thoughtful design. The top cover of the case is made of a transparent plastic resistant to mechanical damage.

The side of the body closes the so-called skirt made of rubber. Due to this, the device does not cause damage to objects in case of accidental collision.

On the case there is an activation button that changes its color depending on the state of the device. In normal operation, it is green, if the robot is stuck - red. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a fairly capacious battery, which allows it to work without recharging for 200 minutes, and a half-liter dustbin.

Of the advantages of the model, the following should be noted:

  • the presence of extended additional brushes, which improves the quality of cleaning the corners and the space under the furniture;
  • the possibility of wet cleaning;
  • easy cleaning of the central brushes;
  • decent equipment;
  • height detectors are “not afraid” of black;
  • the ability to self-return to the docking station.

Among the shortcomings it should be said about the lack of the possibility of remote control and insufficiently accurate cleaning along the walls and other obstacles. True, if you allow the unit to go through them two or three times, it will do fine. Another significant drawback is the lack of updates, so the user will not be able to “teach” his robot something new.

Place number 2: Vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 0920WV Rufer

One of the new developments of the brand. Compact device that moves easily even under low furniture. Another feature of the device is the ability to effectively clean any coating. For this, it is completed with two interchangeable blocks.

The first is equipped with a central electric brush, which cleans the nap cover well and removes large debris. For smooth and even surfaces, a block with a rubber scraper is used.

On the top cover of the model case under the transparent impact-resistant plastic there is a liquid crystal screen, which displays all the information necessary for the user.

It provides an opportunity to qualitatively remove wool and dust. In addition to dry cleaning the vacuum cleaner can hold wet. To do this, its waste bin is replaced with a water tank and a microfiber cloth is attached to the bottom of the case. The robot supports five modes of operation: intensive, standard, manual, zigzag and thorough cleaning along baseboards, furniture or walls.

The device is equipped with a useful function "virtual wall", which makes it possible to limit its movement, defining prohibited areas of the room.

Thanks to the lithium-ion type battery, the device can operate without interruption for 100 minutes, after which it charges for about five hours. Equipped with a half liter waste bin. The control is carried out by touch buttons and using the remote control.

The top cover is made of impact-resistant plastic. It closes the LCD screen, which displays data on the status of the device. In addition to the light version of the vacuum cleaner is equipped with sound and voice indication.

The advantages of the model include:

  1. The presence of two interchangeable functional blocks.
  2. The possibility of wet cleaning.
  3. If necessary, it will be possible to limit the movement of the device around the house.
  4. Independent return to the docking station.
  5. Possibility of programming the vacuum cleaner to turn on at a certain time.

The main disadvantage of the equipment is considered some clumsiness. As a result, in the course of work, he may accidentally shift his own base, which will lead to certain problems. In addition, the device is charged for a long time and hardly climbs on high carpets.

Place number 3: Vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 0826

Combined vacuum cleaner for automatic dry and wet cleaning. The model is compact, therefore it is able to move under low furniture.

Another feature is the combination of cyclone technology and HEPA filtering. The first allows you to keep a constant suction power and thereby protect the motor from overheating. The second allows you to effectively clean the air from small particles of dust and allergens.

To control this model, just one off / on button. It informs the user about the device status with its color.

The user can choose one of five modes of dry cleaning: local or standard cleaning, moving along the walls, a small room and working according to a set schedule. The unit copes with all the quality. For cleaning it uses one central brush and two side brushes. The vacuum cleaner can wipe a smooth floor covering, for which a special cloth is fixed on its body.

Powered by a lithium-ion type battery, the capacity of which allows not more than 200 minutes to function. For charging, a docking station can be used, where the instrument returns automatically, or a network adapter. Charging time is about five hours. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a light and sound alert.

Significant advantages of the model are:

  • the ability to set a work schedule;
  • presence of detectors to detect obstacles and changes in height;
  • light indicator of filling of a dust collector;
  • the ability to work from the remote control;
  • self-return to the database.

Among the shortcomings, users note the low efficiency of cleaning long-pile carpets. In addition, the battery of the unit should be charged only after they are completely discharged. The manufacturer recommends performing this procedure at least three times within a month, even if the device is not used.

Place number 4: Vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 1012U

The most budget model of all brand products, but quite functional. The vacuum cleaner is intended only for dry automatic cleaning of small rooms.

Restriction on the area - up to 80 square meters. It is explained by the low capacity of the device’s battery, which lasts only 55 minutes of work. The robot has no central brush, only two side brushes are present.

They sweep away debris and dust under the lower part of the body, in which there is a suction port. The device uses cyclone technology, which allows you to maintain a constant high suction power. True, the capacity of the waste bin is small, so it has to be emptied quite often.

The robot uses three modes of dry cleaning:

  • arbitrary when the device moves erratically;
  • along the walls;
  • in a spiral.

A button on the case is provided to control the device, and a light indication is used for information about the state of the device. Navigation is carried out by the simplest detectors.

Advantages of the model can be considered:

  • low cost with sufficient functionality;
  • extreme ease of operation and maintenance;
  • compact size, allowing to clean the space under the furniture;
  • good maneuverability.

The unit has a lot of disadvantages. First of all, this lack of a docking station and the possibility of automatic recharging.

In rooms of complex configuration, the quality of cleaning the vacuum cleaner is somewhat reduced, due to the imperfection of its navigation system. Also ineffective apparatus and on carpets, if the length of their pile is more than 2 cm.

Place number 5: Vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 0926W EVO

Successful development of the company, which is a functional vacuum cleaner of the combined type. The robot is equally easy to cope with wet and dry cleaning. The first is carried out in the mode of wiping the coating with a moistened microfiber cloth.

The second can be done in five different ways: ordinary or local cleaning, limited by time work in a small room, movement along the walls and functioning under the control of the console Do

For high-quality cleaning the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a central turbo brush and two side ones. The device uses cyclone bagless technology, which improves the quality of suction. Collected garbage gets into a glass dust collector with a capacity of only 0.5 liters. The relatively small volume is due to the compact size of the unit itself. Its height is only 76 mm, which allows it to pass under low-standing furniture.

The device is equipped with a docking station and is able to automatically return for recharging. The time of its continuous operation is about 200 minutes. It uses infrared detectors for navigation.

The obvious advantages of the model are:

  • the possibility of alternate wet and dry cleaning;
  • use of bagless technology;
  • the top cover of the case is made of tempered glass;
  • relatively low noise level, less than 60 dB.

It was not without flaws. The vacuum cleaner does not have the ability to connect to the remote control, there is no power regulator and the "virtual wall" function.

There is no UV lamp that could disinfect the flooring.

Basics of choosing a home assistant

A home-type robot assistant differs from the usual ability to cope with its duties almost without human intervention. The degree of participation of the owner in the cleaning process is determined by the level of artificial intelligence of the device.

Devices are available in three versions. The first is a vacuum cleaner designed exclusively for dry cleaning. The principle of its operation is quite simple.

The working part of the robotic vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning with side brushes directs debris and dust under the bottom of the case, where it falls on the central brush and is sucked into the dust collector

Using one or several side brushes, the device collects particles of litter, moving them under its body into the zone of action of the main brush. The latter removes the dirt in the garbage.

The quality of cleaning depends on the central brush. There may be two. One fleecy, collecting wool and hair, the second - tough to collect debris and dust. In some cases, a single combined brush is used.

The particles of pollution which got to a dustbin under the influence of the working air filter are pressed that gives the vacuum cleaner an opportunity to continue collecting garbage.

Devices can work with any coatings, do well with carpets and carpet. When choosing such a device, it is important to pay attention to the central brush, since the quality of work depends on it. Wet cleaners function differently. First, they sweep the floor. Then spray the washing solution, consisting of water and special means.

After that, using a rubber brush, rub it over the coating, scraper remove the contaminated liquid from the floor and suck up its residues into the tank. They can not be used for cleaning coatings that are sensitive to moisture. For example, parquet, laminate or carpets.

Wet and dry cleaning

Vacuum cleaners of the combined type are capable of carrying out both wet and dry cleaning. True, they do it a little differently. They do not spray or collect detergent.

Smooth surfaces such devices are wiped with a wet wipe attached to the body. The owner needs to rinse and fix it in a timely manner. Dry cleaning is carried out in the usual way.

When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, in addition to its type, you need to take into account other important nuances. One of the main ones is the navigation system. It determines the ability of the device to navigate in space, bypass possible obstacles and return to the base. The latter is necessary for the timely implementation of the charge. The robot can be oriented through internal or external sensors, built-in laser or camera.

The best option experts believe laser navigation system. It assumes greater freedom of action of the apparatus, gives him the opportunity to build and memorize routes. The simplest and functionally limited option is detectors.

Robot vacuum cleaner with laser navigation

Laser navigation gives the robot a maximum opportunity. The device is easily oriented in space, avoids all obstacles, builds and remembers routes

When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, you need to take into account the capacity of the battery. Optimally, it was enough to clean the room. The volume of the waste bin or water tank is also important if we are talking about equipment for wet cleaning. The larger it is, the longer the device can work autonomously.

Units can be equipped with different types of filters, which allows you to most effectively remove small dirt and dust.

Programmable models are able to turn on independently, following the work schedule laid down in them. Among the possible functions that make the operation of the device more convenient, it is worth noting:

  1. The presence of sensors, warning of obstacles, including the steps.
  2. Mode of cleaning the dark areas of the room. Allows the robot to work without turning on the light.
  3. The possibility of delineating zones. The system divides rooms into several parts, which makes it possible to carry out cleaning of strictly defined areas of the room.
  4. Independent return to base. To achieve a certain level of charge, the device is sent to the docking station for recharging.
  5. The possibility of continuing work from the left place. The unit remembers the area where its work for any reasons, for example, for recharging, was interrupted, and resumes it from the same place.
  6. Remote or remote control.

Thus, before buying you need to accurately determine the desired functionality of the home assistant.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Most vacuum cleaning robots are equipped with docking stations where the appliance can be recharged. The devices are able to independently return to the base, which is very convenient for the user.

It is equally important to choose a manufacturer you can trust.

 Useful video on the topic

How does a robot vacuum cleaner:

Robotic helper for the house - the dream of any hostess. Polaris devices do an excellent job with wet and dry cleaning, are unpretentious to maintain and are easy to operate. In this case, they differ quite budgetary cost. Perhaps their functionality is somewhat limited compared to the expensive "heaped" counterparts from other brands, but they perform the most popular operations. And coping with it well.

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