Robot vacuum cleaner for windows: how to choose a review of the best models

Quickly launder the glass to shine, without leaving a divorce, - the dream of many diligent housewives, which is destined to be fulfilled. All this will happen if a robot vacuum cleaner for windows - an assistant capable of taking up the washing of not only glass, but also a number of other surfaces that are difficult to maintain, will start working.

The content of the article:

  • Features of the window cleaner
    • What can this type of robot?
    • The principle of operation and scope
  • The subtleties of the selection of the window washer
    • Important parameters when choosing a robot
    • The best manufacturers of window washers
  • Top 10 robots for cleaning window leaf
    • Model # 1 - Windoro WCR-I001
    • Model # 2 - WINBOT W850
    • Model # 3 - WINBOT W950
    • Model # 4 - HOBOT 188
    • Model # 5 - HOBOT 198
    • Model # 6 - HOBOT 268
    • Model # 7 - HOBOT 288
    • Model # 8 - Redmond Wiperbot RW001
    • Model # 9 - Everybot RS500
    • Model # 10 - Everybot RS700
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Features of the window cleaner

The robotied window washer looks like a usual robot flooring machine. True, there are no rounded models, only a square with rounded corners or an elongated oval.

What can this type of robot?

The device greatly facilitates the process of general cleaning. Especially when spring arrives, when the bright sun clearly outlines the entire amount of dust and dirt accumulated on the outer surface of the window.

Washer, depending on the model, can be cleaned completely autonomously or with minimal participation of the owner. In the first case, the unit is equipped with a small capacity into which the liquid is poured.

The robot clears the window

The second type of robot is capable of washing a window with a previously wetted napkin. Therefore, without the caring hands of the owner is not enough

Consider the sequence of actions for launching a robotic washer in a job controlled by a mobile application.

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The power button is located on the body of the robot

First you have to turn on the plug from the device into the socket, place it on the working surface and press the start button on the case so that the unit clings to the glass

Managing the work of a new model of window cleaners from a smartphone

You can control the operation or control the washing process using the remote control or using an application installed on your smartphone, which greatly facilitates the cleaning procedure

The square-shaped robot washes well in the corners.

If a square-shaped robot is used, it will not be necessary to lay the cloth in the corners - such a modification is capable of removing dirt as well as possible. What can not be said about the oval shape - here the owner will also have to work hard, armed with a napkin

The robot makes a sound and sends a notification to the phone about the end of the wash.

Having finished washing, the unit will report about it, making a sound. And the models controlled from the smartphone will send a notification about the completion of the procedure directly to the gadget of its owner.

The power button is located on the body of the robot

The power button is located on the body of the robot

Managing the work of a new model of window cleaners from a smartphone

Managing the work of a new model of window cleaners from a smartphone

The square-shaped robot washes well in the corners.

The square-shaped robot washes well in the corners.

The robot makes a sound and sends a notification to the phone about the end of the wash.

The robot makes a sound and sends a notification to the phone about the end of the wash.

Washing robots can use a different type of attachment to the surface:

  • magnets;
  • Vacuum pump.

In the first case, the washer consists of two magnetic parts. - one is mounted on the surface to be treated, and the second - on the reverse side. Its mission is to provide a reliable grip, which becomes possible thanks to powerful magnets.

Model of the robot with magnet mounting

Magnets are not always convenient - you need to carefully place the two modules of the unit on both sides of the glass. Moreover, it is important to avoid connecting to each other - then it will be extremely problematic to separate them.

The second type of attachment is a vacuum pump., which allows the device to firmly mate with the treated surface. Here, unlike the previous type, the glass thickness does not matter.

Robot washes a work apron in the kitchen

This unit is more versatile to use - a wall with a heat-resistant glossy surface in the kitchen will not be a problem. The robot can easily cope with drops of grease and dust generated during the cooking process.

Is there some more the third option is holding in a vertical position - manual modewhen the unit is cleaning the surface, but its movement is controlled by the owner’s hand.

In fact, it can not be attached to the surface, but the working parts are fully involved - wipes are rubbed and remove dust, for example, from the glass of a balcony door.

The window washer can perform 2 types of cleaning - dry and wet. This parameter depends on the technical characteristics of a particular model.

Their management can be carried out in the following ways:

  • manually - when you need to use the button;
  • from the remote;
  • from the gadget.

It is important when you start the operation of such a technique to properly install a napkin, following the mounting according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Otherwise, you can lose an expensive assistant - the napkin can twist and prevent the vacuum pump from keeping the washer on the glass. As a result, it will break and only the safety cord will be able to save it, if the user has not forgotten to attach this cable.

The principle of operation and scope

Regarding the principle of operation, the unit acts like a floor cleaner - washing the glass with a damp cloth. Moreover, some models are able to work on other surfaces, inducing purity without participation in the owner's process.

The scope of application of this type of robots is not limited to window leaf only.

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Robot washes frosted glass shower stall

Frosted glass or plastic walls shower cubicle robot wash without much effort. However, for this you need to select a model that has an extended range of possibilities.

A window washer rubs glossy tiles on the floor

A smooth glossy tile on the floor will also not be a problem - the window washer can cope with cleaning such a surface. The main thing is to have enough length of the cord that provides its power supply.

The robot washes the street side of the window

The outdoor side of a window located on any floor — 5, 9, 12, or 27 — is ideal conditions for testing a robotic washer in action. The unit without the presence of the user will cope with cleaning window leaf

The robot stuck on the mirror surface

Mirror doors or walls on which fingerprints or stains of unknown origin constantly appear - the device will deal with this kind of trouble in a matter of minutes

A window washer helps wash the tiles in the bathroom

Washing the tiles in the bathroom will no longer be a terrible dream - the robot will do everything himself. It is enough to apply the usual means of care for the surface and run the washer

The vacuum model of the robot rubs the surface of the table and does not fall due to sensors

Some models are able to remove contamination from the surface of the table from wood, glass or other material having a smooth texture with a height difference of up to 1.5 mm. Therefore the glass kitchen table will cease to be a headache of the accurate hostess

The robot removes dust from the TV screen in the living room.

Some users had time to test the operation of the washing unit on the TV screen - and the result, according to them, quite satisfied the expectations. But, you need to choose the mode of dry cleaning.

Robotic washer launders double-glazed windows indoors

The inner surface of the window leaf is a standard working area for this type of equipment, which each of the presented devices is capable of washing. True, for some models, the thickness of the glass

Robot washes frosted glass shower stall

Robot washes frosted glass shower stall

A window washer rubs glossy tiles on the floor

A window washer rubs glossy tiles on the floor

The robot washes the street side of the window

The robot washes the street side of the window

The robot stuck on the mirror surface

The robot stuck on the mirror surface

A window washer helps wash the tiles in the bathroom

A window washer helps wash the tiles in the bathroom

The vacuum model of the robot rubs the surface of the table and does not fall due to sensors

The vacuum model of the robot rubs the surface of the table and does not fall due to sensors

The robot removes dust from the TV screen in the living room.

The robot removes dust from the TV screen in the living room.

Robotic washer launders double-glazed windows indoors

Robotic washer launders double-glazed windows indoors

Unlike wipers, which require the mandatory participation of the owner to function, the robot is autonomous. During his work, you can do more enjoyable things - for example, have a cup of coffee or watch your favorite show.

On completion of the procedure, the unit will notify with a sound signal. If the owner’s participation is required in the cleaning process, the washer will report this in the same way.

Another distinctive feature is the presence of a safety cord in the configuration. Manufacturers, as a rule, supply a cable with a carabiner in the package so that the user takes care of the safety of an expensive assistant.

It is important not to forget to attach the safety cable.

Especially the presence of insurance is important if the device processes the external surface of the window glass in the apartment of a high-rise building. A cable fixed, for example, on a heating radiator inside a room, will save the battery from falling after discharging the battery.

The subtleties of the selection of the window washer

Choosing a robot model for washing vertical surfaces, you should immediately decide where exactly the vacuum cleaner will work and what capabilities he should have.

Important parameters when choosing a robot

The place of work is important when choosing this kind of technology. If we are talking about cleaning the window leaf, then this is one thing.

And when the robot has to regularly put in order the tiles in the bathroom, the mirrors in the whole house, the glossy apron in the kitchen, etc., then you have to think about a more functional model.

It depends on the scope of work mounting type - for various types of surface suitable option with a vacuum pump. If the plans only washing windows, then we can restrict ourselves to a model with magnets.

The more diverse the types of surfaces that the vacuum cleaner can handle, the higher its cost.

Universal robotic vacuum cleaners with manual mode

Universal robotic vacuum cleaners with manual mode will not please every user - rest during his work on the glass surface will not succeed. But he can wash everything that the owner wishes

In addition to the type of attachment, before buying it is important to pay attention to these characteristics:

  • power cord length - the robot is fed in the process of cleaning from the network;
  • insurance length - so that it is enough when moving the device on the working surface;
  • Battery capacity - it is a backup power supply that is used in the event of a main supply failure;
  • travel speed - the higher this figure, the faster the robot will cope with the cleaning;
  • number of scrapers and brushes;
  • quality of sensors and software - that the washer does not stray from a given program in the process.

We should also mention the backup battery - most models have enough capacity for 15-20 minutes of work. It is important to keep this in mind in order to remove the device from a vertical surface in time and prevent it from falling.

For washing the robot uses various Consumables - cleaning sprays, gels, other detergents, napkins. Their stock will have to be replenished as they are used.

Therefore, when choosing, you should pay attention to which consumables can be used for the model you like. Their availability in the region of residence and cost.

Another point - the presence or absence of water tank. If it is not provided in the design of the window washer, then the owner should be moistened with a napkin, which reduces the degree of autonomy of the device.

Components of one of the models of the robot

It is worth choosing a model that has sensors for orientation in space or a protective bumper from soft material around the edge to protect against impact in collisions with window frames and other obstacles

As for the control option and the possibility to program the robot, here it is necessary to proceed from financial possibilities - the more technically perfect the model is, the higher will be its price tag.

Another important criterion when choosing is the name of the manufacturer that produced the window washer.

The best manufacturers of window washers

Robots from well-known reputable companies are significantly different from cheap Chinese ones. The build quality, plastic, wear resistance of the material of brushes and scrapers are noticeably higher.

Therefore, it is advisable to give preference to reliable manufacturers with a good reputation.

Robotic washers that can work on a vertical surface are not represented in such a rich assortment as robots for cleaning various types of flooring.

The main brands that have won the Russian market are represented by five companies.

Windoro maneuverable technology. An automated assistant from Windoro belongs to the segment available to most buyers. Their cost starts from 15 thousand rubles and depends on the region.

Automated Windoro Assistant

Externally, the robot looks stylish and is presented in 3 colors: Yellow, Red Silver. It consists of two blocks - the inner one, which is responsible for keeping the second on the working surface, and the outer one, which directly performs cleaning

Such an assistant can only be used for washing window leaf due to the design features - it uses powerful magnets for attachment to the surface. They are located on the outside and inside.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS. The robots for washing windows from Ecovacs are represented by the following models: WINBOT W850 cost, on average, from 30 thousand rubles and WINBOT W950, which is 3 thousand more expensive.

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Stylish model for washing windows WINBOT W850

WINBOT W850 is easily held on the surface both indoors and outside. The square shape of the body allows you to handle the corners of the working area. And sensors help detect the edge of the canvas and prevent damage to the window frame

Upgraded WINBOT W950 Washer

WINBOT W950 is an upgraded copy of its predecessor - W850. Slightly different from him in design, the trajectory of movement - not Z-shaped, but M-shaped. It is 500 grams more in weight and a couple of centimeters in size

Rubber tracks designed to move the robot

Technique moves on glass using wheels with anti-slip coating. It performs washing in 4 stages, using a fabric nozzle, then alternately 2 types of scrapers to remove dirt and stains, and finally - the back of a soft cloth that wipes dry

Winbot safety system

One and the second robot is equipped with a safety cord, which is obliged to prevent a fall if the owner forgets to remove it from surface of the window in a timely or abruptly lost electricity, and the 15-minute battery backup time will be not enough

Stylish model for washing windows WINBOT W850

Stylish model for washing windows WINBOT W850

Upgraded WINBOT W950 Washer

Upgraded WINBOT W950 Washer

Rubber tracks designed to move the robot

Rubber tracks designed to move the robot

Winbot safety system

Winbot safety system

The W850 and W950 washers are controlled from the console that comes with each of the robots. Moreover, the manufacturer attaches an extension cord that allows processing a vertical surface at a height of up to 5 meters.

Multifunctional technology HOBOT. Taiwanese smart robots are known as reliable and hardworking helpers.

HOBOT window washers are represented by 4 models: 188, 198, 268, 288. Moreover, HOBOT-198 and 288 are representatives of the second generation and have an improved snap.

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Popular model HOBOT-188

HOBOT-188 has the shape of an elongated oval and moves with the help of alternate rotation of the wheels, which are put on reusable napkins. Its cost at the dealer is about 18 thousand rubles.

New version of HOBOT-198 with smartphone control

HOBOT-198 is a modified version of the 188 robot. Its main difference is the ability to control the unit not only from the console, but also from the smartphone, by installing the application for this. Also, the model moves a little faster. Sold at a price of 22.5 thousand rubles

Square model HOBOT-268

HOBOT-268 is a fairly successful washer thanks to the square shape of the body. He better removes the corners of the window, works from the network, is controlled by the console. Moves on tracked wheels, which goes a third faster than the 198 model. Cost - 20 thousand rubles

The newest model with control from the smartphone HOBOT-288

HOBOT-288 is an improved version of the 268 robot vacuum cleaner. It is additionally controlled from a smartphone, it is also equipped with light and sound indication and is able to work for up to 20 minutes on a backup battery. Its value from the official representative of the brand is about 25 thousand rubles.

Popular model HOBOT-188

Popular model HOBOT-188

New version of HOBOT-198 with smartphone control

New version of HOBOT-198 with smartphone control

Square model HOBOT-268

Square model HOBOT-268

The newest model with control from the smartphone HOBOT-288

The newest model with control from the smartphone HOBOT-288

All models operate on the network, but the presence of an extension cord allows using any of the HOBOT washers as a floor polisher if the size of the room is small. True, they will not be able to vacuum the floors in the absence of a dust collector.

When buying products HOBOT you need to be extremely careful - there are fakes on the market. Their cost is lower, but there is no guarantee.

It is better not to mess with the scammers, because the original equipment will last for many years and behind it stands the brand's reputation.

Universal washers from Everybot. Robots are different from this manufacturer versatility - they are able to cope with pollution of various types of surfaces.

True, it will not be entirely automated process - the participation of the owner will be required. For what the convenient handle on the case is provided. To wash the glass to be activated "Manual mode"which model possesses.

Everybot RS500 model

The RS500 robot is able to clean a window inside and outside the house, car glass, and a tile. The main thing is that the owner could reach the spots at the right height.

Smart robot REDMOND. The Redmond company decided not to stand aside and not to deprive their customers of an additional opportunity to ease household chores. Therefore, it has expanded its range of smart technology with a model for washing window leaf.

The appearance of the window cleaner from Redmond

Redmond Wiperbot RW001 looks very stylish, having the shape of an elongated oval. Fixed to the surface with a vacuum pump

Top 10 robots for cleaning window leaf

A variety of models of robotic assistants amazes the imagination and significantly complicates the choice. But, so that the purchase does not disappoint, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the best models that most buyers prefer.

Let's take a closer look at their capabilities and pay attention to the reviews that their owners leave about each model.

Model # 1 - Windoro WCR-I001

Windoro WCR-I001 has established itself as a reliable assistant. The model is fastened with the help of powerful magnets placed on the indoor and outdoor units.

In connection with this feature, two versions of Windoro should be distinguished:

  • WCR-I001 - it is calculated on windows / double-glazed windows from 15 to 28 mm thick;
  • WCR-S001 - magnets work when the thickness of the gasket between them is from 5 to 15 mm.

As a power source, a reliable Li-Pol battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh is used. Its weight is 3.2 kg.

The speed of movement is 8 cm / sec. On one charge, he is able to work up to 130 minutes. To restore your Windoro WCR-I001, it will take at least 100 minutes.

It is completed with spare scrapers, replaceable pads and proprietary washing liquid. To the address of the last owners of the robot leave a lot of enthusiastic reviews.

Included is a remote control that allows you to set the direction of movement of the robot, as well as, if desired, change the speed of its movement, the amount of sprayed liquid.

To start it up it is necessary to pour liquid into the spray tank. Then we include Windoro in the network and place two blocks on both sides of the window, trying to combine them as accurately as possible. It remains to press the button Start.

That's all that is required for the operation of the unit. After the end of cleaning it is enough to turn off the power and disconnect it from the surface.

Model # 2 - WINBOT W850

WINBOT W850 is popular among customers due to its versatility. A great advantage of the model is the ability to move not only on the window leaf, but also on other vertical surfaces.

Technical characteristics of the model: dimensions - 247x246x115 mm, noise level up to 65 dB, weight - 2.8 kg. This washer has a Z-shaped traffic route.

Equipped with the function of detecting the edge of the canvas, can memorize the distance traveled and return to the starting place.

The end of the work signals in a visual and audible way. The kit comes with a safety kit, power cord extension and cleaning agent.

About the latter, the owners leave positive feedback, noting that it helps to most effectively cope with various types of pollution.

Model # 3 - WINBOT W950

WINBOT W950 is almost identical to the previous modification of the manufacturer. The difference lies in the dimensions (273x273x123 mm), weight (3.3 kg), the method of movement, which consists in the M-shaped route.

The upgraded W950 robot works 3 points quieter - emits 62 dB, which is not strongly felt by the user.

The WINBOT robot package makes consumers happy - 3 replaceable reusable nozzles, cleaning fluid and extension cord is provided with a vacuum cleaner.

Also included is a safety cord with mounts, extension cord for the power cable, instructions and remote control.

This model, like the previous one, has a vacuum mounting method. Due to this, the owners can make their lives easier by freeing themselves from washing mirrors, frosted shower walls and other types of glass.

Users note the excellent performance of the device, although for this it is necessary to fix it correctly on the surface.

Of the minuses indicate the need to maintain the unit and timely remove it from the workplace.

Model # 4 - HOBOT 188

The HOBOT 188 washer is equipped with two rotating discs with soft microfiber cloths attached to it.

It perfectly washes any type of surface, reliably sticking to it thanks to a vacuum pump. Improved wipes allow you to flush out dirt from small cavities - the robot will be able to clean even the joints between the tiles.

The package bundle causes a particular delight among customers - the manufacturer did not stint and attached a console, extension cable, spare wipes, power supply, instructions and safety cable.

Characteristics of this washer: speed of work is 1 m2 for 4 minutes, the operating time without power (from a stand-alone battery) is 20 minutes, noise - 67 dB, weight - 950 grams.

The service life is more than 5 years, and the manufacturer gives a guarantee for 12 months. In the event of a warranty case, you can contact the service centers for free repair.

The only drawback is the need to wash reusable wipes after use and moisten them with water and detergent before starting work.

Model # 5 - HOBOT 198

The robotic assistant HOBOT 198 differs from the previous one with a lower weight (930 g) and noise (65.5 dB), a greater cleaning speed of 1m2 for 3.6 minutes and a little more power consumption of 90 watts.

The remaining characteristics do not differ from the parameters HOBOT 188. The package is similar - the 198 model of the washer also has an insurance kit, an extension cord, spare wipes and a remote control for controlling the operation of the device at a distance.

The dimensions of this robot are 295x148x120 mm. The hull shape is oval. Moving on the surface can be rotating or zigzag.

Able to overcome obstacles with a height of 1.5 mm. This indicator allows you to use the device for washing the tile in the kitchen, in the hallway or bathroom. It is important to consider the maximum coverage area, which provides a power cable with a length of 4 m.

The principle of attachment to the surface is vacuum. Therefore, the user, before launching the work, needs to place the robot on the surface and hold it for a few seconds with his hand until he makes a sound indicating that the suction has been completed.

The main advantage of the model over the previous one is control from a smartphone. It is for this opportunity that the washer is chosen among the competitors. After all, all processes can be observed on the screen of the gadget, without entering the room.

Model # 6 - HOBOT 268

The robotic assistant HOBOT 268 is a more advanced version of the brand of the same name. He wins from his predecessors a modified form - a square with slightly rounded corners.

This innovation allows better penetration into the corners of the window leaf, cleaning the maximum area. The speed of washing it also increased and is 2.4 minutes per 1 m2.

As for the trajectory of movement, it is Z-shaped. The unit is able to work in 3 modes. You can select the desired one remotely using the supplied remote control.

The dimensions of the device are 240x240x105 mm. It is designed for washing large and medium-sized surfaces. The minimum size of the working web is 400x400 mm.

As for the configuration, the manufacturer does not skimp and provides the buyer with all the necessary - safety kit, replaceable wipes for dry and wet type of cleaning, extension cord, power supply, instructions for operation.

The main advantage of the model is its versatility - a vacuum pump allows you to attach to any type of surface in order to clean it with high-quality dirt and dust.

Of the minuses to this washerman are inherent in the following: the need for the participation of the owner, who will wear napkin, moisten it, if you plan to wash the window, and after the end of the work cycle, wash the contaminated nozzles

Model # 7 - HOBOT 288

HOBOT 288 is an advanced window cleaner from a Taiwanese manufacturer. He took from his predecessors only the best functions - an increased cleaning speed of 1 m.2 2.4 minutes, noise up to 67 dB, power consumption 72 watts.

Its size and weight do not differ from the 268 model, the duration of battery life is also 20 minutes.

Grade worthy, and does not differ from its predecessors. The manufacturer has provided all the accessories needed for the job - branded napkins for different types of cleaning with an improved configuration.

As well as a power supply, a safety cord capable of supporting a weight of up to 150 kg, an extension cord, a remote control.

For attachment to the surface of this robot has a vacuum pump. It is easy to fix and remove the device from a vertical wall / window, just press the corresponding button on the case and wait for the sound alert.

Tenacious rubber tracks provide a smooth movement of the unit on the surface, and flexible nozzles allow the napkin to cling to the treated area as closely as possible.

The main advantages of the 288 model are in an additional control method - if you wish, you can install an application on your smartphone and launch the washer remotely.

Another plus of this robot is its square shape. As for the color palette, the body is made in black with stylish blue inclusions on the sides.

Of the minuses can be called the need to remove the device from the glass no later than 20 minutes after the end of the cleaning.

Model # 8 - Redmond Wiperbot RW001

Robot vacuum cleaner Redmond Wiperbot RW001 is designed for washing smooth vertical areas - window glass, mirror, kitchen table or glossy tiles. Its cost begins with 17 thousand rubles.

It is possible to control from the remote, included in the kit, or from a smartphone, for which an application must be installed Wiperbot. It is free.

Smart device sensitively responds to all commands coming from the application. Information about the cleaning process or its completion is received on the owner's smartphone. Also, the washer uses sound and light indication as signals.

The technical parameters of the robot are decent - it has excellent power and is capable of operating in 4 modes. Equipped with a spare battery that will provide 15 minutes of uninterrupted operation when the power supply is disconnected from the network.

Its dimensions are 300x150x120 mm, the classic form is oval, the noise level is up to 72 dB. The control is possible with buttons on the case, from the remote or using a smartphone. For the latter option you have to download the application. Ready for sky.

All that is required from the user when starting up is to install the robot on a window / mirror / table and turn it on so that it is fixed on the surface.

Then you can do more pleasant things by activating the desired mode of operation from your smartphone. The speed of the washing process is impressive - 1m2 in 2 minutes.

For the safety net, the manufacturer completes the washer with a cable, which is desirable to fix if there is a need to clean the window leaf from the outside.

Also, the manufacturer supplied the window washer with all the accessories needed for work: napkins, 4-meter extension cable.

Model # 9 - Everybot RS500

The RS500 robot of the South Korean brand Everybot boasts versatility - it not only works as a floor polisher, but is also used as a window washer. It was this feature that provided the models with incredible popularity among buyers.

True, they buy it, first of all, as a floor cleaner. And the possibility of using it to quickly clean the windows is a kind of bonus.

The Everybot RS500 model uses a battery that lasts for 50 minutes as a power source. The method of attachment to the surface - manual. The owner will have to keep the robot while the washing process takes place.

Cleaning provides 2 rotating discs located at the bottom of the model. Each of them has a 60 ml water tank. It is in addition completed with nozzles on a bumper.

Of the benefits the owners say the high quality of cleaning and convenience of the model. Moreover, a rare robot has a button to switch to manual mode. It is this versatility for relatively little money like customers.

The main disadvantage of this robot owners consider the small time of work on a single charge, insufficient number of sensors for safe movement and the need to manually install it to recharge.

Model # 10 - Everybot RS700

Everybot RS700 is the latest modification of the RS500 washer, released in 2018. He has the same parameters with his brother in terms of washing windows, the number of containers for water and napkins.

The RS700 differs from its predecessor by the presence of the Turbo mode, using which it is possible to clear the required area much faster. And infrared sensors that help better navigate in space.

This RS700 model is also equipped with a convenient handle so that the owner can clean the car glass or lacquered panels on the wall in manual mode. To control, use the remote control.

The manufacturer completes this robot, like its predecessor RS500, with a power adapter, two pairs of reusable wipes, instructions, and water tanks. In addition to it is the base for charging and storage.

The cost of this universal washer-polisher starts from 20 thousand rubles. It is quite affordable if you consider that you can clean the floors, walls, windows, bathroom tiles and even the windshield of the car with one vacuum cleaner.

The main drawback of the model, if it is considered as a window washer, is the need to keep the equipment in an upright position all the time when washing the window leaf.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Robotic helpers around the house can make the lives of their owners easier and more convenient, and the house - more comfortable. About the feasibility of buying robots, the principle of their work and the rules for use in the following video:

Personal opinion of the user about the rules for choosing a robot vacuum cleaner:

After reviewing the best models of robotic window washers, you can choose the best option for your needs. Moreover, Many of the robots presented will help not only to clean the windows, but almost all vertical surfaces in the house / apartment. As for the price, you can easily meet the 20 thousand rubles.

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