Hand Saw for Garden from China


A chain saw is one of the necessary tools for country housekeeping. The manual mechanism allows for a short time to saw even massive branches of trees. You can work with the tool both yourself and together - to speed up the sawing process.

The principle of the manual chain saw is as follows: select the object that you need to cut, grab it with the tool and, when driving the chain, start sawing. Typically, such a device is used when it is necessary to remove several branches from trees.

At Aliexpress the delivery of goods to Russia and CIS countries is carried out from a warehouse in Russia. The seller provides an active tracking number, so you can always see the status of delivery and the exact location of the tool.

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The product is packed in a cardboard box and in a special case for compact storage of a saw.

Dimension of the saw: 15 cm x 13 cm x 5 cm. The weight of the instrument is only 200 grams. The chain itself is made of one hundred percent stainless steel. The current value of the lot is 696 rubles.

Pros of the goods:

  1. Low cost.
  2. Fast delivery from a warehouse in Russia (as the seller declares, for delivery it is necessary only 5-15 days).
  3. Quality material.
  4. The possibility of compactly folding the tool.
  5. Sharp teeth that do not need frequent sharpening or replacement.
  6. Comfortable handles for holding the saw.
  7. Absolute autonomy of the device - it works only due to mechanical movements created by man.
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Among the disadvantages can be noted paid delivery (plus 208 rudders to the original cost of the goods) and a limited number of units that can be sold to one buyer (5 pieces in one hand).

As for the cost of these saws from manufacturers and sellers from the CIS, it is much more expensive than Chinese counterparts. For example, at the popular trading floor of Ukraine and the CIS Prom, the cost of a hand saw made of stainless steel (steel) will cost you 504 hryvnia, which translates into Russian rubles at about 1300 rubles.

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Summarizing, we can safely say that a hand chain saw is much more profitable to buy on Aliexpress. Even despite the paid delivery, the total cost will still be lower than the price for such files from our manufacturers.

Customer recall of a manual saw from China - video

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