The originality of crafts made of wood, made by own hands

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In the world of high technology it's quite easy to buy any item for home use. True result is not always happy, but crafts made of wood, made by own hands, bring much more joy. Most often such products radiate love and kindness, are individual and unique in their kind.

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If you look around, trees are a real storehouse of material for creativity. Thin and thick branches, pieces of a trunk, logs, planks can turn into the present masterpiece if will fall into hands of the master. Original wood-cuttings from wood will find their place in any room, whether it's a summer residence, an apartment or an office. In addition, things such as a casket, cutting board, hanger or frying paddle are considered important items of household utensils. As practice shows, anyone who listens to the wise advice of connoisseurs will be able to make a wooden craft.

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All ingenious is simple

The surrounding world of nature is full of brilliant ideas, which often remain in the shadow of human attention. Yellow sun on a blue sky, rain droplets, snowflakes, flowers. Sometimes people do not notice the amazing beauty under their feet, but only not creative natures.

Crafts made of wood are a great opportunity to prove oneself in practice. There are many ideas for creating original wooden products. Basically they are made of materials:

  • thin and thick cuts;
  • branches;
  • hemp;
  • bark.

It's quite easy to do hand-made articles from wood using a log. It can be asked from those who harvest firewood for the winter, cutting the bullets of the bullets of thick trees. Of course, no one will refuse this creative person. When he falls asleep in the hands of the master, a complete transformation awaits him.

Since the saw is almost always round in shape, it is possible to make various crafts from it.

Sun of precious stones

Nowadays many shops sell different shapes and sizes of decorative glass pebbles. They can be attached to a wooden saw in any order and you will get an original decoration for the garden. In a wooden base, with the help of a drill, make holes to fit the pebbles.They put them in there and the decoration is ready. It is attached to any structure in the garden, whether it be a tree, a gazebo or a bench. When the bright light hits it, the garden will be filled with colorful lights of sunbeams.

To ensure that the thing has served as long as possible, it must be dried first.

Kitchen utensils made of wood

At all times, kitchen accessories made of wood were widely used by experienced housewives. Skillful masters and lovers of doing useful things can make objects out of wood:

  • stand under hot cups or plates;
  • trays;
  • cutting boards;
  • napkin rings.
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To make the stand under hot, thick branches cut into several round spils approximately 5 mm thick. This is done using a saw or a hacksaw. Finished parts are treated with sandpaper. The bark that is at the edges serves as an element of the decor, so it is not removed. But it does not matter. You can remove it with a sharp knife.

If the elements are ready, proceed to gluing. First lay them on an even surface so that they touch each other. Then spread the glue and build a small pyramid in staggered order. Surplus of glue is cleaned with a clean cloth and put the product under pressure so that the parts are well sealed and dried.

The first row of cuts should be built face down, so that the stand looks beautiful.

The photo shows the original crafts made of wood for the kitchen, made by own hands.Each of them differs in size and style, but is filled with love and warmth of the soul of a good master. As you can see, you can even just decorate the saw with a pattern to get a charming stand for hotter.

Funny decorations for giving

A country house is often considered a place of peace and fusion with nature. Therefore, summer residents try to decorate the garden with original items. A wonderful addition to a flower bed can be crafts made of wood for a dacha, made by own hands. They are different in complexity, but some are available for inexperienced masters.

A classic example is a wooden owl. For the craft, you need one large cut, which will become a lush body of the bird. The eyes are made of smaller rods, attaching them to the body with screws. Pupils are isolated with the help of lids.

To get the wings, the medium-sized saw is cut in half. Fasten the parts on both sides of the trunk, pointing them in different directions. The beak is made separately - cut out of logs and attached between the eyes. The ears are made from a piece of burlap. Twist it into a tube and glue it up with an acute angle upwards over the eyes of an owl. Similarly, the second ear is also received. You can plant it on a log house of a small tree, laying it directly on the grass.

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To make a nice owl, some masters use ordinary pieces of bark. At first the material is given a rounded shape, but at the upper corners there should be pointed protrusions. These are ears of a wise bird. The eyes are made of such materials:

  • hats of small acorns;
  • spili thin branches;
  • from sections of dried fruit.

Wings are cut from small pieces of bark, attaching them to the trunk. Such a bird is often hung on trees or shrubs of the garden.

In addition, from small spits and small logs, miniatures are produced. It can be cute birds or bunnies, which are placed in the suburban area.

The original creation is also considered air crafts made of wood. First, a thick sketch of a wooden sketch is drawn. You can use a stencil. Further, the main angles are noted with the help of a drill, and then a pattern is cut out with an electric jigsaw. It turns out an original decoration, which fits perfectly into the backyard.The photo shows various crafts made of wood that please many gardeners:

All crafts must be treated with a special solution and varnished. So they will serve the people for longer.

Children and crafts made of wood

Almost all babies love toys made with their own hands. They master them from paper, fabric, polystyrene and plasticine. Especially prized wooden articles for children, which bring them a lot of joy.

At the country cottage there will certainly be hemp, spili and branches of old trees. And this is an invaluable material for the opportunity to create with your own hands. It turns out that children can dress up hemp in every possible way, creating new images. It's enough to take the old scraps of fabric, wool, twine, cork, glue and your imagination and amazing artifact will appear on the site.

Teenagers, of course, will want to make a more complex toy to surprise parents. Therefore, they need drawings and woodwork schemes. It is they who help to present the future product, and strive for a given goal. It is especially interesting to make toys from cut out shields that overlap each other. As a result, the volume is created and wonderful crafts are produced.

For example, a pretty cow is made from 3 parts of a wooden shield. One is her head, the second shield is the body, and the bangs and the nose are the third. Similarly, the polar bear is also doing.

Depending on the character for the toy, it is desirable to select the color of the wooden structures.

Remarkable wooden crafts are obtained from the base on which the texture of the tree is preserved.If you take several layers of brown and cut out the outline of a wolf outline, you can get a beautiful hand-made article. One layer is the trunk, and already the head and tail are put on it. Simple, beautiful and fast. The same approach is used when creating a pretty duck. For this, the bird is cut from the tree. The number depends on the scheme or sketch of the craft. Then they are layered to make a duck.

If you want to get a three-dimensional toy, it is desirable to impose more layers on each other. The same method produces any convexity on hand-made articles made of wood.

To receive unique crafts for children, they paint with colors. Wise parents do this together with the child, picking up a brush. They dorisovyvayut eyes, facial expressions, the color of the animal, some folds or spots. Such works often decorate the courtyards of suburban areas.

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A great opportunity to show your talent is provided by those wishing to make applique from wood. The main part for work is a solid wooden board.

Do not save and take a glued shield. When grinding, the structure loses strength, and the seams protrude outward. This will ruin the craft.

Before starting to work with a tree, on paper draw a future craft, dividing it into details. Each of them receives his number. Next, the sketch is cut into parts according to the contours marked in the figure. Elements are applied to the board, edged with a pencil and sawed.

The edges of the finished parts are smoothed with carpentry tools. Sharp corners - chisel, then rubbed with sandpaper. If there is a grinding machine, you can use it. After that, all the elements are stained with stain. To obtain different tones, it is applied in several layers. The smaller, the lighter the detail. When all the objects dry, they are gently glued onto the paper.

Diagrams for manufacturing hand-made articles from wood

Original wooden applications are an excellent opportunity to spend time with children. After all, such activities not only unite families, but also develop the creative abilities of the future generation. And the house is filled with many beautiful things.

Crafts for hemp - video

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