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Each owner wants, looking out of the house, to admire his site, whether it's a private house or a cottage. One of the techniques for decorating and introducing diversity to the site is to place in some places interesting outdoor flower vases. They can be flowers, dwarf trees and so on.

Below we will talk about what kind of pots are, where it is better to arrange them, how and from which you can make the container yourself.

What are the flowerpots

Previously, similar containers, tubs and flowerpots were used only for the growth of capricious plants. In them was placed a specialized soil, different in composition from the usual earth in the flowerbed.

Now different and beautiful containers are used for ordinary flowers to diversify common poles and verandas.


Conditionally it is possible to divide street flowerpots for flowers into several categories:

  • in form;
  • by material of manufacture.

As for the form - the containers can be any. There are both standard (round, square, rectangular), and unusual (irregular shape). Here everything is limited only by the imagination of the owner of the house or dacha. Materials can also be chosen in a variety of ways - natural (for example, stumps or logs), concrete, fabric, metal, wood.

Select the material for the flower pot should be guided by the general style of its location.

Each raw material has its pluses and minuses, features of care.


We will discuss in more detail the widespread materials for the manufacture of flower vases for flowers and care for them:

  1. Natural materials.Old stumps or logs can be used to decorate the garden. To ensure that such a vase served for a long time and did not lose its appearance, special treatment should be performed. Here, impregnation from mold, from decay and insects can be useful.
  2. Concrete.A plastic and durable material that allows you to make vases of the most diverse shapes. In additional treatments do not need, you can simply paint for aesthetic appearance.
  3. Fabrics. Special materials that are resistant to natural phenomena are used here.
  4. Metal. I mean beautiful forged pots. It is very important that all the patterns are treated with special paint, otherwise there will be rust and the appearance will be spoiled.
  5. Tree.The bars should be treated with the same impregnation as natural materials, otherwise they will change color in time and become unusable.
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How to choose a place for flowerpots

The location of the pots depends largely on the wishes of the owner of the garden. But still, do not forget that they should be put appropriately and conveniently.

Vases, installed on each side of the porch, will enliven the entrance to the house. It is also good to place them near gazebos or summer kitchens.


If you have a fairly wide blind area, street vases will be appropriate along the wall of the house - flowers will bring a lively note against the backdrop of the stone walls.

Bulky flowerpots are not appropriate in small gardens. Just like the miniature are lost in the open spaces of a large garden.

In addition, it is important to calculate in advance what will grow in the tank. If you do not take into account the "wishes" of the plant, it will die and eventually the vase will be empty.

A permanent place for pots should be chosen carefully. These are quite heavy products, and it is not recommended to disturb the plant once again.

Flowerpots with flowers are good for distinguishing the entrance to the garden zones, buildings. Do not forget about the style - if you have a gazebo made of wood, then the concrete vases do not fit.

We decorate the site with our own hands

It's simpler and quicker to buy ready-made vases in the right style or order a make-up according to your sketch. But it will come out an order of magnitude more expensive than making flowerpots for the dacha with their own hands. This, of course, takes time, energy and imagination, but it's worth it. Let's give some examples.

From concrete

With such a seemingly difficult task, even the fair sex will cope. The simplest concrete pot is made from any kind of fabric, concrete mix and bucket. You can use the remnants of mortar after construction works.

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Place the fabric in a liquid mixture and thoroughly soak. When all the rag soaked in the solution, we take it out and hang it dry on any bucket.

Place the rag as the result should look like an inverted pot.

After cementing the cement, the resulting vase should be removed from the bucket. Now you can start decorating - paint in any or any colors. Here the flight of imagination is not limited.

To make it easier to remove the pot from the bucket, the latter should be pre-lubricated first. Suitable work or any oil.

There is an option more expensive - making with a special form for pots. It will have to be bought. For that result you will be pleased - you will get a beautiful neat vase. And in the manufacture there is nothing difficult - to knead the solution, pour it into the mold and wait for the hardening.

By the way, even forms can be done independently. For this, cardboard and scotch are suitable. Cut out the outer details of the future shape, fasten them with quality strong adhesive tape. Then set the inside (where the earth will fall for the plant) and fill it with the solution.

The most laborious way of manufacturing street concrete flowerpots for flowers is molding. Here you will need a framework and some (at least minimal) modeling skills. For that the shape of the vase does not depend on anything. Work will need to be phased in and the use of additional additives and primers.

As you can see, making flowerpots from cement with your own hands is not difficult.


Not the most difficult, but not such a simple option. To work you will need an old tire with a disc, chalk and a hacksaw.

So, first you need to draw a contour edge of the vase (it's the line of cut) chalk. This is done not in the middle of the tire, but closer to the disk on one side.

For the production of flowerpots suitable not studded tires - they are easier to cut.

After basting, you need to make a cut. Be prepared for the fact that it will not be easy to cut.

When the tire is cut it needs to be turned out. So it turns out the vase will be made of rubber, and the disc will play the role of its leg.

Tubes made of tires, made by own hands, can be covered with a suitable paint or painted.

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A rock

An interesting solution is offered by designers - the production of flowerpots and garden furniture made of mesh and boulders. They look very interesting and unusual, the work does not require special skills, and most importantly, such street flowerpots can be made with their own hands.

To work, you need a special metal mesh, geotextiles and boulders.

We collect from the grid a hollow frame. In the emptiness of the walls we fall asleep stones. In the end we fix to the walls from the inside the geotextile - it will not let the ground seep between the stones and will let in water.

At the bottom it is better to pour the drainage - a layer of sand or expanded clay. Beautiful flower pot for your own flowers ready!

Such a structure can not be moved any more, so one hundred immediately choose for him a permanent place.


Vases for the garden with their own hands can be made of wood. Suitable even pallets left after construction.

You will need:

  • boards;
  • sandpaper or grinder;
  • saw or jigsaw;
  • nails or screws;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • impregnation.

To produce such pots, a few carpentry skills are required. First you need to think about the dimensions of the future product. It is best to do this on paper.

Next, cut the board in size.

In the corners, you can fasten narrow bars or cut locks.

After all the boards have been prepared, it is necessary to treat them with sandpaper and apply a special impregnation. The latter will prevent the rotting of wood in all weather conditions.

When the coating is dry, it is possible to fasten the parts. In the end, it remains only to decorate the resulting vases.


We have described the most affordable and popular manufacturing options. Also as street pots for flowers, barrels, an old wheelbarrow, a bicycle with a basket, a few old pots, a prepared stump and so on will suit. In fact, fantasy is where to clear up.

You can also diversify and decorate the garden without large investments. It is enough to find time and let your imagination run wild. Finally, look at the photo of street forged flowerpots for flowers - they are very inspiring:

Original street flowerpots for flowers by own hands - video

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