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The preparation for the improvement of plant growth Energen is made from brown coal. Therefore, it belongs to natural stimulants of growth. It consists of natural salts of silicic, humic acids, sulfur, macro elements. Energy is ecologically clean and very economical, practically has no contra-indications in use. It can be used together with other fertilizers and pesticides. The drug positively affects plants, increases their resistance to unfavorable factors (frost, excessive drying of the soil, pests, diseases).

Energy is characterized by the following qualities:

  • rapid germination of seeds;
  • successful transplant survival of seedlings;
  • improvement of crop quality;
  • increase in yield by approximately 40%;
  • Reduction of the maturation of crops for about 10 days;
  • decrease in the content of nitrates in fruits;
  • increasing the concentration of vitamins and nutrients.

The drug can be successfully used for all types of crops, from spraying them with early spring dill sprouts and ending with spraying apples, cherries, pears and other fruit plants. It can be used as a fertilizer. If even a small amount of the drug gets into the ground, humus begins to be actively produced, which is simply necessary for the good and rapid development and maturation of plants. Soaking seeds in the preparation energy before planting contributes to their rapid and almost 100% germination, and also provides an incentive for further development.

Successfully used energy for indoor plants. It helps fight fungal diseases, raises the immune system and improves the condition of those who are unwell. plants, promotes good indoor planting flowers when transplanting, helps to better survive the winter period.

Use of Energener for seedlings

Energene for seedlings is used as a natural metabolism (metabolism in plant cells). It promotes the intensity of plant development and increases its stability throughout the life cycle. The use of energy for seedlings implies a variety of its effects on seeds, soil, water, seedlings. Thanks to this versatility, the growth stimulant is used to:

  • activate a large number of soil microorganisms, contributing to the rapid formation of humus;
  • improve the chemical properties of moisture in the soil;
  • improve soil properties, improve its structure;
  • reduce the acidity of the earth, increasing the nutritional value of the soil;
  • prevent the ingress of salts, heavy metals, radionuclides and other harmful substances into plant cells;
  • to increase the supply of soil from the soil to the plant cells with the necessary nutrients that promote intensive growth;
  • to reduce the ingress of pesticide residues into the plant;
  • increase the yield of cereals, vegetables, fruit crops by an average of 30-40%;
  • shorten the period of growth and maturation of the plant for about 10-12 days.

You can start spraying seedlings with the appearance of the first leaves. The second spraying is carried out after 12-14 days.

The use of Energena in the process of growing plant seeds, favorably affects it at the genetic level, thus transferring the chain to the following reproductions.

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How to use the growth stimulant can be considered in more detail.

How to use the growth stimulator Energen

Depending on the purpose of Energene is of two types:

  1. liquid;
  2. in capsules.
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A liquid growth promoter is best used to soak seeds to improve their germination, and also as fertilizers during the period of plant watering. From the type of the plant itself, it depends completely on which dosage should be used to treat the seeds and plants.


The proportions and dosages of Energena to the amount of water and the area of ​​the land plot on which the seedlings are planted are as follows:

  • increase the growth and development of vegetable seedlings can be done by using a solution of three liters of water and five milliliters of Energena for seedling (approximately one teaspoon). This solution should be sufficient for an area of ​​up to one hundred square meters;
  • to ensure a high growth of the plant, it is necessary before planting to process bulbs, tubers or roots. To do this, use a more concentrated solution - in about half a liter of water you need to pour ten milliliters of growth stimulant;
  • for seeds of plants that have a weight of up to ten grams, there is a concentration of Energena in water - nine drops of growth stimulant should be stirred in fifty milliliters of water.
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Fertilizing Energene for plants in capsules is often used for watering plant seedlings. Both useful and decorative. In addition to watering, gardeners and truck farmers also use methods of spraying and sprinkling of bases and leaves. All the contents of the capsule are poured into the water and mixed (this facilitates rapid dissolution of the crystals). The dosage of the growth stimulant in the capsules is completely dependent on the type of work with the plants.

In the instructions of Energena - there are recommendations for diluting the contents of one capsule in one liter of water. To carry out spraying of vegetables or flowers, the solution will last for an area of ​​about 35-40 m2. If you want to sprout seedlings, then this solution is enough for an area of ​​2-3 m square.

To achieve high performance, spray plants should be at least 5-6 times a season, depending on the stages of their development:

  • before flowering;
  • period after flowering;
  • the formation of the first ovaries;
  • period of intensive development of fruits.

The contents of the capsule are also used in dry form. It can be added to the compost, and sprinkled directly on the area prepared for planting.

Energener is a natural, environmentally friendly and very effective remedy. It belongs to the natural preparations of the new generation, is marked by the highest quality among similar means. Adhering to all the rules for its use, you can easily achieve the desired result in the garden and garden business.

Feeding of cucumbers with liquid Energene (video)

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