If the leaves of the rose have black spots, what should I do?

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The process of growing roses is impossible without obstacles. The most frequent disease of the plant is spotting. The disease is very dangerous for the flower, as it leads to its death. When there is a patchiness on roses, you should immediately start fighting with it.

How to avoid spotting on roses?

Black spots on roses not only spoil the aesthetic appearance of the flower, but also bring a lot of damage to the plant. Gradually, the disease spreads throughout the bush and is able to hit the nearest. The disease is treacherous and difficult to cure. The best remedy is to prevent black patches on roses.

How to prevent the appearance of the disease:

  • regularly carry out correct pruning of plant stems, as "haircut" increases the resistance of roses;
  • remove damaged leaves, buds, flower stems and necessarily burn them at a site away from the bush;
  • permanent weeding of the root area;
  • During the rainy season it is beneficial to sprinkle the soil around the bush with ashes;
  • treatment of plants with special means of protection for roses;
  • spraying bushes infusion of mullein or horsetail;
  • the correct selection of the site for planting roses: do not land on darkened and thickened areas;
  • frequent treatment of tools with disinfectants.
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It is also important to know that there are varieties of roses that are more resistant to black patches. Some, on the contrary, are predisposed to it genetically. Therefore, when purchasing planting material, this must be taken into account.

How and what to treat stains on the leaves of a rose?

Currently, in specialized stores a huge selection of drugs that can cure spotting. The main thing is to buy not one tool, but several.

Special preparations should contain:

  • triazole;
  • mancozeb.

They will need to be used alternately, for the effectiveness of the action. The first seven days spray rose bushes with drugs, which include mancozeb. For example: "Gold" or "Profit". After a week, start using products containing triazole, such as "Topaz" or "Skor".

To process bushes it is necessary in the evening time, that there was no presence of dew. Before disinfection it is necessary to water the plant under the root system. After the disappearance of spots on the leaves of the rose, you should carefully inspect the flower. With repeated symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to remove the damaged parts of the plant and burn them.


Prophylactic drugs

On the leaves of the rose, black spots begin to appear only at the end of summer, and the damage to the plant occurs at the beginning. Often, the disease attacks the flower, if it is weakened or does not receive the right dose of nutrients. Therefore it is important to fertilize roses.

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How to determine the black spot:

  1. First, the plant stops growing;
  2. Secondly, dark spots appear on the green (like pads);
  3. thirdly, yellow is visible around the leaves.

Some experienced gardeners use environmentally friendly methods to fight the disease. The site where roses are grown is surrounded by garlic plantings. This vegetable has the property to prevent fungal diseases (black spot refers to the genus of the fungus Marssonina rosae).

Also, for the prevention, you can spray the bushes with decoctions of garlic or tobacco. Infusions do not cause addiction in the causative agent of the infection and do not harm the plant.

Proper care

It is very important to regularly cut roses. This process will strengthen the immune system of the plant to fungal diseases, which include black spotting.

Also, if there are black spots on the leaves of the rose, it is worth cutting off shoots at the level of 2-3 kidneys from the base. Then spray the bushes with chemical means ("copper oxychloride "Vectra "Cumulus").

All weak, old and dry branches are best removed, because they will be the target of the defeat black spotting.

In autumn and spring it is necessary to conduct processing of stems with copper sulfate and Bordeaux liquid.

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All damaged leaves dry quickly, then fall off. They must be collected and burned. Otherwise, the fungus overwinter, and in the spring it will spread to healthy rose bushes.

During the growing season, the plant needs free access to fresh air, do not put other crops too close. Do not allow a prolonged exposure to moisture on the leaves of roses. To do this, cut off shoots and weed. The adjoining territory is better to dig regularly, into the soil to make a fungicide (disinfectant).

The spread of the disease is facilitated by temperature changes and high humidity. But not only environmental conditions can lead to the defeat of the rose by black spotting, as well as improper agricultural techniques. Therefore, before you grow these flowers, you need to ask how to properly care for them.

Black spotting on roses (video)

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