An artificial greenhouse made in China

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Each summer resident understands how important it is to have a greenhouse at the dacha. Greenhouses are used to grow fragile in the stage of initial development of sprouts, which with ease break from the slightest blow of the wind or fade from the cold after sunset, because they require careful care. Buying seedlings, of course, is easier, but who will give a 100% guarantee that the goods you buy are of the proper quality? Having your own hotbed, you can avoid many problems, besides, if it is compact and very easy to use. On the website of Chinese goods "Aliexpress" there are quite a few greenhouses, and here is one of them: a greenhouse on the type of a tunnel - PALISAD 63915. It will cost you , 40 rubles, free delivery to the Russian Federation.

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Characteristics of the greenhouse:

  • the film material is polyethylene;
  • the size of the greenhouse - 60 * 400 * 50cm;
  • weight of the greenhouse 2kg;
  • the carcass material is steel.
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The greenhouse can have a length of three to five meters, depending on the model. The coating is sewed with steel arcs, which must be stuck into the ground after the planting of the seedlings. Judging by the total weight of the greenhouse - 1 320 grams, for a more stable position and protection from the wind, it will be necessary to put Heavy stones or bricks on the edges of the film so that the greenhouse does not crumble or fly away from a strong gust of wind in the event weather. According to the seller, there is a guarantee for this tent - 3 years, but here the guarantee cases are not described. Also, the seller indicated on the site that the arrival of the goods is carried out earlier than the deadline, but not on the days of the shares.

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On the website of the "OBI" hypermarket there are similar greenhouses, for example:The greenhouse, in principle, is the same, and its price is 699 rubles exactly, but without taking into account the delivery - it will have to be paid for separately. The greenhouse tunnel is easy and convenient to use, and when assembling it is unlikely to have to resort to reading the instructions.

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Characteristics of the greenhouse:

  • Dimensions - 5 *, 5 *, 8 m;
  • frame - PVC;
  • connectors of the frame - PVC;
  • pegs for fixing the film - PVC;
  • Weight, kg.

It is important to know that the main thing for a greenhouse is the strength of the film. Unfortunately, the site of Chinese goods is not the most successful model of the hotbed - the film breaks with gusts of strong winds and even claws sitting on the greenhouse birds. Therefore, the best solution is to purchase a greenhouse in the hypermarket of garden products or in the construction market, where you can personally see the strength of the polyethylene supplied with the supports.

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