How and when to plant mint on seedlings?

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Spice lovers always have at least a few fragrant mint bunches on their site. This herb is universal, because it can be used not only for making tea or adding to dishes to give them an original taste. Mint is also widely used for the treatment of various diseases, especially those associated with nervous disorders.

For beginners who are just planning to grow mint, it will be useful to learn how to sow seeds correctly to get strong healthy seedlings.

Of all the varieties the most medicinal is peppermint Kuban - a small compact bush not more than 45 cm tall.

What kind of soil can I use?

Mint is very fond of loose nutrient soil. Ready-made substrates for growing vegetable seedlings are also suitable for spicy grass. If there is a possibility and desire, the soil can be made independently, mixed in equal parts:

  • humus;
  • ordinary land from the garden;
  • peat;
  • sand.
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For the purpose of disinfection, it is better to calcinate the soil mixture in the oven.

If the soil has a higher lime content, the mint flavor will become weaker.

How to sow seeds correctly?

It is very convenient to sow seeds in transparent plastic containers with a lid. It turns out a kind of greenhouse, which automatically maintains the level of humidity and temperature necessary for germination of seeds. In addition, it is so clearly visible in what condition the shoots.

In order not to open the lid, small openings can be made in the container for ventilation.

Sowing seeds should necessarily be in moist soil. To do this, make a shallow (no more than 5 mm) grooves and gently lay the seeds in them. From above only a little bit of earth. As the seeds of peppermint are small, it is advisable to use an atomizer for irrigation, otherwise they will be tightened in depth by a stream of water and gentle sprouts will simply not be able to break up. Container with seeded seeds should be placed on a well-lit window sill in a warm room.

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Seed care

When the seeds proklyutsya (weeks through 2-3), you can remove the lid. Ensure good seedling seedlings, otherwise it will quickly stretch. If there is not enough natural light, the seedlings need to be lightened with special lamps.


Mint is very fond of moisture, therefore, in addition to regular watering, seedlings need to be sprayed periodically, especially in winter, when running heating batteries dry the air in the room.

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Adult seedlings can be transplanted into separate pots or in spring planted in an open ground to a permanent place.

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