Electrical rodent and insect repeller made in China


During the summer season, various rodents or insects can bring a lot of inconvenience to a person. In this regard, the summer resident is always looking for a means to deal with these pests. Variants can be mass:

  • various chalks;
  • stickers;
  • poison;
  • ultrasound;
  • traps.

The site of Chinese goods "Aliexpress" offers to buy a repeller of rodents and insects "Riddex acting on the basis of electromagnetic radiation at a frequency that causes fear and discomfort in rodents and insects, but does not affect the hearing organs and view of a person.

On the website of Chinese goods, the electromagnetic repeller "Riddex" costs 164 rubles and 38 kopecks, but delivery will not be free, and will cost 48 rubles 62 kopecks.

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So, the properties, characteristics and terms of purchase of the proposed product:

  • the total cost of 213 rubles;
  • delivery within 60 days;
  • operation of the device from the network;
  • weight of the device is 90 grams;
  • size 6 * 10 centimeters;
  • The device is environmentally friendly and safe for human health;
  • the created electromagnetic field frightens off insects and rodents from your dacha, and does not kill them;
  • working time: more than 20 days.

Electronic repeller is delivered from China without a box, it is simply packed in air-bubble wrap. About the time of the electromagnetic field, the seller does not give any information. Because it is unclear whether it is worth keeping the device on all the time, or you can turn it off for a while.

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Analogues that are sold by Russian sellers are much more expensive. For example, one of the sites offers exactly the same device for 790 rubles.

Externally, the devices are similar as two drops of water, but the seller in Russia gives a more detailed description of the work:

  • Repeller "Riddex" works from the network, and consumes a small amount of energy;
  • relieves rodents for 3-4 weeks;
  • relieves insects for 5-6 weeks;
  • operates in a radius of 90-200 m2.
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Delivered on the territory of Russia without prepayment. If you do not use the self-trucking service, which is only possible in Moscow and St. Petersburg, you will have to pay for delivery by mail depending on the region.

In fact, it is the same device, its characteristics are described in more detail, but is it worth paying a four-fold price for detailed information? Probably not. This is the very case when ordering a device from China is much more profitable than buying it in Russia.


Description of the repeller "Riddex

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