Grill mats and ovens made in China

It is impossible to imagine the opening of the dacha season without first beds, spring-cleaning and, of course, a juicy kebab on the grill. Each cook has a special recipe for the marinade and the secret of cooking meat, but in the pursuit of healthy eating, many of us are ready to reconsider our taste preferences.

In recent years, you can find a new product in domestic online stores - a set of two non-stick mats designed for oven and grill. Depending on the manufacturer, there are special mats for cooking food made from silicone or Teflon cloth.

It is no secret that after grilling on the grill, it is most difficult to wash the grate with dried juice of meat and vegetables. When using a special rug, such a problem no longer occurs - cleaning and drying take a few minutes.

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People who like healthy food are attracted to the idea of ​​cooking without oil, because the food turns out to be appetizing and healthy without outside tastes or smells. According to the manufacturer, the grill mat withstands temperatures up to 280 degrees, in an oven - a maximum of 180 degrees. The rug for the oven is used together with the baking mold for confectionery, as well as for drying crackers and mushrooms.

Prices in stores in Russia and Ukraine depend on the material - on average, from 600 to 1000 rubles for a set of non-stick mats. On the AliExpress site, grills and ovens have long been one of the most popular products. The cost of products from teflon fibers is about 200 rubles.

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The mat of light beige color is designed for the oven, and the black mat is indispensable for cooking kebabs and healthy vegetable garnish on the grill. According to the description, the products are corrosion resistant and non-toxic. When cooking on a grill mat, you should not use the mat on an open flame.

Buyers actively share their impressions after using non-stick mats. Reviews confirm the "magic" properties of products - vegetables, meat and fish, cooked without oil, are very juicy and healthy.

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Unfortunately, not everyone was satisfied with the appearance of the grill mats. Some buyers compare the material with dense polyethylene, which is very wrinkled during transport. In the reviews there are several photos of mats with holes - if the temperature is not observed, the integrity of the products may indeed be broken.

Note that mats for 1000 rubles in domestic online stores are also produced in China. For this reason, the purchase of anti-rag mats should be done independently on AliExpress.

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