Food waste disposer with Aliexpress

One of the main problems in the kitchen is the clogging of pipes with various wastes. After all, during cooking, waste products constantly fall into the drain, because of which the pipes quickly become clogged. To avoid this, you constantly have to throw the garbage in a separate bowl or keep on hand a special tool for cleaning pipes.

However, manufacturers have long solved this problem. After all, the market is in great demand shredder food waste. This device is built right into the sink. You no longer have to thoroughly clean the plates of the remnants of food before you put it in the sink. There will be no unpleasant smells and heavy garbage bags.

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Food waste shredder is installed in the sink and attached to the sink. When food remains in the sink, you just need to turn on the water. The chopper will do everything by itself. When it gets into the waste, it is instantly crushed to such a size that it can safely pass through the pipes without clogging them.

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Of course, the shredder cannot handle all the waste. You should not throw large bones, shells from mollusks, large watermelon crusts and non-food wastes into the sink.

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The advantages of waste shredder:

  1. Simplicity. It is enough to install the chopper in the sink, everything else he will own.
  2. Speed. This device shreds waste in a few seconds.
  3. Clean. More in the kitchen will not be unpleasant odors.

By purchasing a waste shredder, you can forget about food debris, clogged pipes and unpleasant odors in the kitchen for a long time. But at what price does this device cost? In the online stores of the CIS countries food waste shredder costs 13,950 rubles. A reasonable price for such a mechanism.

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And at Aliexpress this same device costs 12,970 rubles. The price from the Chinese manufacturer is almost 1000 rubles less than the amount for which the product is sold in the CIS countries.

Characteristics of the Chinese food waste chopper:

  • material - stainless steel;
  • weight - 7.5 kg;
  • chamber volume - 1200 ml.

Thus, a waste shredder is worth buying from a Chinese manufacturer. After all, domestic goods are completely indistinguishable from Chinese.

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