Let in your garden there will be a lavender, grown from seeds

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A plant such as lavender, growing out of seeds at home which usually does not cause difficulties, is popular among housewives. This kind of flower has not only a beautiful appearance, but also many useful properties that can cure a number of diseases.

Description of lavender

This is one of the most famous plants, which is in great demand all over the world. The birthplace of lavender is the Mediterranean coast, but despite this, it is developing well at home. The flower refers to a group of perennial, evergreen plants. It is represented as a half-shrub with numerous shoots. In nature, lavender can grow up to 60 centimeters high.

Useful properties of the plant:

  • restores the work of the nervous system;
  • normalizes sleep;
  • is a good tool for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases;
  • improves the digestive tract;
  • has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties;
  • relieves muscle fatigue;
  • improves the joints;
  • restores the natural color of the skin;
  • helps to improve the condition of the hair.

Lack of light can lead to the extension of seedlings, which will negatively affect their further development. Therefore, in cloudy weather, it is recommended to install a lamp near the pot.

Learn lavender among many other types of plants is not difficult. This can be done on leaves, buds and smell. The plates have a greyish-silver hue. Flowers are small in lavender. They can be either blue or purple. All are collected in spicate inflorescences.

A distinctive feature of this plant is its rich flavor. A strong smell of lavender can scare off insects. Therefore, it is often grown near private houses and in the country.

The flowering of this unique plant can be observed in the summer. There are several kinds of lavender, but only one of them perfectly tolerates frosts. To grow a winter-hardy variety, you should remember that you can do this with the help of cuttings and grains. Particularly popular is the second option. It is this method that is easy to grow rare varieties that are difficult to acquire in the form of seedlings.

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How to grow lavender at home?

Settle at home or on the site of fragrant and incredibly beautiful flowers is not difficult. Before growing lavender from the seeds, you should properly prepare them. Buy grain is best in a specialized store. In order for them to ascend well, special attention must be paid to the time of their collection. It is best to buy the seeds of the previous year.

Growing lavender at home should begin with the stratification of seeds. This procedure is necessary in order to increase the germination of seeds several times. Preparation should begin from winter or even from the end of autumn. To do this, you need to take wet sand and connect it with the seeds.The mixture is moved to a small container and placed in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. Keep in this state for two months. The longer they stay in the cold, the better. This will positively affect the rate of their germination and the rate of development of seedlings.

After this time, you can begin seeding the seeds. Substrate for lavender you need to choose a nutritious. It can both be bought in the store, and cook yourself.

To do this, you need to connect:

  • part of sand (better than river);
  • two parts of humus;
  • three pieces of garden land.

Before planting lavender seeds at home, the resulting substrate must be well sieved. It should not have debris and large lumps. If this is not done, then small grains may simply not ascend.

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It is also necessary to disinfect the soil. To do this, the substrate should be carefully spilled with a solution of potassium permanganate or steamed.

To sow the seeds of lavender on seedlings it is necessary in a container with good drainage. This is necessary in order to prevent rotting of the root system. After the pebbles or the broken brick are laid, it is possible to pour the substrate. The seeds should be placed evenly and sparingly. Top with a thin layer of sand and pour all with warm water.


For rapid germination of grains, the container should be covered with glass or polyethylene.

The first shoots will appear in 25 days. If after a month the seeds do not germinate, then the vessel should be placed on a cold place for 21 days. This time will be enough to show on the surface shoots. After the appearance of the seedlings, put the pot on the window.

To young plants do not get stress from the unusual temperature, immediately remove the mini-greenhouse is not worth it. Do this gradually.

Once the seedlings begin to grow rapidly in the room, you can begin to transplant it into separate pots.The procedure must be carried out with extreme care, since the root system of lavender is very tender and fragile. First time watering should be spent every day, little by little. The liquid must be used only well-kept, and preferably boiled.

Care of the plant in the flowerpot

To grow a beautiful lavender from seeds at home, you must adhere to some rules. Observance of the recommendations will help to achieve the desired result.

Place for growing. This type of plant prefers good lighting. Therefore, vases with lavender should be kept on the western and eastern windows. For the bush to be healthy and abundantly flowering, it should be illuminated from 8 to 10 hours a day. If in the summer period these indicators are not difficult to observe, then in winter everything is the opposite.

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In the warm season vases with lavender can be put on the terrace, loggia or in the garden. To accustom plants to new conditions it is necessary gradually. In the first days, the pot on the street should not be more than two hours.

Air humidity. The flower is not very demanding to these indicators, but still it is not worth experimenting with. The room in which grows lavender, it is necessary to air daily. In winter, when the heating system works in the house, keep the vault away from batteries and other appliances. If this is not possible, then the bush should be sprinkled daily with standing water.

Irrigation. Lavender is the plant that loves moist soil. Irrigate the flower with a liquid of room temperature. At the same time, water should be well-kept.

In the summer months, watering is done once a day, and in winter - once every three days. But in order not to harm the bush, it is necessary to check the condition of the top layer of the soil before each procedure. If it is not dry, then watering should be postponed.

Top dressing. Lavender, like most plants, needs fertilizer. Young bushes should be fed for 10 days with complex preparations.Do this every seven days. It is also necessary to make the mixture during the flowering period.

To lavender was pleased with long flowering, it is recommended to use nitrogen preparations.

When growing a flower, you need to make sure that you have enough light. Otherwise, the bush will begin to discard the leaves.

Knowing how to plant lavender seeds at home, you can grow a beautiful and healthy plant. If everything is right to do, the bush will be fluffy, and the flowering is abundant and colorful.

Video about the intricacies of growing lavender

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