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Carrots are a frost-resistant crop that easily tolerates small frosts. But to achieve even large root crops is extremely difficult, if:

  • at the beginning of the growing season, the carrot lacks moisture;
  • from the second half of the growing season, on the contrary, gets excessive watering;
  • the soil on the site has an acid reaction;
  • The soil is not well processed, contains foreign inclusions and clods.

How to grow a large carrot, if the suburban area is located in a marshy area or the soil under the garden is rocky?

Mitlajder's method can become a good help both in this situation, and in the case of poor acidic soils.

The arrangement of beds for carrots on Mitlider

Agrotechnics of carrot cultivation by this method differs little from cultivation of other vegetable crops, but some features still exist.

  • When preparing the beds for sowing carrots, the area is carefully leveled and rolled under the carrot for at least 30 cm, paying special attention to the removal of stones and rhizomes.
  • Then the site is divided into strips of 45 cm, providing between the future beds passages from 75 to 105 cm wide.
  • Mittlajder offers to equip beds in length from 3 to 18 meters. But the optimal size in the suburban area is, meter.
  • In order that each plant could receive a maximum of light, the American plant breeder recommends placing strictly from the east to the west.
  • In this case, tall crops, for example, cucumbers or tomatoes, should not obscure the lower tops of carrots or beets. Therefore, by planning the sowing of carrots along Mitlajderu, low-growing crops are placed south of tall plants.
  • When the plantings are planned, they begin to organize the ridges themselves, which, according to the theory of Mitlider, are limited to bumps with a height of 8-10 cm.
  • If such beads are made of soil, their width should not exceed 5 cm, the ground between them is leveled and prepared for sowing.
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Carrot on Mitlajderu in containers

The practice of Russian summer residents has shown that it is much more convenient to make a strong artificial fence of Slate, DSP or boards, and also to raise beds not by 10 cm, as advised by Mitlajder, but significantly higher. For carrots, the purpose of growing which is obtaining large roots, the height of such boxes without a bottom should be at least 20 cm.

The tanks installed on a flat, no-weed section are filled with a light, loose soil mixture. Mittlajder offers in the simplest case to use sawdust and sand in a parity: or to fill boxes with the fertilized ground. The scheme of planting carrots on Mitlajderu in this case is saved. When the harvest is removed, before the next season, the soil is only replenished.

This approach seriously saves time for maintenance of plantings, reduces the consumption of fertilizers and irrigation water. The basic labor costs fall on the first year, when the garden is only organized.

Features of sowing and fertilizing carrots

On well-leveled beds of 45 cm width, carrots are sown in two rows.

And the swollen seeds to facilitate work can be mixed with sand or sawdust, and then sow in shallow furrows along the sides. Since the depth of planting of carrots is low, the seeds can be eroded and watered into the soil during irrigation. To prevent this from happening, the ground surface is covered with sackcloth or loose non-woven material.

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At an early sowing a narrow ridge with high sides of slate or strong boxes is easy to hide, using:

  • semicircular arcs of 150 cm in length from steel wire;
  • covering material or a film with a width of 120 cm.

Taking advantage of the high narrow ridges, the early harvest of carrots can be obtained not only in the middle band, but also much further north.

Selection of varieties of carrots for narrow ridges

For cultivation according to the method of Mitlajdera, numerous varieties with a medium-length root crop are suitable. Among them is the carrot of Nantes, in the photo of which a smooth rounded root of 20 cm long is clearly visible. Such carrots not only have high taste qualities, but also yield high yields.

Good results are given by "Beauty of Autumn". One of the most popular varieties of carrots - carrots "Losinoostrovskaya 13 according to reviews, also deserves the attention of truck farmers who are studying the possibilities of the method Mitlajdera in the cultivation of this crop.

With a high bed length, a meter with sufficient watering and top dressing can get up to 40 kg of quality root crops.

Features of carrot feeding on Mitlajderu

After a week, the crops begin to fertilize. The amount of fertilizing depends on the specific garden crop. For carrots for the entire period of vegetation, 4 or 5 fertilizer applications.

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Traditionally, truck farmers who adhere to this method use two types of fertilizers.

  • The composition of the first mixture includes: nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesium, molybdenum and potassium. On the meter of the ridge for a weekly fertilizer use 60 grams of fertilizer. For acidic soils, lime is added to the mixture, and calcium sulfate is admixed for alkaline soils.
  • As a second mixture used before sowing, you can use the complex fertilizer ROST-2. If the site is dominated by light soils with a high content of sand and sandy loam, a meter of the bed will require 100 grams of this fertilizer. For dense, heavy soils, fertilizer consumption must be doubled.

Serious emphasis in his technique, Jacob Mitlajder made regular application of large quantities of mineral fertilizers. Russian truck farmers who asked the question: "How to grow a large carrot? During the study of the American experience came to conclusion that the thoughtless use of chemicals and all kinds of additives adversely affects both the taste of carrots, and the timing of its storage.

Therefore, mineral fertilizing is sometimes replaced by organic fertilizers, and infusions are infused with green grass, compost, manure, ash and humus. Good results are obtained by applying potassium humate during the first feeding. For example, carrots "Losinoostrovskaya 13"on responses to such withdrawal responds with a solid addition to the crop.

Assistance in the care of planting are the weeds appearing in the interrow-spacing. After mowing, green waste goes to mulch.

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