Why plants need light


Artificial lighting is needed for all plants with a short light day in the winter. With increasing daylight, the growth of seedlings is greatly accelerated. At the initial stage of growth, it is necessary to provide a 15 hour light day.

Such a length of daylight will be enough for seedlings of decorative flowers. In order to make artificial lighting on the windowsill, you can use fluorescent lights, but it is better to install infrared lamps.

Infrared lamps and diode illumination

Infrared lamps emit a lot of heat, but glow red. Red light rays are necessary for seedlings at the stage of active growth, when the plant forms leaves.

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In order to accelerate the growth of seedlings in the seedling stage, place a daylight lamp and blue diodes on the windowsill.

Blue diodes stimulate the formation of chlorophyll and plant fiber, which is necessary for the formation of new leaves and regulation of stem growth.

It is noticed that the plants illuminated by blue and red diodes develop much faster than the seedlings, highlighted by an ordinary fluorescent lamp.

How to increase the illumination of a window sill

In order to increase the performance of the fluorescent lamp, it is necessary to place a reflective surface on the windowsill, for example, a polyurethane insulation or foil. The installation of a reflective surface has a number of advantages:

  1. Such a surface reflects not only the light from the lamp, but also the sunlight, which consists of the entire spectrum of light waves. Thanks to this, plants, which receive reflected light, develop faster.
  2. Thanks to the reflective surface, light covers a large area, so the maximum number of plants is illuminated.
  3. In addition, the foil takes away the heat from the lamp. Due to this, it is possible to raise the soil temperature in the cassettes by 3-5 ° C. In the warmed soil, the root system of the seedling develops faster.
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In order to install the foil on top of the plants, use a bookcase holder. He is screwed on the hardware to the wall. Install the cardboard and foil on the mount. This structure is screwed to the bracket.


Plants should receive additional illumination at the same time, so a timer is connected to the lamp, which will turn it on and off automatically.

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