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In different regions of Russia, the process of planting carrots begins at different times: from early April to late May, which is due to the difference in climatic conditions. It is important to plant roots in time to harvest a good harvest. About the timing of planting carrots in the suburbs, the secrets of seeding and care read in this article.

To get an early crop of carrots, which is simply necessary for preparation of various conservation for the winter, it is better to sow it in the 20-th of April. The bed will need to be covered with a film, because in the Moscow region at this time there is a drop in temperature.

In the event that you want to grow root crops for winter storage, the planting should be done in the second decade of June. At this time, air and soil are already quite warm.

Best grades

After determining the time of planting carrots, you need to pick the right variety. Experienced summer residents grow on the Moscow region only a few varieties of carrots. They are well tolerated local climate, have a beautiful color, characteristic appearance and have wonderful taste qualities.

  1. Nantes 4choose because of good germination and fertility. The root crop looks like an even narrow cylinder. Large specimens can reach a length of up to 15 cm. It is kept in the winter not for long, therefore it is more suitable for summer preparations and salads.
  2. Great for planting carrot in Moscow regionof the sort the Incomparable. The mid-ripening root crop contains a large amount of vitamin C and carotene. Drinking fresh increases the immunity and improves well-being.
  3. Frost resistant grade Queen of autumnDo not be afraid of landing in mid-April. Thanks to which the fruits can be harvested at the end of July. Bright color, excellent aroma and taste of the vegetable justify the name of the variety.
  4. If you want to eat fresh carrots in winter, choosevariety. Providing proper care for carrots, you will get elastic roots.
  5. The greatest number of vitamins is famousvariety Vitamin 6. It produces excellent juice and delicious salads, useful for health. Vitamin is rich in minerals, vitamin K and C. Despite its juiciness, this variety is perfectly preserved throughout the winter.

Beauties on the note: fresh carrot juice has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face, improves skin color and increases elasticity.

Choice of a place for a garden bed

After the variety and the time of planting are selected, it is necessary to determine the place for the bed. If you do not know how to properly plant carrots in the spring, use the advice of experienced truck farmers.

  • It is best to break the bed in a well-lit place. If you plant seeds in the shade, the result will be unimportant.
  • You can not plant carrots in the same place every year. The soil is eventually depleted. Well, if tomatoes or cucumbers, cabbage or potatoes grow in the selected place to carrots.
  • At the place where parsley was planted, parsnip, dill or celery to collect a large crop will not work either. It is better not to take chances.

Having chosen a place for a bed, it is necessary to dig it well and loosen the ground. The introduction of special fertilizers into the soil will be superfluous, and will help prepare a nutrient substrate. Before planting in the ground, grooves are made, 2 cm deep and watered with water.

Preparation and sowing of seeds

Yes, the seeds must be properly prepared for planting. Do not let this process surprise you. This is a very useful procedure, since it will help to separate the waste seeds from good ones. You need to put the seeds in a container and pour hot water for 10-12 hours. Soothers will float to the surface, and the material will remain at the bottom.

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To properly plant carrots in the spring, you need to put the seeds in prepared and moistened grooves one at a distance of 2 - 3 cm. Such a rare arrangement will make it impossible to carry out the thinning procedure in the future.

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Care of the beds

How to care for a carrot so that it grows beautiful, sweet and supple? What secrets do you need to know? The main secret is three P: watering, weeding, feeding. If these conditions are met in the right order, success is assured.

  1. Watering.Carrots love water. Therefore, watering the bed is necessary regularly. In this case, once a week you need to fill the bed so that the soil layer soaked in the depth of root growth. Between watering the soil needs to be loosened to enrich it with air. Such a method will provide a beautiful appearance to plants.
  2. Weeding.The process is the timely removal of weeds. As soon as the seeds sprouted and slightly strengthened - proceed to remove the grass. The first weeding should be done very gently by hand, so as not to wrest the carrot sprouts.
  3. Top dressing.You can fertilize the soil before planting seeds. If you did not do this, it is better to carry out fertilizing a month after sowing. For these purposes, one of the proposed options is suitable: an infusion of wood ash (2 cups per bucket of water), dilute nitrophorus, a mixture of urea, nitrate and superphosphate for 15-20 g.
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