What to put next to the carrots?

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A special device of nature always surprised a person. So in it it is arranged that nearby growing plants help each other or, on the contrary, begin "struggle" for a place in the sun. If you are seriously convinced that the danger to the garden is hidden only in weeds, then you are mistaken! Located next to the beds with incompatible crops, can cause bad mood gardener.

So, what not to put close to each other? For example, it is not recommended to grow cucumbers next to a salad, as these vegetables can not live in harmony with many herbs, including aromatic herbs. The exception is not fennel. As you can see, there are many nuances and subtleties in this matter. With them, we will try to understand this article, when we give an answer to the question - what to plant next to the carrot?

Carrots are a vegetable, which is always necessary for every hostess! All year they add it to all kinds of dishes, both hot and raw. Especially tasty salads with the addition of carrots. What neighborhood with carrots will be most favorable?

Onions and carrots

Onions and carrots are "eternal" roommates. Of course, you have already heard a lot of stories about carrot flies, which this root crop liked no less than people. If you plant carrots and onions in the same garden, then this pest can be driven away. The reason is that such flies do not tolerate the aroma of onions. The use of a nearby onion is also in the fact that it does not give root mites to damage carrots.

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As they say, carrots do not remain in debt. She protects the onion from the onion fly and moth. It should be noted that this root crop is an excellent roommate for all varieties of onions, and even for garlic.

There are separate methods for sowing onions and carrots. The essence of one of these methods is that it is necessary to scatter the seeds of onions in a garden for fourteen days before the beginning of the sowing of carrots. Sprinkle the seeds of onions not immediately, but after the carrots are sown. This is not only convenient for gardener - he does not have to do one job several times, but also useful, because the crops will be sown in a convenient time for them.

In another way, if you decide to plant carrots next to the onion-seedling (how to plant the onion onions in the open ground). To begin with, it is necessary to plant carrots, and in a few weeks to begin planting the sowing. It is recommended that carrots and onions grow through a row or even two rows.

Carrots and onion, together, know that the first culture is compatible with tomatoes, while you can not plant them with a bow!

Carrot and celery

It is not recommended to cultivate carrots and celery on a single bed. These cultures do not fit well together. Celery does not protect the onion from the onion fly, on the contrary, it attracts insects, which are dangerous for it.

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Landing onions on the same bed with carrots has a number of features. These cultures are recommended to sow earlier than carrots. If you plant a vegetable before the due date, its sprouts may fall under spring frosts, and then instead of a rich harvest, you will get a "flower bed". It is known that the carrot blossoms only in the second year, and it can "decide" that it has already come and it is time for it to blossom.


Plus, for crops in a close arrangement of carrots is that it, blooming, its attractiveness attracts various useful insects.

What is recommended to plant together?

Carrot is a vegetable that is present during the meal on almost every table. This root is rich in vitamins, trace elements and useful minerals. It is not for nothing that Russia said that this vegetable brings strength to people. Not only useful properties, but a pleasant taste distinguish carrots. With its use, even desserts are prepared, and small children are recommended to give tasty carrot juice.

But to get a good harvest of carrots, you need to know, next to what crops it is best to arrange. The most optimal compatibility of carrots:

  • Beans;
  • Radish;
  • Sage;
  • Peas;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Salad;
  • Garlic.

Carrots are recommended to be planted along with legumes and tomatoes. As a result, you can get not only a good, but also a delicious harvest. Planting them is recommended through a bed so that each culture has a place.

What is incompatible with carrots?

Carrots are a common root crop. It is grown on almost every vegetable garden, but not always the yield turns out to be as good as a trucker would like. It would seem that there is no drought, and at the right time was planted, and care for her is excellent. What is not enough carrots?

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And the answer is not as complicated as it might seem. Destructive neighborhood with other cultures is the main reason. The vegetable spends all its "strengths" and "reserves" on the struggle, and carrots grow thin, weak and in small quantities.

With carrots on one plot incompatible such cultures:

  • Anise;
  • Beet;
  • Horseradish;
  • Parsley;
  • Fragrant greens.

Moreover, carrots are recommended to be planted, as far as possible from the apple trees. Otherwise, you can get bitter vegetables, and bitter apples. Of course, I want to grow sweet carrots, so it's better to refuse such a neighborhood.

Now you know what to plant next to the carrots, and what crops should be avoided. The gardener should take this information seriously. Be sure that by planting carrots away from dill, you will get an excellent harvest, which your neighbors will envy! The main thing is a proper seating arrangement. Knowing which vegetables conflict with each other, you can save them from losses, because in the first place it is beneficial to you! On the contrary, knowing which cultures are "friendly helping each other and protecting against insects, you will deliberately plant them next to each other.

Here is such a unique nature! It is very difficult to grow a good crop of carrots and beets on one garden bed and it is almost impossible for many gardeners. Located next to the beet and carrot garden can give a quality harvest with proper care.

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