Secateurs with Aliexpress: is the quality of the goods waiting for delivery?


You need a secateur, and you are in meditation: order on Aliexpress, order in the Russian segment of the Internet or go to the nearest store with the department of gardening equipment?

What is good about the online store is Aliexpress, so this is the breadth of the choice offered and the relative cheapness of the goods. Here you can find inventory of any price category (exactly, like any quality!), The breadth of the range will allow you to find the most acceptable design of the instrument, and, at the same time, and get acquainted with the feedback of buyers who have already become happy owners secateurs.Sending around the world has long been debugged, packing and shipping generally on top. Failures are quite rare, but if they do happen, then the return of funds is also well-ordered.

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Stores their goods are praised, and buyers confirm quality or expose an unscrupulous seller, and on Youtube you can almost always find a video about the instrument you like in the work And then decide to take or no.

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Consider what Russian Internet sites can offer. Here are a few suggestions of the store "Uragan Instrument" with guaranteed delivery by courier, postal Russia or transport companies.The delivery method depends on the destination, there is no free shipping, and you will have to pay extra for it in excess of the specified amount. On the site you can read customer reviews, but they are mostly single, besides, there is not for every product. It is understandable: the flow of buyers on Russian sites is incomparably lower than that of the Chinese Internet giant.To assess the quality in these conditions, you need to search the network for available information about the manufacturer and, preferably, the location of its production capacity, given that much is produced again in China.

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The traditional purchase in the store, especially if a hypermarket of one of the network giants is available, can become a profitable alternative for many reasons:

  • wide price range;
  • the tool can be evaluated before you buy by holding it in your hands;
  • the purchase does not have to wait;
  • in some cases, a reservation is possible, which can be collected at a convenient time.
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But far from major metropolises, where the opportunity to use the services of a hypermarket such as Leroy Merlin or OBI is not, the appeal to Internet sellers and, in particular, to the Chinese portal Aliepress is complete is justified. Just be careful when choosing not only the goods, but also the seller: pay attention to how many years he is on the market and what his rating is.

Successful to you of a choice!

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