Planting carrots without thinning

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It is difficult to imagine a vegetable garden without carrots, because this vegetable is useful and included in the recipes of many dishes. Ogorodniki remember that growing carrots is troublesome, because it requires careful care, based on thinning, watering and regular weeding. However, experienced farmers know how to grow this vegetable so that a good harvest can be obtained without much difficulty.

Planting carrots without thinning is possible, the main thing is to choose for yourself a convenient method of sowing seeds. Sow carrots ryadochkami not desirable, because it will germinate too thickly. There is no point in buying expensive seeds and special granules, since this does not guarantee good yields.

Planting carrots without thinning with a pinch

This method is simple and familiar to our grandmothers. To it resorted, when there were no modern variants of planting of carrots without thinning. Several seeds of the vegetable are taken in a pinch and sown, like a radish, observing the gap between each hole (about 10 centimeters).

Stroke carrots will be bundles. This method of planting gives more guarantees than others. Even if the seeds are old, there is more chance that at least one root will grow. Seeds of good quality give more fruit, but even then one does not need to learn how to sow carrots, not to thin out, video to look for and other information. It is enough to tear out larger carrots when they grow up, leaving room for the remaining root crops. A torn vegetable can be eaten or used for a green salad. The remaining fruits continue to grow, not interfering with each other. Due to the absence of thinning, their roots remain intact and undamaged.

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This method of sowing requires a lot of space on the bed, as the bush turns out to be quite large and spreading. For greater compactness, it can be tied.

How to plant carrots on a tape

The benefits of civilization can significantly facilitate the life of truck farmers. Planting carrots on a tape is a great way to grow this vegetable without much trouble. In shops special seeding tapes are sold, on which carrot seeds are already glued. The technology of planting is very easy: the acquired tape is stretched along the prepared furrow, and then they are sprinkled with earth. This is all you need to know how to plant carrots on a tape. It remains only to wait for the first shoots and regularly weed them and water them.

You can make a similar tape yourself. To do this, you need paper that is loose in texture. Most often, toilet paper is chosen, it already has a ribbon-like shape and can be used for grooves of any length. In the question of how to plant carrots on toilet paper, there are no special difficulties. We need a suitable sort of seeds, toilet paper and paste. Paper should be cut by strips, two centimeters wide. A paste is prepared from a glass of water and a teaspoon of starch. If the paper is two-layered, it can be stratified and seeds can be placed inside without using a paste.

The task of planting carrots on a ribbon is not particularly difficult, although laborious. Droplets of paste should be placed on paper with an interval of, see A seed is placed over the drops. When the sowing tape is ready, it can be sent to the garden. Experienced summer residents know how to plant carrots on toilet paper so that it brings a big harvest. For this, mineral fertilizers are added to the water from which the paste is made. It is prepared in advance: in a liter of water dilute a tablespoon of fertilizer, and then take the right amount to prepare the paste. To save time, toilet paper can not be cut into strips, but to place droplets on both sides.

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Varieties of carrot seeds are of great importance for the success of this method of planting. It is necessary to give preference to high-quality varietal seeds, but it is best drained. The latter variety is a seed, placed in a special dragee of nutrients. They can also be used for the usual planting of carrots, simply by laying pills in a hole two centimeters deep. Pits can be formed using a stick with a pointed end, a diameter of one and a half centimeters. This is also a good option, how to sow carrots without thinning, the video can be found on the Internet.

Planting carrots on a tape is beneficial, since the method has many advantages:

  • preparation for sowing takes place at home, and not in the field, and this greatly facilitates the sowing process;
  • due to the fact that carrot seeds are arranged on paper at a uniform distance from each other, in the soil they are also planted evenly;
  • since all seeds are glued to one tape, in the ground they are at the same depth;
  • in contrast to the usual method of sowing, seeds are consumed 20 times less, while the yield is much higher;
  • thanks to the cover material, the carrot is protected from the carrot fly, which spoils the fruit.

Planter and seeder for carrots

These devices are used for dosed seed sowing. Seeder for carrots is a design with two wheels and a container for seeds. It is also great for planting onions and beets.

The seed drill works as follows:

  • on the front wheel there are spines, sometimes blades that form a groove of suitable depth;
  • in the lower part of the seed tank there is a hole through which the necessary amount of seeding enters the groove;
  • With the help of a smooth wheel, the bed is leveled and slightly trampled.
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Seeders for carrots and other vegetables can be different, depending on the functionality:

  • calculated for a greater number of rows;
  • They have a regulator of the depth and width of the grooves;
  • equipped with an additional container for fertilizers.

A carrot planter is a more primitive construction. It is a plastic container of cylindrical shape, where seeds are covered. The lower part of the planter has a hole with a regulator, through which the seed is sent to the ground. On top of the device is a piston on the spring. Pressing the piston, the opening opens, and the seeds drop out. That they do not scatter, the container should be kept five centimeters from the ground.

Instead of planting carrots, you can take an ordinary syringe, but it does not always give uniform shoots, because it is not possible to press the piston with equal force.

Sowing carrots with eggs

This method of sowing can be called the simplest, because it does not require any preparation and serious adaptations. Carrot sowing with the help of cells for eggs is carried out as follows:

  1. Take two paper cells from under the eggs, designed for three dozen.
  2. Put one into the other to make the structure stronger.
  3. Press it to the ground, forming the patterns of the lunettes, where the seed is placed.

Thanks to the carrot sowing with the help of egg cells, it is possible to achieve the optimum distance between the seeds and then thinning will not be necessary.

Simple and original ways of sowing carrots will become a real find for every summer resident. But to make the harvest good, the plant should be regularly fertilized, weeded and watered.

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