Planting carrots in the Urals

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Since carrots in the Urals are planted for a long time, it would seem that all the features of culture are already known. What else can you think of? But problems with growing up to this day, therefore, they need to somehow be addressed. Carrot fly, wireworm, powdery mildew... To protect vegetables from diseases and pests, you can get high-quality vitamin products to the table and with the help of some agrotechnical techniques. So, how to grow a good carrot in the uneasy climatic conditions of the Urals?

Variety choice

It's good that carrots are not tomatoes, they will not suffer from small frosts. Therefore, with the selection of seeds, large problems usually do not arise. Although there are plenty of varieties. It is worth paying attention to the information indicated on the bags about the maturation and the ability to long-term storage:

  • To grow a good carrot for winter storage, it is better to choose Russian varieties, derived from our climatic conditions.
  • Vegetables early maturing, in which poor lezhkost, grown on bundled products and try to eat in the summer or realize. In the latter case, imported hybrids are good - smooth and smooth, as for selection.
  • There are varieties of carrots of different seeding times, the rest is your choice. You can plant root crops with a peel of purple color, with a flavor of nuts, without a core, round, resistant to disease, cracking and ...
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When to plant?

The Urals region is not small, the climatic conditions in its different parts are significantly different. Usually this culture is tried to be planted as soon as possible. But planting carrots in too early a sowing time can lead to a later emergence of sprouting and slowing their growth. It is necessary to wait for the temperature of the earth to reach at least 7 ° C of heat. In the Southern Urals, such conditions are already in April.

In the Middle Urals carrots are usually planted in early May, if by this time the snow will come down. But a later planting (until the end of May) is quite successful if the plants have enough moisture for growth and the soil for carrots will be properly prepared. Such root crops, by the way, are better kept.

Preparation of beds

They should be prepared in autumn. To the tips of root crops then do not bend, the ground should be treated no less than the bayonet bayonet. You can not add fresh organic - vegetables get ugly shape. On all types of soils, except sand, you can add sand, on scrawny soil pour a little mature compost. Prepare the garden is easy even for a beginner gardener, but if something is unclear, you can find the video "Planting carrots"and to look.

In the Middle Urals and north of the ridge (about 1 m wide, arbitrary length) is made high (up to 35 cm), especially in areas with close groundwater occurrence, to the south - as usual. For the winter the ridges would be well covered with mulch, then in the spring after its removal the soil will be loose and soft, just the same as a carrot loves.

How to plant?

  • Normal landing. The simplest, inexpensive and, perhaps, the most effective way is planting seeds that are not prepared by the manufacturer, from the simplest paper bag. Of the costs - the cost of seeds and 1 ampoule of the drug Epin-Extra. Seeds are laid out on a rag (cotton), wrapped on all sides of the edge and for 2 minutes we lower it into the prepared solution of Epin (3 drops per ½ cup of water). We squeeze from excess solution and for 3 - 4 hours we send it to lie down, then we wash it in clean water, lay it on a saucer and dry it. Planting of carrots passes as usual: into grooves across the ridge (compact, step about 10 cm, depth up to 3 cm). It happens that the first growth occurs within a week. Then it will be necessary to tinker with thinning, and that the carrot fly does not penetrate to the bed, it is desirable from above to cover with non-woven material (especially during the flowering of cherries - at this time there are years of carrot flies).
  • Planting of granulated seeds. They are much easier to plant: the granules are of large size. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers produce high-quality products, and it often happens that granular seeds do not germinate at all. They can not be processed with drugs, they grow longer, they require that the soil is always moist. And if you get lucky and get good seeds that will quickly rise and will grow well, carrots from them grow at times simply gigantic, and, therefore, less tasty. The same conclusions can be drawn about planting carrots on a tape.
  • Joint planting. They can be arranged with onions or garlic. We get a double benefit: the onions protect the carrot from the carrot fly and vice versa. But onions and garlic long before cleaning are no longer watered, they need dry soil, and carrots are growing at this time, it needs moisture. Advanced gardeners divide the bed along: on one side (preferably slightly elevated) put onions, and on the second - carrots. And even these beds are more difficult to include in the crop rotation - they are more.
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Other ways of planting

It is possible to understand with small seeds and in another way: paste them with a paste on toilet paper, form homemade granules, mix with sand, dry chalk, spilled tea... Experiment!

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