Self-made boiler for 50 liters


In order to make a boiler from a gas cylinder you need a heater. In factory water heaters use foamed polyurethane, but you can use other heaters. You will also need a set of tools:

  • Bulgarian;
  • drill;
  • welding machine;
  • a 12 mm spanner;
  • mounting foam.

To assemble the heating system of the boiler, it is necessary to use:

  • pipe for hot water supply with a diameter of 20 mm;
  • barometer for measuring internal pressure in the boiler;
  • ten, power 1200W;
  • a pipe for cold water supply with a diameter of 32 mm.

To build the body you will need:

  • a gas cylinder with a capacity of 50 liters;
  • metal corners for fixing the boiler to the wall;
  • bars with a thickness of 2 mm;
  • thread under the tene;
  • protective cap made of steel or other durable material.
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The boiler piping system consists of shut-off valves for supply of cold and hot water, one non-return valve and an adapter for polypropylene or metal-plastic pipes. This binding system will be non-separable, but you can also use a collapsible piping by connecting the water supply pipes with the boiler with the help of American women.

Assembling the housing

It is necessary to cut off the neck of the gas cylinder, and in its place, weld the thread under the heating element. Further in the bottom of the cylinder make two holes for the outlets of hot and cold water.

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Cut pipes of different lengths. The section of the hot water pipe must be several centimeters shorter than the height of the cylinder to take hot water from the very top of the boiler. To feed cold water to the boiler it is enough to take a pipe several centimeters long.

In the lateral surface of the balloon a hole is cut out for the barometer, it is carefully sealed with a mounting foam.


In the body weld pipes. The cylinder is also welded to the corners in order to be able to install the finished boiler on the wall.

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Then all the welding spots are sparkling. The case is insulated by wrapping it with heat-insulating material. It can be fixed with scotch tape.

Wrap the gas cylinder two times, after putting the first layer of insulation bar and zapeniv space between them.

So you minimize the air gap. The lid and the bottom of the self-made boiler can be insulated with foam rubber to avoid large heat losses.

To protect the boiler, you can use a thin sheet of galvanized steel. Water heating element is sold in any hardware store. To soften the water, buy a magnet with an anode.

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