Seedlings in the egg shell - a simple, practical and profitable solution

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For any gardener or summer resident is always important not only the result, but also the process of growing seedlings. And it should be profitable in all senses. Therefore, growing seedlings in the eggshell is one of the best options for sowing seeds. This is a convenient way to get sprouts tomato, cucumber, peas, beans, peppers, pumpkins, zucchini, eggplant.

Advantages of growing seedlings in the eggshell

Seeds that germinate at home under normal temperature conditions, in most cases give strong sprouts. However, there are a number of advantages in the case if seedlings are grown in the eggshell. These include:

  • ecological compatibility - egg shell very quickly decomposes;
  • The minimum amount of costs - when eating eggs for food, the seed container is purchased automatically;
  • natural fertilizer - the shell enriches the soil with various nutrients;
  • practicality - during the transplantation the root system of the plant is not damaged.
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What is necessary for growing seedlings in the eggshell?

Asking the question: how to grow seedlings in egg shells, you need to know the list of components that will be necessary for this process. These include:

  • egg shells;
  • plants' seeds;
  • priming;
  • cardboard box from eggs;
  • film;
  • an awl or needle;
  • knife;
  • water, saucepan and stove.

Preparation of egg-pots for seedlings

Prepare the pots from the shell can be gradually in the winter. The contents of eggs are used for food, and with the shell come as follows. Using an awl or needles, a rather large drainage hole is made. In order to avoid damaging the egg shell, it must be drilled, and not pierced. When growing seedlings in the eggshell, this hole is needed to drain excess water. A quarter of the upper (acute) part of the shell is neatly cut off with a knife, resulting in a comfortable pot.

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Ready shells should be boiled in water for at least three minutes. Thus, from them bacteria and an unpleasant smell are destroyed. Next, the eggshells are dried. Store them in a dry dark place to avoid the appearance of mold.

Planting seeds in egg-pots

Each resulting egg-pot is placed in the wells of a cardboard box. This will protect them from breaking down. Next, the pots are slightly more than half filled with soil. After that, they plant the seeds. As in other cases, to obtain quality seedlings in egg shells, it is necessary to follow the recommendations for the depth of planting, depending on the species and plant variety. Also it is necessary to calculate the time of appearance of sprouts from the moment of seeding.

Prepared seedlings are placed in a warm, well-lit place. The soil should be watered regularly, but not reach the "swamping".

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Transplanting sprouts when growing seedlings in the eggshell

When the time is right, the transplants are transplanted. Do this together with the shell, which is slightly pressed down by hand. Through the cracks formed, the roots of the plant will subsequently germinate. It is very important to know how to grow seedlings in the eggshell and achieve rapid plant growth. In such cases, a greenhouse effect is required. For him, not cardboard, but transparent plastic packaging is used. Its lid allows you to leave more room for sprouting. When the box is closed, a mini-greenhouse with remarkable lighting is obtained, which is vital for the development of the plant.

In the absence of a plastic container, it is possible to wrap a cardboard box with pots of foil for the first week.

Thanks to the eggshell, plants have additional feeding. After all, it contains lime, reduces acidity and improves soil structure. All this contributes to an excellent harvest.

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