Growing Basil Seedlings

Basil is a very useful plant. It is used in the preparation of many dishes, as seasoning, freshly added to salads and sauces, it is flavored with oil. To grow basil in the garden from seed is very difficult, so most gardeners first prepare for planting seedlings. Greens from a shrub grown from seedlings can be cut in two weeks after planting in a pot or in an open field.

Do not be afraid to collect basil early. The more you pinch the young shoots and the more often you prune, the stronger the plant bushes and the faster new growths occur.

In order to grow quality seedlings, you need to make a substrate for the seeds and sprout basil correctly.

Read also: The most beautiful types of aloe for indoor cultivationAt the bottom of the container is placed a paper towel rolled in half. It soaks less than toilet paper and allows, after wetting, to evenly distribute seeds in capacity. A paper towel is well moistened from the spray with a weak solution of the drug "Epin".For its preparation in 500 ml of warm water you need to add three drops of growth stimulant. Then pour the basil seeds onto a paper towel and distribute over the entire area of ​​the container so that there is a distance of 1.5 cm between them. The plastic container is covered with an opaque cellophane bag.

Use to cover the container boot covers. They are well fixed on the container and do not let in sunlight, and thanks to the sewn-in elastic, shoe covers will not need to be tied up additionally.

Put the covered seed container for three days in a dark, warm place, for example, in a cupboard. After three to five days, the seeds will spill. Then they need to be removed from the cabinet and remove the opaque cellophane package. Seeds should be lightly sprinkled with dry fertile soil. After two or three days, basil will give the first shoots. Seedlings again need to fall asleep dry ground. Watering is done before sprouts appear from the soil. Thanks to this germination, you eliminate the rotting of young roots with excessive watering, and also do not let the sprouts stretch to the sun and get quality seedlings. Basil should be in a sunny place, for example, on the southern windowsill.

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