Stand for wine Kitty from China - an amazing accessory on the table

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Sparkling burgundy drink exquisitely envelops the walls of the glass and thus hypnotizes the guests. For many millennia, wine remains an indispensable attribute of dinner parties, as well as secular receptions. However, not only his divine taste and aroma are appreciated in society, but also a luxurious presentation of a noble drink. Stand for wine A kitten from China is an excellent choice for such a case.

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This device is a real work of art. The holder was made of strong metal, the processing of which was carried out by ecological methods. The product features an unusual dark brown hue. However, the wiped out areas present it in the original vintage style.

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It is worth paying attention to the expression on the face of the kitten. If you look closely you can see an easy, unobtrusive smile, something reminiscent of the mysterious expression of the Mona Lisa. Antennae of the animal are made of a thin material. Their wavy texture is originally adorned with the spout of the animal. The slope of the head gives the product humorous notes.Among other things, the design has a number of unique features:

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  1. Two tight holders. One is made in the form of two legs, and the other - a spiral tail. Their springy base allows you to fix bottles of the most non-standard sizes.
  2. Dimensions. The height of the stand is 33 cm, and the width is about 12 cm. The bottom is made of a round plate on which the back of the cat is attached.
  3. Design. In addition to the original wear effect, the back of the product is perforated with curved arcs. Through these holes penetrate the rays of bright light, which give a drink of unsurpassed magic.
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Such a universal holder is worthy to become a magnificent decoration of any interior. At the same time, it attracts many with its practicality and simple use. The original product will perfectly fit not only in the dacha design, but also in the office. A metal statuette will bring a zest even in a business style.

Technical issues

With regard to the quality of the material and production features, the paint is applied using a special technology, and the metal is tempered at the optimum temperature. As a result, under the influence of water, light and temperature, the top layer does not peel off, and also does not lose color. Moreover, the product is coated with an anti-corrosion agent. Therefore, rust to him will not be terrible, at least in the next decade.

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Since this is manual work, many people ask for it from , 00 or more rubles. However, on the site of AliExpress, it costs from , 76 rubles. (taking into account the overall discount) to , 00 rubles.So, to please your guests or surprise your friend with an unusual gift, you just need to buy a stand for the wine "Kitten".

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