Mini garden tools from China

garden set Gardening tools are a must have for those who grow plants in the area. It is necessary to approach the choice of similar products carefully. First of all, in your inventory you need to have sets of hand tools that are reassigned to work with flower beds, vegetable and berry bushes.

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On the Internet, it is even possible to purchase ready-made kits with all the necessary basic elements. One of these sets is presented on the popular kit from china

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The cost of a set of four products is 1100 Russian rubles. Quite a good and profitable offer, although in domestic Internet stores you can buy a similar kit for 500-1000 rubles.tovar-v-internet-magazine

The following tools are included in the kit of the lot of the Chinese manufacturer:

  • bayonet blade (2 pieces);
  • garden cultivator;
  • root remover.
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The quality of the sets both on Aliexpress and in online stores is almost the same. Differ can only spatula

soil loosening

plant care

Review of garden tools in the online store, see the video:

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