What to do if the washing machine does not rotate the drum

What to do if the washing machine does not rotate the drum


I'm at a loss, because my washing machine does not spin the drum. The faithful assistant stopped talking, and for me and my underwear a black band began. The husband cheered, advised not to hang his nose prematurely, because the rest of the machine functions properly. In this case, he promised to do everything that depends on his ability. And my dear, I still have that specialist!

Correctly to establish the reason why the drum does not spin - 50% success. The next 50 - correctly and professionally remove it. In a simple situation, you can do without a specialist, but with a more complex breakdown it is better to use the help of professionals.


  • 1Check the weight of the laundry
  • 2The drain filter is clogged
  • 3Two types of malfunctions
    • 3.1In the off position, you can turn the drum by hand in opposite directions.
    • 3.2The drum is jammed, it does not spin at all. With the washing machine switched off, you can not turn it by hand
  • 4Rules that can prevent damage

Check the weight of the laundry

The most innocuous reason is the critical weight, that is, you overdid with the laying of linen. In a modern automatic machine, weight sensors simply block the drum, so it does not spin. A breakdown is not called. Remove half the laundry from the washing machine, start the washing cycle again.

The drain filter is clogged


Attention! Before starting repair or maintenance work, unplug the machine from the electrical outlet.


Washing machine of the last generation can refuse to continue washing even because of such trifles. The door is locked, the washing process stops. De-energize the unit, clean the filter. It is located on the front panel in its lower part in a special hatch. Do not forget to replace the container to drain the water.

We are looking for other reasons and fix the malfunction.

Two types of malfunctions

We unplug the machine from the mains and try to turn the drum by hand.

In the off position, you can turn the drum by hand in opposite directions.

  • Belt malfunction (if the machine is a direct drive, skip this step). The engine works. If the belt is wound on a pulley or falls between a pulley and a drum, it completely blocks the rotation. Remove the rear wall, inspect the drive belt. Leave - reinstall it. If worn or loose, replace with new one. If you decide to change it yourself, pay attention to the marking of the old belt. It contains the necessary information on the number of wedges on the belt, its length.
  • The brushes of the electric motor were rubbed. They eventually "burn become shorter and stop touching the collector. Result: the electromagnetic field necessary for the rotation of the rotor is not created. Therefore, in operating mode, you will not hear engine noise. I'll have to change the brushes.
  • Wiring inside the washing machine is faulty. Without competent diagnosis, you can not do!
  • Problems with the tachodchikom, which is responsible for the number of revolutions during spinning. In this case, the washing process stops at the spinning. Again, the problem can not be solved by yourself!
  • The electronic module (programmer) flew. When you turn on the engine is silent, because the "brain" machine-machine does not send a signal to start washing. Need or "re-flashing" the board, or its replacement.

And if the motor rotates the drum, but weakly? Perhaps the old age belt stretched out. Then consider, you are lucky. But when the reason is in the faulty control module or in the engine itself, then you can not do it by yourself.

The drum is jammed, it does not spin at all. With the washing machine switched off, you can not turn it by hand


Attention! Do not try to force it by using the machine!

  • There's something stuck between the drum and the tank. It can be a button, a coin, any contents of pockets, small things. The fact is that the rubber cuff of the manhole allows small items to enter the machine. Try to pull all the excess through the hole for the heating element.
  • TAN burnt out. It can explode and debris block the operation of the entire unit. Carefully remove the remnants of the heating element, install a new one.

  • The bearings are stuck. If the reason is this, then before the breakdown, the operation of the machine must be accompanied by an unpleasant iron gnashing. This crumbles the bearing. It may explode during operation and damage the device inside. It is urgent to replace both the bearing and the stuffing box. You decide who will repair.
  • A condenser flew. When the capacitor breaks (and it is in older models and is located near the engine), the motor itself is fixed, but refuses to turn the drum. Replace the capacitor.
  • The engine burned out. Voltage drops, leakage are frequent causes of engine shutdown. By the way, with the interturn closure of the winding, the drum rotates easily in the switched off machine, and when it is plugged into the network, the apartment is de-energized. If the cause in the breakage of the stator winding and the rotor, the drum does not rotate in any position. Return the life of the engine only by a specialist.

Rules that can prevent damage

  1. Be sure to check the pockets before washing.
  2. Do not load more laundry than indicated in the instructions. Try to distribute it evenly over the drum.
  3. Use special bags when washing small things.
  4. Do not exceed the number of detergents and cleaners.
  5. Immediately stop washing when unusual sounds and grating sound from the unit. Call the wizard.

After the black band, white will surely come. And your assistant will start to rotate the drum evenly and habitually.

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