How to repair your own heatpipe with your own hands

How to repair your own heatpipe with your own hands


The thermopot has many advantages, however, as a simple teapot, it can sometimes break down. In order to repair the kettle-thermos, one should imagine how it is arranged.


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  • 2We disassemble the heatpot
  • 3How to fix some breakdowns


All thermos-heaters have a similar device and operating principle, differing only in additional functions, as well as in the material of manufacture. The working parts of the thermopot are enclosed in a housing, and to repair the heatpipe, it will have to be removed. Water is poured into a stainless tank, in the bottom of which two heating elements are built. One of them produces the main heat to the boiling water, and the second only heats the water. There is also a general conclusion. On each wire is a ceramic protection - "beads". This eliminates the contact of the wires with the metal capacitance.

On the side you can see a cylindrical object. This engine is a thermal pump (water pump), designed to supply water. In different models, the voltage drop across the motor is 8 to 24 volts.

It is impossible not to notice the electronic board on which the circuit (time relay) is mounted, which is responsible for re-boiling. The circuit is also needed to convert the voltage to the pump and relay. The broken contacts on the circuit can be soldered with their own hands, thus making their repair possible.

In addition to the main board, the heatpot has a control board. With its help, the water supply and re-heating buttons work, red and LED indicators are connected to it, indicating the mode in which the heatpot is located.

A high value in all heating appliances is a thermal switch. It is installed in the bottom and on the side of the water tank. In case the thermoswitch does not work, a thermal fuse is also provided. This allows you to prevent overheating and damage to the thermopot if it is turned on empty.


Knowing the location of all the main parts of the thermopot, identify the problem and make repairs is much easier. It is even better to study the circuit in order to understand what is connected and what details can be changed. In some cases, repairs do not make sense, and even specialists are not taken for it.

We disassemble the heatpot

Immediately it is worth noting that with your own hands it's easiest to remove the top of the thermos-heater. To disassemble the heatpipe, it is necessary to find and unscrew the screws located below the device. After that, the housing can be removed easily. First, you need to visually inspect the board. It happens that a crack is found on the soldering, and the soldered element disappears. In this case, you should use a soldering iron to fix everything as it was.

Be sure to inspect the thermal switch located in the bottom. His condition is checked by an ohmmeter. The working device has practically zero resistance. The nonworking part must be changed to a new one. And then the question becomes where to buy the necessary spare part. Often, this can only be done through online stores.

To remove the pump in case of a malfunction, disconnect the supply pipe and unscrew the bolts. Sometimes cleaning the impeller and magnet with a normal napkin gives its results. In some cases, repairs will not help, and you will have to resort to replacing the thermalpot.

How to fix some breakdowns

We will analyze what kind of malfunctions a thermopot can have, and how to eliminate them with your own hands.

  1. The indicator panel does not turn on and the device does not work at all. In this case, check all the wires, all connections, as well as the fuse and the thermal regulator. If there are several reasons, repair will be more difficult to perform.
  2. Only the re-boiling button works. The main first boiling is not carried out. In this case, check the thermoswitch located in the bottom.
  3. The first boiling works, and when the boil is repeated, the thermo-stick does not turn on. You should inspect the circuit on the main board.
  4. Water can only be heated, the thermo-pot does not boil. Most likely, the heating element has blown or the contact has broken.
  5. The water supply function stopped functioning. There are problems with the pump supply circuit. Quite often, also a spiral of additional heating burns out, after which the motor stops being supplied with tension.

If the helixes of the heating elements have burnt out, then it is economically inexpedient to repair the thermopot. First, it is difficult to disassemble the tank, and secondly, the cost of isolation and high-resistance wires is quite high.

When the repair is completed, it is necessary to check the electrical safety of the device. For this, it is necessary to measure the resistance between the plug contacts and the tank, as well as between the plug contacts and the outer casing. The resistance must be infinite.

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